I ain't shit 🦂

I called a wax pen an e cig and people like it’s called THE MEGATOKE 3000 lmaooooo

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this band fucks

that part in “i’m made of wax, larry, what are you made of?” when mike hranica says “EVERYBODY’S OUT TO GET ME” fucks

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That colored hair wax. Hahaha. https://t.co/rLMOF10iTT

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feylesof gamjipeg

anlıkkk saçıma fön çektim wax falan sürdüm eee biraz da yatağımıza süslenelim

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that nasty bitch who eats her boogers and ear wax called BAYLEIGH a bitch?

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𝓢𝓾𝓶𝓶𝓮𝓻 𝓢𝓸𝓷𝓰 𝓖𝓲𝓻𝓵

Never fuck with a girl who can give herself a Hollywood wax without flinching, she’s standing for none of your shit

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Pouring hot wax all over my sub, watching them arch their back in pain, whining for me to touch them and to allow them to relieve themselves.

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Frank Lloyd Wright Johnson Wax column test https://t.co/6obUitrJTq

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今夜はSONICMANIA!!👾 FLYING LOTUS / THUNDERCAT / GEORGE CLINTON / DORIAN CONCEPT / JAMESZOO / ROSS FROM FRIENDSが 一堂に会する奇跡のステージ、BRAINFEEDER Night そして伝説のレーベル〈Mo' Wax Records〉創設者James Lavelleによるプロジェクト、UNKLEが登場🔥 https://t.co/D0mmQSKOyB https://t.co/cuItjW5l8N

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this is my credit score n a swear nuhin gets me hornier. why am a a virgin. why has this happened to me. why have a replaced cunting masel wi alcohol every weekend like a care free adolescent to cunting masel wae a trolley in asda buyin wax burners and candles for my living room https://t.co/aPxr09V46a

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When she got that fresh wax and fresh out the shower 👅💦 https://t.co/nU5siSNlaK

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this dude looks like a wax sculpture of mike dece and still feels the need to post garbage like this lmao https://t.co/R3GJ2bpJ3c

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Abby Gleason

@N7Goodman @eleventhirtyate Or maybe I just wanted to wax poetic about Leia’s legacy without someone coming in to basically say, “fuck your headcanon.”

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Christopher Maloney

Need an eyebrow wax and tint in Liverpool today asap! DM me details xx 😀👊

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i wear dax wax better than your intermediate crush

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sky | 2 DAYS

when you get water in your ear and it mixes with your ear wax it’s ear soup 🤩🤩

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What do you do when its just not yout night? .... 🤔 You open up some wax 🙌 https://t.co/rPApbPBlUI

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this new wax cartridge I copped got me walking around like John Lennon

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Always love my Turkish shave but f*ck that hot wax in the nose hurt https://t.co/9Q2oohIaDe

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@keepmelenney i’d rather pour hot wax into my eyes

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Hannah Louise

I also like it a lot because it's exactly like that bit in Shrek where he pulls a long bit of wax out of his ear then uses it as a candle

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When you’ve had a fanny Wax and your nails done and you feel fresh and new 😂😂 https://t.co/yl6ZLBI56C

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The Candle Barn

Our new individually wrapped paw print wax melts are made from 100% eco soya wax in six specially selected cat & dog friendly scents to give you hours of fragrance without harming your pets 💜 #dogs #cats https://t.co/IgA9ZlLNJt https://t.co/gTkvDfqIBM

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Darikê Hewdelê

Erê jinên kurd kanîna yabo! Şeş zarok wax wax wax ... https://t.co/VNfWjmA4re

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Jenny C. Mann

@KarlSteel @adhaardesai @matthewharrison Yes! An essay titled “Pygmalion’s Wax” in JMEMS 2015 45(2). I can send it to you!

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Beya 🌶

Never try to wax your coochie on your own. Also don’t use Gigi. The burning and tears haven’t stopped.

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@Viper_Vendem Id still wax u in a fight

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Iz ☻

you think you’re tough until you get a koochie wax

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Chilly Bin (buts it’s an esky)

@JJDemonic try this #lifehack I read about: stuff wax in your ears or have your men tie you to the mast

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A woman just came into the salon to get a wax and brought a bottle of wine in with her and asked if we had a bottle opener, when i asked her what it was for she responded that she was going to her sons football game, and she is my hero.

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Kristen Nease

@aanthonyy07 I am a wax specialist, so therefore I am obligated to point out that yes they are indeed some art

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Maximino Delgado III 🍺🍻🍺🍻

@jaibambii What is this? What they use to deal letters back in the day using wax? Looks cool

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Nicholas A. Farrow

@Si_Browse @RoadHouseMotor I’d also spend ages placing mirrors & shiny metal surfaces around the house to see if I could light a wax candle. It’s the same feeling I’d get as I would when lining up loads of dominos from the back garden to upstairs just to knocking them down to try and turn the bath tap on.

