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181021 @BTS_twt RM's Tweet Track List Translation: 04. bad bye (with eAeon) 05. out of place 06. pass by (with NELL) Trans cr; Denise @ bts-trans © TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS

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Lindsay Ellis

After/during the credits stuff doesn't bother me at all - that sort of thing is pretty much textbook "for the fans", and most filmgoers don't make a habit of staying during credits. If you aren't here for that sort of thing, why stay during the credits?

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Bangtan Translations

Banner Translation: Our sun never ever sets Trans cr; Denise @ bts-trans © TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS

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Breitbart News


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#Sarkar seems to be a Political Film, but its Not Only a Political film, its a Thriller. ~ Editor @sreekar_prasad Full Interview - Video Credits-@galattadotcom

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Praying Medic

Alcoa saw a 14 percent increase in revenue in the third quarter thanks to Trump’s tariffs on imported aluminum

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Happy birthday to Viggo Mortensen! Out of his 57 acting credits, which role is your favorite?

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Most people in India have no idea what Sabarimala issue is. Plz download this video from YouTube, circulate it in whatsapp groups, FB pages (I need no credits). Make people aware. We need to generate support for people resisting on ground in South. #SaveSabarimala #Sabarimala

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World War 3

@georgoguy Patch inbound in 20 minutes! - We'll also be compensating players for the delayed launch with some extra in-game credits!

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We're giving away 7,500 Credits to a lucky winner! Like this tweet to enter. Giveaway ends @ 10/22/2018 12:00PM PST. #brickplanet

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you have your beds, don't sleep on IZ*ONE

Blinks. 👀 ⚠ Do not take without credits. #PRODUCE48 #프로듀스48 #プロデュース48 #IZONE #아이즈원 #アイズワン

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LM Global®🌹

[INFO] This video of Leigh in the studio that we got a few months ago is a snippet of the song Told You So, as songwriter and producer Tre Jean Marie’s credits page indicates that he recorded the guitar part

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The Jonaxx Style

The Baka Sakali Trilogy Collection Alegria Boys Series Roseanne Aranjuez Jacob Antonio Buenaventura Fanmade book cover Mock-up by: thejonaxxstyle Do not repost without proper credits

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Simonna (Simona Milinyte)

Red carpet 🌟 October 18, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Pictures by Bob Delgadillo. Copy credits Snapped4u 🌟🙌🏽) #redcarpet #smile #happy #actress #model #singer #hollywood More pictures and videos:

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Vijay's CP

#ThalapathyVijay #Sarkar #VijayCP Credits ; @Itz_Vasanth !

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GFRIEND Global (글로벌)

[PHOTO] 181020 #GFRIEND Yerin in Busan One Asia Festival 2018 #BOF2018 credits: Xsports , Osen & TV Daily

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Jonaxx World

jonaxx boys surname headers 💕 - montefalco - revamonte - elizalde - salazar 📍 rt & like if used/saved 📍 give credits 📍 dm for request

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This is Jah's story everyone. A living proof of HOPE despite of many difficulties! Credits from the CSU Communicator. #MMKMaidToSucceed

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CN Schedule Archive

Noticed CN has been (accidentally?) airing the full credits for some of their shows recently... first with Unikitty yesterday and just now with Regular Show Terror Tales II. I know it's not intentional but I damn wish it was

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A drawing I love so. Credits to the original artist and drawing 🎨💜 (original on right) #taejin #TAEJIN #bts #taejinfanart #jin #taehyung #V #vjin

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Kristen Shilton

Puck drop between #Leafs and Blues coming up in about an hour here at The Scosh. If you missed it earlier, Mitch Marner credited Tyler Bozak with helping him grow as a player in their two seasons together. Read all about it 👇🏼:

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Colourful Firefly CY

Twice Comics..interesting but probably just a prop ;) Pic credits : tw_shot0212

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Todd "Please Vote" Vaziri

"Solo", visual effects by ILM. CG supervisor Dan Lobl @danlobl, Lighting supervisor @vickschutz. Full credits: Lighting by Tom Martinek @mrfusiontm, FX by Sheldon Serrao, compositing by Todd Vaziri.

