David Roth

I won't bore you with why I just watched the end of the Ethan Hawke/Laurence Fishburne remake of ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 but I will note that KRS-One's verse in the end credits rap begins "What an ending, what a conclusion/they thought they was winning but they really was losing."

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Happy Birthday, #SebastianStan! From Bucky Barnes to Carter Baizen, which of his 39 acting credits is your favorite?

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Clone Wars heroes will be less than 50k each! I guess I can start spending some credits on the Clone skins once they arrive.

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The nerve of anyone to compare a bitch that needs a movies credits worth of writers to formulate something as wack as Be Careful to someone whose literally shaped modern female rap. Satan, you.

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fudge ✿

Happy Birthday Pakistan 🇵🇰 What a beautiful place you are, home. 💚 #PakistanZindabad Photo Credits: your truly 🙋‍♀️

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This is great news - Spotify have rolled out songwriter & producer credits across the desktop and iOS apps. Massively important that the genius brains behind the hits get recognition too.

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Fortnite France

SUGGESTION: Ajoutez quelques hôtels et maisons à Loot Lake afin d'en faire un lieu d'atterrissage plus attrayant ! Vous en pensez quoi ? 🤔 crédits : u/zane415

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Spotify adds songwriter and producer credits to its iOS app

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ITO BUMUNGAD SAAKIN PAG UWI 😍🤭Junior Superintendent Mendoza is ready to kick some arse! 💪🏻🔫 Credits to the owner of the photos 😌 #ALDUBAmidstTheStorm

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G. Elliott Morris📈🤷‍♂️

*Veep credits play*

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SUMMER PACKAGE 2018. SCAN SEOKJIN HD #SEOKJIN @BTS_twt [credits in the photos] Edition HD: 94kimjoonie

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Check out this simple -yet awesome- drawing of Josh. Credits to @MistyHeathens for this cute one.

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Atheist Republic

Prophet Muhammad was visited by our lord! Ramen Credits: The Pastafarian Caliphate

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icon depom dolu credits to summer package

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Discover Pakistan 🇵🇰 | پاکستان

پاکستان زندہ باد Aerial view of Illuminated Minar e Pakistan where it all started! Location: Lahore, Pakistan Credits: @xwaxen #lAzadiMubarak #IndependenceDay2018 #PakistanZindaAbad #14August2018 #HumSabKaPakistan #BeautifulPakistan

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Discover Pakistan 🇵🇰 | پاکستان

پاکستان زِنده باد Happy Independence Day, Pakistan! Credits: @KhwajaSaeed #BeautifulPakistan #Travel #AzadiMubarak #IndependenceDay2018 #14August2018 #PakistanZindabad

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Washington Post

Perspective: A tip cost her a Dulles job. She credits the public with helping her get it back.

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Simon Zijlemans

Uniek: FC Den Bosch moet voortaan met 2(!) spelersbussen naar uitwedstrijden. #Jordania #Overname #Lovemoney #credits: @addixdenbosch

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Impeachy Keen

I'm applying to a Masters program in criminal justice and wondering if I'll be awarded credits for previous learning based on my excessive viewing of #Dateline and Law and Order.

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Dimple 💜

Seeing brave ARMY congratulating & thanking US ARMY make me emotional because we got dragged for "not doing enough" & when FL got #10, everyone jumped us claiming credits so I've been a bit too traumatized to even dare pat my fellow US ARMYs on the back. So thank you 😢 @BTS_twt

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@BenWalke You beat me to my own comment thread lol, but yeah that's what I was thinking as I recently played on fresh accounts and saw how incredibly fast you gain credits on those accounts.

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Waldo Jaquith

This is not even a little bit how photo credits work, @nytimes.

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J'étais très content qu'on s'intéressent à ce que je faisais, EA/FIFA çà reste un truc de dingue. Mais à cette époque les sites des crédits étaient très puissant, ils proposaient des sommes astronomiques pour une simple pub dans mes vidéos de quelques secondes (800€/mois).

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Travis Mendes

CREDITS FOR COCAINE AND DIAMONDS. It’s important to me that everyone gets acknowledged for the work they put in to give you this music. When you support me, you’re supporting them, and independent artists everywhere. Every play counts. Every stream counts.