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☾ ℒℴ.ϋ ✩

hello does anyone in chicago have wax or fucking bud at all like what the fuck i’m M A D

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I did not know Leo was this tall until I stood next to his wax figure https://t.co/DIPqFn2dbx

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Alec Singer

Bull will wax you in laser tag too😤 https://t.co/W88GLMrU3T

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Cʜʟᴏᴇ Kʟᴇɪɴᴘᴇᴛᴇʀ

Mannnnn this wax SLAPS BACK.

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@DavidCanizal98 Wax on, wax off David-San

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Spirited DreamWeaver

You stare at Your digital screens images of her making you feel afire Your burning sight melting Your visions away She was always the candle that would diminish You to puddles of wax #DarkLines 229 Art by Glennoart https://t.co/uTxLBS9n6i

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Jonah Jones

You ever sat next to someone and see all the ear wax in their ear. I’m sickened

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@pubzudarlingye Awww, I too want to touch his cheeks like that... but real cheeks, not wax 🙈🙈💘💘💘

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Trevor Rogers (burner account)

Wax on? Wax off. https://t.co/MWnAJliFJq

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Papa Diop🇸🇳🇸🇳

@Mcousseyni Deug lako wax!!

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Ian Funk

WAX OFF, WAX ON! 🤔😁 https://t.co/GqQWwKViaP

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Going in for a Brazilian wax today yea I can already feel my soul leaving my fuckin body

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Uncle Ando

Shatter comes in all shapes and sizes, from cake batter to wax to Rosin! We try to stock them all! Come into the shop, and one of our awesome budtenders can help walk you through choosing the right sticky for you! #weed #cannabis #aberdeen #seattle #washington #legalweed https://t.co/wH5159We4W

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The Liberty Speaks

@bethj8648 @Chip_Spoonts @WildWestSixGun @KittleChip @DarkOpsSquirrel @sean_spoonts @DJ_NeuroTrip @djdharper @ChrisRBarron @M2McAdo @MAGAzinefed @codeofvets @Sieve70 @southerngirl151 @ColoradoGirl2A @nowhere823 @SGT_B_Dub @DarrenPlane @Myinfo75008888 @PaigeSpoonts @Ami_Marisol you know me Beth.. tho I may wax rhapsodic, I always try to insert levity

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Bashir Ibrahim

Fardowsa “Waxan bogadinayaa in waxbarashada latayeyo, masuliyada waxa iska leh dadka xarumaha waxbarashada gacanta ku haayo, dowlada waxan ka codsana inay dejiso qorsho lagu tayeynayo waxbarashada dalka, Somalia wax wa lagu baran karaa# dhaliyarada wa in la dhirageliyo” #MBF2018 https://t.co/QIKnWSHba1

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Waterless Car Wash, Polish & Protective Finish

#FatTireFriday! ROCK HARD FINISH, SILKY SLICK SHINE! BUY NOW @ https://t.co/sUC0Q9tKlB, DualPolymer #Waterless_Wash Acrylic Resin Technology! EASY Spray, Wipe, let Haze, Buff! USE coupon “LAPADA” for 20% OFF! #Plymouth #Barracuda #Cuda 🚫silicone🚫wax🚫H2O! https://t.co/oKn8rxN0rb

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I’m Made Of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of? // A Day To Remember

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Kink Positive

@AbiGreyCams @fbhw @kinkly @KinkAcademy @FetLife Ouch. Yeah wax can definitely cause long term harm if you use the wrong kind or heat it too much! Here's a good link from @kinkly https://t.co/lBMykRuhE9

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@king_khan61 I'll tell one only Guys dont have to wax their arms, legs or get their upper lips and eyebrows done.

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@BellaaAstou @jack Wax nga deug naq je n'avais pas vu sous cet angle. Laisse moi réfléchir un peu et je verrais si je dois rendre ma démission

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@sheslulu Um excuse me it could do both oil and herb. It wasn't just a wax pen. https://t.co/SctFKhEoIC

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❣️GET 5 FREE WAX MELTS When You Spend Over £35❣️ Website: https://t.co/PozO1wnIMO USE CODE: SPECIAL *Promotion valid until the 20th of August before 23:59 PM. #Imperialcandles #candles #waxmelts #vegan #soywax https://t.co/6utR92lHYE