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GFRIEND Global (글로벌)

[PHOTO] 181020 #GFRIEND Sowon in Busan One Asia Festival 2018 #BOF2018 credits: Newsen & TV Daily

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Counting for #JammuAndKashmir municipal polls under way; result today Read here: Track LIVE updates here: (📸 credits: ANI)

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Eric Smith

"That's a good home win. That's a home win right there." -- Nick Nurse Coach credits the crowd for the noise and involvement tonight. #rtz #Raptors

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B L A C K 🇮🇳

Hyderabad : Prasads #Sarkar Pic Credits madhu_mars_vijay @ Instagram

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Chalu Union

എന്താ സ്വീകരണം.. 😁 #currentaffairs Credits : Aneeshkumar P Janardhanan © ICU

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Times of India

#AmritsarTrainAccident Sukhbir Singh Badal, SAD President, reaches Joda Phatak where a train ran over people who were watching Dussehra celebrations yesterday. He says,"It is an unpardonable negligence. Strong action should be taken. It is a mass massacre." Picture Credits: ANI

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William Stine

Gotta love cartoon opening credits. #Svengoolie

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Vijay's CP

#Sarkar #ThalapathyVijay #VijayCP Credits ; @jeba_Kishore STUNNING SARKAR TEASER

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😍😍 Credits to @Fuisr_ he’s goated mann #NewProfilePic

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[VIDEO / FANMADE] 181020 "One in a Million" will always be forever TWICE x ONCE song. 😭💖 ⚠PLS Do not reupload this. Just give all credits to the owner by spreading and sharing the youtube link⚠ ALL CREDITS. @OnceZone #happyTWICEday #3YearsWithTWICE

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Jon Goblian

My only comment on Venom is that Run The Jewels' credits song wrecked Eminem's credits song

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Discover Pakistan 🇵🇰 | پاکستان

A view of Nanga Parbat from the Beautiful Village of Tarishing, Astore, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan Credits: Abdul Rauf #BeautifulPakistan #Travel

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A Red Pill Report™️

Pittsburgh Aluminum Mill Credits Trump's Tariffs for Increasing Profits

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ᴛʜᴇ ᴀᴜᴛᴏᴘsʏ ᴏғ ASHLEY LYNCH

Halloween is so good, y’all. Bitch sitting next to me said “that was so bad” after the credits rolled.

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(45) 《not my type but eventually he is.》credits to the owner of the pic.

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Ash Paulsen 🏳️‍🌈

#365DaysOfVGM day 293. The Wind Waker is one of my top three #Zelda games for many reasons, not the least of which is its beautiful main theme. The way it brings everything together in the end credits gets me every time! Composed by Hajime Wakai et al.

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(42 part 2) 《not my type but eventually he is.》credits to the owner of the pic.

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Rape Culture 101. Three Credits.

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Creapills 💊

On sort les réserves pour l'apéro 🐿 Crédits :

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[#SHINWON] Weekend !!! S'il vous plaît faite plein de choses amusantes Cœur _____ Crédits : yeodachi & PENTAGON FRANCE FANBASE #Reitaiga

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ÚLTIMA HORA. L’Assemblea també tomba la modificació dels articles dels estatuts que permetien eliminar el topall a l’hora de demanar crèdits que superessin el 10% del pressupost.

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mini🌜; #JIMTOBER

cmon' i just stole this from someone hihi credits to uuu💜 @BTS_twt

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Credits Blockchain Platform

We are glad to announce that another milestone for Credits platform development has been passed. ▪️ Credits Testnet 2.1 is now available for download - @creditscom #CREDITS #CREDITSplatform #CStoken #Fintech

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Got another Google Survey this evening, got 16 rupees in less than 10 seconds! If you haven't given the app a try please do. It can get you enough credits to buy some RM's Tracks for free while he gets the royalties. 💕

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The Soska Sisters

Fans, when you get those big studio gigs - don’t forget where those properties came from - and thank you credits are easy to give. A little recognition goes a long way for artists and it’s free!