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Troll Sexy Actress

Credits : @NishaIyer94

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Lockscreen Kpop

✨ Lockscreen Vernon || Seventeen Pedido por : @tamzmin • Fav se gostar || Fav if liked • RT se salvar || RT if saved • Créditos se usar|| Credits If you use! ~ Taehy

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Shawn’s band doesn’t get enough credits, he wouldn’t be half as cool without them. They put on such a dope show

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petty liv

Lmao some of y’all juniors/seniors on vcu follow train don’t even have enough credits to be considered a sophomore

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@EbenOfficial holy shit thanks for the credits love

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3 minutes and 45 seconds from the end of the credits to Mark saying "The Exorcist". The closest guess was 3:47 by @WinterFell1701 Congratulations, you win the honorary title of Witterdamus @KermodeMovie @BBCFOUR #WhenWillKermodeSayTheExorcist

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Creapills 💊

Une idée simple mais très efficace pour sensibiliser au cyberharcèlement 💡 Crédits : Jonas Roth et Rasmus Smith Bech

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Amrutha (Bakwaaz)

Okay..I haven't done this in a long time but..even subtitles are shipping.. #Bepannaah @jenwinget @ChopdaHarshad okay bye.. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #JenShad ❤️ (Credits to the uploader, well, it's not me 🤷🤷)

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e ll a

credits to the rightful owner ☺ #NewProfilePic

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Bryan M Johnson

👍🏻 We’ve just rolled out songwriter and producer credits on mobile for iOS @Spotify users 👍🏻 - via @musicbizworld.

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Let's do a project for @LittleMix before the 7th anniversary of Little Mix comes and tweet under these hashtags on these days 15th of August: #JesyDay 16th: #LeighDay 17th: #JadeDay 18th: #PerrieDay (19th: #7YearsofLittleMix) Project credits: @madebyleighade

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Kenneth Huang

Blessed to be in the credits! We did it team! #BattleforAzeroth #ForTheAlliance #ForTheHorde #Warcraft

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I’m 37 credits away from graduating college man😭

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𝐃𝐃 ★彡

Im the king Photo Credits: scrub_goncy_ on instagram

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He's Baaaack

Damn Marvel movies, Charlie makes me put it to the end of the credits after every movie now, just in case. (Yeah, I know there's a website, lol) #frightclub

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𝕥𝕚𝕢𝕒 녤이꺼 💖 [s/h]

[TRANS] 180814 Vlive x Osen Exclusive Interview “The moment you felt that Wanna One become ONE” (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`) 🍑… 🍓 Might contain inaccuracies. 🍓 Take out with full credits.

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Min Yoongi appreciation and support account 💕

Yoongi Summer package preview with a hint of Hobi . Credits to the owner . #SUGA #YOONGI #BTS .

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Team Katok. 🖤 @JGM_Ramos @Chad_Panoy @_pgdnalleahm @_nicaradovan @_duraduraduraaa @ilovedoughnutt @calleya_leanne @its_toybitsss @_mrlll @/Wilson @/Atasha *insert/credits: @_sammygonzales

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조슈아 🧡💛

Photo by Josh 📷 (please remember to give proper credits boo 💚☝🏻)

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Paula is busy with college⏳| SaHyo AU 📌

I have 50 credits to start off,, I have 75 credits to do this sem..I need 200 credits to complete this foundation.. I need to take like one more unit then bc next sem I only have 50 credits to do..

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People are complaining about 1000 credits = $1 We’re paying out exactly 60% of what we get paid JUST ON CREDITS That doesn’t include giveaways, staff, web host, web dev. You watch a video while your ASLEEP. It’s free $ lol.

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Sgt. Oddball

New phone wallpaper. I'm a huge fan of minimal background specially light gray. And, Yukari is super cute! Credits to @HachiKirra

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chicken adobo

@solarsbyul Is it Yonghee?? Credits to tgcnim.

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Let us give credits to @SABCNewsOnline #TheGiantIsFalling for their effort to tell stories they are impartial. Let the right peiple lead this treasure

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Riva 🌊

@CedericSW @SWBFUpdates @BFCaptures @A7ZATRU Thanks for the heads up Cederic, I still dont agree with credits at all. There's better ways for us to earn it

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David Beckspam

2 baggers this Au-GHOST please?? afterall those consos and blow off candles are interesting. Blow offs, failed BO, negative earnings and bad news are amazingly turning things into profitable plays, what a crazy market. Credits to DMT Index and Stup Composite. 🐯#BR

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Justin Kryptic

Im now talking with a Sophmore instead of a junior because she failed 2 tests to get credits for the classes... 🙃😂

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Hunter Ives

UNBELIEVABLE. @Cardinals are RED HOT. (John Rooney’s call on @KMOXSports.) @MattCarp13, #ItMustBeTheSalsa. 🍅🔥 🎥 Video Credits: @MLB #STLCards⁠ ⁠

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Discover Pakistan 🇵🇰 | پاکستان

پاکستان زندہ باد Stunning Katora Lake, Upper Dir, Khyber Paktunkhwa, #Pakistan Credits: @kami_sandhu #AzadiMunarak #IndependenceDay2018 #PakistanZindabad #14August2018 #HumSabKaPakistan

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Wahh ung VICEJACK OH😍💗 Naku nagdate ang magjowa💕 Dadeh @vicegandako and Mameh @jackiegirlg Pampagoodvibes💖 Credits @gracemanalang #ShowtimeTuesdayFunday

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alicia vikander photographed by damon baker for madame figaro, 2018 credits to @avikanderdaily

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約2ヶ月前に、Credits で作ったように maimai筐体撮影とiPhone撮影を一緒に 動画にしてみました(初音ミクの激唱) 今週のどこかで投稿します⸜(๑⃙⃘'ᗜ'๑⃙⃘)⸝

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Mad 🎩 Hatter

@ChloeZara11 Which means he will arrive in the #Corrie credits around now 😞

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官鴻 - Darren Chen Philippines

[081418] [Credits: F4_Studio] "Kuan sends you a heartbeat message and takes you to listen to the real heart! From August 26, every Sunday at 8:00 Tencent Video Heart Attack!" 💙 #DarrenChen #官鴻 -Prinsesa 👑

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Joem Manalo

Happy birthday sa truepa naming di dapat tularan @AmlPamintuanL HAHAHAHA ganyan pala mga ginagawa mo kapag wala kami sa dorm ha. Credits kung kanino to nalimutan ko na saan ko nakuha hahaha

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官鴻 - Darren Chen Philippines

[081318] [Credits: QQCandy_官鸿] Departure yesterday going to Changsha Our Kuan's totebag has a design of Charlie Puth Some kind of a fan, eh? 😍 #DarrenChen #官鴻 -Prinsesa 👑

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Roger Barr I-Mockery

Didn't expect to see Halloween 4 trending. I hope @HorrorNights has a farmland section in the maze dedicated to the gorgeous opening credits. Still the best opening credits in the entire series if you ask me. Absolutely chilling. Sets up the return of Michael Myers perfectly.

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Western probably wouldn’t even give me my transcripts or credits to transfer over there 😭. Probably gotta hold on my account for tweeting this. 🙃

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Katie Fleming

Proud to launch our Early Access today! And on a personal note, 3rd game I've worked on officially, and 6th game in the credits 😎

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Music Licensing


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emp @ BIRTHDAY 🎂


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We will be giving away 3 free entries into this tournament! RT the tournament tweet for a chance to win a free entry. If you are already entered you will be reimbursed 5 credits for joining!

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rip finn king

💬 + 🔁 für Meinung 1- Bist komisch 2- Ganz cool 3- Möchtegern 4- Arrogant 5- Allerbeste/-r 😎 6- Kenne dich nicht 7- Legende von früher 8- Mag dich 9- Mag dich nicht 10- Hurensohn 11- Ich liebe dich 12- Bæ 13- Kommen klar 14- King 15- Queen Credits: @AsumaDelbrin

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Lại là mị đây!!! Lâu 🎨 #KCAAgentina Lắm🎨 Mới có🎨 #ARMY Ảnh🎨 Cho mọi người🎨 @BTS_twt ❤️LOVE YOURSELF HER VER V 🚦Take out with full credits...thank❤️ 3 tấm cuối đây ạ🌝🌝🌝

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Cloud 9

Credits to the respective fansites for the pictures used! 😊

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Anders Furze at #MIFF2018 baby!

As per usual my #miff2018 is a complete mess. Bailing on sessions left right & centre to sleep or hang out at the lounge. Watching something twice mainly for its opening credits. Paying $30 in accumulated exchange fees (this is the only way to do a festival)

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Such Fun Club ✊🏻😈

Waiting for Day Two, here a few Deckerstar! Credits to the artist! #LuciferOnNetflix #SuchFunClub #LuciferSeason4

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Photo By YingPomp

[📸] 180801 POPE Thanavat - Krungthep Thara Event @ Centralworld #โป๊ปธนวรรรธน์ #popezaap #กรุงเทพธารา #KrungthepThara2018 #PhotoByYingPomp #งานด๊องดอง 📌 Please take out with full credits!