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Discover Pakistan 🇵🇰 | پاکستان

Night version of Fairy Meadows Jeep Track, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan Credits: Noman Azeem #BeautifulPakistan #Travel

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Diogo Peixoto

Je joue @Eisvogel_7 et sa team à 345 millions de crédits ça va être drôle 😂

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joey noelle✨

Rolled credits on @LEGODCGame... thanks for the adventure, @TTGames and @WBGames! #NintendoSwitch

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Tyler Boydston

@SeaniesBeanies @thelindsayellis That's..... that's why it was after the credits.

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LiberianGirl 🌻

Boss 👑 Credits: owners 📸

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Spoopy Zack 👻

Should I buy credits on GB or CMG

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le JDG c'est moi au collège il se dit si je cite les sources des musiques que j'ai utilisé dans les crédits elles sont à moi

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Go Dunwich Leviathans! Resists

I think if you listed the things that made Wolverine popular, Len’s name would come up a lot. But credits aren’t for popularizing things, too. Credit Len, John, Herb, Dave, Chris…if you’re doing a “special thanks to,” you don’t need to specify what every bit is for.

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James Arthur Shows

📸 || Meeting @JamesArthur23 in Madrid tonight 🇪🇸 (Credits: trvlucia)

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he put his name first in the credits. definitely not friends.

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best of tony x peter

✨Starker or Rom Howney? choose yours✨ (credits to author of this pic)

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Army crying too for Taehyung...😭😭😭This Saturday is too emotional for me...i need to watch Taehyung fancams!!! *credits to video owner --- thank you💜 #GetWellSoonTaehyung #BTSinParis #Taehyung #방탄소년단뷔 #뷔 #V @BTS_twt #김태형 #태형 #ブイ #防弾少年団  #金泰亨

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AnimeTherapy - أنمي ثيرابي

• دليلك الشامل لقائمة العاملين بنهاية الأنمي: الجزء الرابع 📝 |

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yaar yeh kon sooar hain jinko erectile dysfunction hojata hai credits dene per? konsa khinzeer hai The potato movement k peechay? pls tag that person and Allah karay yeh facebook pages walon k accounts suspend aur mobiles chin jayen ameen. sooar loug

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Mr. Jack Robinson

One person is asking them to remove tax on Pads, another person is on a free pad initiative; where she provides freely through donations. Same goal, different methods. If it's about credit even, they can both claim credits independently and there'll be no wahala

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Fabian LeFevre

At this point, I'm surprised I haven't learned who narrates. Gotta pay attention to those credits. #HunterXHunter only Toonami

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sipag ko nanaman magtweet = meron nanaman magkakacopy ng tweet ko tas hindi maglalagay ng credits tapos kapag sinabihan mo sila pa yung mas galit 🙂

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Kanang nice na kaayo pagpicture ba pero naay duha ka tawo sa likod HAHAHAA @rheynel_ Credits: @samanthayankee1

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ruel updates

🎥 | Ruel performing “Younger” at the Paris show Thread • october 19, 2018 Paris, France Credits: topaze7 via IG

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Pittsburgh Aluminum Mill Credits Trump’s Tariffs for Increasing Profits via @BreitbartNews

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Fortnite - Leaks And News🕵️‍♂️

The runes fell to the ground and the island appears to be headed back towards Leaky Lake. All Credits To: @FortniteBR

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Dee Kosh

Anyone watched the latest Ep of Attack on Titan? Did yall see the mid credits teaser? FML

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Okay one of the best KV fancam for me haha.. Credits to Makkie Agacer 💜

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LiberianGirl 🌻

She is all of us 😂😂 Credits 📹: owners

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One Perfect Shot

We're going to need a long journal entry about these two post-credits sequences.

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🧟‍♂️Simon(ster) Franklinstein🧟‍♂️

#Halloween was SOOOOOO good! Everything I wanted it to be and more! Just goes to prove that sticking to a genre formula still works! ❤️ KNEW there would be an after credits scene too!

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Ajith Fans Madurai

"பறக்கிறார் #அஜித் பதவிக்கு அல்ல" @PTTVOnlineNews Spl Article for #Thala #Ajith .. #Viswasam | credits - TFC

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QNS 24x7

Winning BJP candidates accompanied by party leaders burst fire crackers, distribute sweets and shows victory signs in Anantnag after counting exercise was over. In South #Kashmir , @BJP4JnK swept all the #JKULBPOLLS seats in its 4 districts. Credits: Umar Ganaie

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Hubby ❤💛


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(43) 《not my type but eventually he is.》credits to the owner of the pic.

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kars — ia bc sch

di ko navid pero shet one of the highlights talaga kahapon was when everyone was chanting quezon during the after credits scene aAAaaaa sana mapush mlq 😔✊✊✊

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Allipse Gaming

Meme Of The Day! Anyone else wanna skip school? XD New Video Out Tomorrow! Credits:- Sandip

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paige ✧

“my favorite scene is probably-“ “the credits”

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my favorite scene is probably... the credits?

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Lauren Pellegrino
@L__Pellegrino was smaller than I expected #ThatsWhatSheSaid Fangirling hard @ seeing the original sign shown in the opening credits of @theofficenbc

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Chalu Union

Close Enough...!! #plainjoke #currentaffairs Credits: Jenu Johny ©ICU

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David A. Velazquez

Oooo a new credits song! I liked that last shot of Bulma’s pictures! #DragonBallSuper

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I watched the movie watchmen for the sole purpose of taking off my clothes to desolation row at the end credits

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Calamity BOOrandon

Finally rolled credits on #SpiderManPS4 tonight and I have to say, it affected me more deeply and emotionally than I thought it would for a few reasons. Most prominently, it paralleled the journey I've had with being with my father in his last month of life. Here's a thread:

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Pop albums as 80s vinyls. Credits : ATNPOP(INSTAGRAM)

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Oh, they wanna play @realtamiaworld over the credits of the #BlackLoveDoc season finale?! It's too much. I wasn't ready! So beautiful . . .

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Lord BBH

Also if you mash the shit out of the start button and proceed to play all 4 players' credits by yourself, you're a mega asshole

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Pittsburgh Aluminum Mill Credits Trump's Tariffs for Increasing Profits via @BreitbartNews

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Black Catherine

And now spoilers for the few of you that actually care about the after credits scenes / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / As soon as i saw the words "Prison" my eyes rolled into the back of my head

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Barcelona en Comú

Quan vam arribar a l'Ajuntament ens vam trobar que aquest només treballava amb els bancs de sempre. Ara treballa també amb Fiare, Triodos Bank i Caixa d’Enginyers Barcelona és punta de llança d'una altra economia més ètica i més justa.

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Non-BC Canadians are allowed income tax credits against spec tax? Does anyone have the details?

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bartea 🍵

#NewProfilePic Credits: @MTilendo @queenweezzaaah

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Frank DeCaro

Fabulous @TheGoodPlaceNBC episode @meganamram and the names in the credits killed me.

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Akarsh Sharma

.@IndianFootball packs a group of 25 or so players (selected via trials or tournaments) and flies them abroad for 'exposure'. Sandesh Jhingan, our NT captain, credits ISL coaches & academies and a developed youth system for their good showing. 😂 In interview with @TheWeekLive

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📷 - Shawn with fans in LA (photo credits to the rightful owners)

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1 like 1 fakt 1 rt 2 fakten werde ich immer mal wieder machen wenn ich lw habe Credits @_jmg27 ~ @BastiWlfW

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Internet of Shit

btw there are lots of internet dildo 'innovations' already out there in the porn world - including one that connects to cam software to deliver more pleasure to the user if they get tipped credits 🙃

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