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I’m curious if he’s talking about Epiphany. Small chance it could be Awake since Joon had writing credits. Either way, he pulled off both wonderfully.

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@RivaThames @Dangercato Honestly thinking about it I think one way to make it interesting for both ends would be an option to either pay in credits you've saved up OR do a fairly lengthy challenge to unlock them, that way both new and old players have an option besides credits.

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Riva 🌊

@SWBFUpdates @Dangercato Completely agree there should be a grind. But credits just isnt engaging, its just playing the game. And for me, if DICE want to push earning heroes, id like a challenge too regardless of how mang credits i have

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Le Partenaire

Les crédits à la consommation sont de plus en plus attractifs Le montant total des emprunts, contractés par les Français auprès des banques, a atteint les 1 000 milliards d'euros. #credit #consommation #immobilier #profil #emprunteur #fintech

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GOT7- Wang Jackson France

Fendiman a même été classé 2 fois n°1 dans les classement US. Gagnant des fans avec sa voix unique et un charisme splendide sue scène, il a un potentiel infini et nous avons un oeil attentif sur son brillant futur". Crédits : ©FENDI 🇬🇧 JacksonWGlobal 🇫🇷 Wang Jackson France

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When #SANJU gets addicted to #PUBG Written by me but sadly I couldn't convert it into a video. If you have any ideas use this script and give me credits 😋

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Husn Hai Suhana

Good Job @NewsweekPak filling up your pages with tweets and removing the due credits! 👏🏼

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joshua do u want us to clown ur credits too? 😔

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Jeff Sneider

The one thing you can count on from every season premiere of BALLERS is a sick song over the end credits. #WinWinWinWin #CookiegateIsReal

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Credits to @Droidcsgo

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官鴻 - Darren Chen Philippines

[081318] [Credits: 继续给十五年的自己] Departure! Departure! Departure! Good to know you had a safe flight! #DarrenChen #官鴻 -Prinsesa 👑

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官鴻 - Darren Chen Philippines

[081418] [Credits: Monsoon0115丨官鴻] Kuan's arrival at Changsha airport at 1 am a while a go! You've worked hard! 😚 #DarrenChen #官鴻 -Prinsesa 👑

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LAT Entertainment

Real Estate Watch: Film composer Buck Sanders, whose credits include “Logan” and “A Quiet Place,” bought a home north of Malibu for $2.35 million

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PAX West 2018

Also a first look at the blanket! Picture credits to u/YodaEXE on Reddit.

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The Council

We are now LIVE! Come join us for tonight's discussion about how to be a baller in @SWTOR! We'd love your tips for making millions of credits farming and playing the GTN -

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@JaceHall Credits: @AyeZeeH1

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Der Müde 'Tude

When the end credits roll, you'll see Majel Barrett is credited under her real name, M. Leigh Hudec. #AllStarTrek

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Return Of The Soul - New Album!

Fabricating production credits and professional association is one of the fastest and worst ways to get your name in the streets. Do not try to fake the funk for a career, that is noooot a viable strategy!

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Renee Franzwa

@HigherEdSurge Following @busynessgirl 's talk from the past, I think that Jane McGonigal's talk from @SXSWEDU a few years ago is relevant still relevant in this context. Small increments of competency, like credits, that could be verified and leveraged for exchange for future learning #DLNchat

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CJ Morgan, chaotic neutral

Acting credits: -background guy in a few short films -two music videos that were never edited -self-produced bee videos -@thechipshow

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Papa Novah

90 days of Prime & 10 Credits for $10 Just dont see CMG with any deals like that #ReviveUMG

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jinwoo's divine chorus

can't wait for jinwoo's name to be on those album credits this fall/winter

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Facétieux comme un ptit lutin

Changement de pseudo, les crédits vont à @Fremorg

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@aorocket Thats our crime lich *everybody laughs fade to black and credits*

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Collin Hunter

Remember schedule 9-12 hours a week for a 3 credit class... 16 credits = 64 study hrs 108 hrs of being awake - 64 study hours= 44 hrs left. 44hrs - 24 hours of work = 20 hours left 20 hrs - cooking - cleaning - daily activities - eating - working out = -8 hours. Goodluck.

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Ji Chang Wook 지창욱 PH

081418 PressCon “Shinheung Military School” Musical 🙏💪😍 #지창욱 #JiChangWook #WaitingForJCW credits as watermark

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Ji Chang Wook 지창욱 PH

081418 PressCon “Shinheung Military School” Musical 🙏💪😍 #지창욱 #JiChangWook #WaitingForJCW credits as watermark

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