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@SteelbookNinja @crewzer34 @replicantpinky @steelbookfinder @OneCrazedJoker @Steelbookwookie @bluemoonmini @ShakeAndBakeJB @Lee_JM75 @Pablo_Tiley @Blusnsteelz @AtlantisKane @WAR3782 @Lootframe @cexsteelbooks @Nightbreed1984 @pkavfc @DavidMcAusland @batben1983 LOL i have that! Wax on Wax off! https://t.co/9Rjp1fmQHD

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Busy Bee Candles®

😍 20% OFF HOT SHOTS WAX MELTS at Busy Bee Candles 🙏 - https://t.co/5pvnQ6pHpL

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Busy Bee Candles®

😍 20% OFF HOT SHOTS WAX MELTS at Busy Bee Candles 🙏 - https://t.co/5pvnQ6pHpL https://t.co/eaxzGUMBW1

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vDeaudew (ヴ- )

Chemical Diver (Chemical Brothers + Dio Mashup by Wax Audio) https://t.co/4Fl1c8LMtN

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WaX E-Sport

Suite au départ inattendu de @RaayzeHD notre équipe Fortnite PS4 est LF1 . Les conditions sont : • 700 wins • 3 K/D • Bon GunFight / Com • +16 ans • Mature • Actif • Expérience tournoi DM pour vos propositions ^^ #RT pour aider #WaXorNothing

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•كم كرهتك وكم على حبك ندمت

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someone posted a wax pen with a powerade on their sc talking about “dinner is served” lmao bitch that’s sad wth 😂

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𝒯𝒾𝒻𝒻𝒶𝓃𝓎 🕊

Not why girls wax/shave: boys Why girls wax/shave: so our arms and legs and can feel like frikkin baby dolphins!

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Rena Dalton

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Fangirl ATM

@xoxo_1806 Meron pa sigurong iba.. pero parang di na uso floor wax at bunot 😅 #TWBAJoshKoPo

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Hatarakuokinawajin 4.0

@Cryptobanker_Z マジすか!?

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Kristen 😜

@Franken_Bride23 I nair instead 🤷🏽‍♀️ shaving is annoying and I’m too much of a punk to wax 😂

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@celestialem @Ashley_Abreu You can take one or two hits a day for appetite, doing a gram or two of wax a day or more or you cant function is a hardcore addiction I find on par with caffeine, alcohol, even heroin.

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😇 CryptoAngel 😇

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space baby ✨

@hatebrieed 10000% why I can't shave anymore. I have to wax that shit, I can't ever get the angles in the shower

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my nails , pedi and brazilian wax cost like $130-$145 and its sucks cause im high maintenance so i always like everything done😭

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Robert Olive

@TheRock Took my son who has a rare disease that will eventually put him in a wheelchair to the Wax museum today. He did his best impression of you lifting weights! @ATCure @Crystal56918002 #ATsucks https://t.co/DdzPbFz553

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Brooke olivia🌙

I bought a whole waxing kit, everything you need to wax at home, taught Michael how to do it, and now he’s about to wax my armpits for me, & if everything goes well he’s gonna do my Brazilian 😂😍💛 I love having him as my boyfriend!

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My one "talent" is that my left ear produces an incredible amount of wax and I probably have to go to the doctor tomorrow about it. LOL

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that apple getting that fresh wax https://t.co/jp6JQF9gI4

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@Ryland_Adams Please wax.

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@realDonaldTrump the best wax figure ever made! 🇺🇸🌟#MakeAmericaGreatAgain https://t.co/4RbQYOZQcV

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Orlando’s #1 Crowd Pleaser

“High Gloss Cherry Wax” only way to go on the Benz 🔥 https://t.co/ldUDLpSBBN

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M.G Wolfe

@zuhzuh__ Wax to melt on your partner during sex if you about that life!

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missy41 camgirl

Do I #wax my #pussy or keep #hairy for #chaturbate https://t.co/X8QcAqQmBh 😊😊

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John Hays

@RichRippon @waxworkrecords I hate the feeling of being so close to new wax......I feel your pain

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Fatuux Cade

Dadkeyga qaasatan intii wax baratay aad baan ugu faanaa, waxaana markasta igu soo dhacdo ineysan wali rajada baabi'in inta ay soo baxayaan jiil wax aqrista iyo jiil wax hogaamiya. Maktabadaha iyo bandhigyada buugaagta aad baan ugu faraxsanahy. #MBF2018 #IlhanOmar

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@c_moustaph @c_moustaph li ngu wax reey neu dé beugna niou waxtane si

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RT @_itsneicey: ‘a nigga boy’? sis, someone needs to get his house of wax looking ass out of the house #CBB

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Free Live Sex Chat

pussy fat ass big tits sexy girls sex wax tshirt group sex porn video human sex movie porno facts legal https://t.co/byUYi1HVx7

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I can’t believe I been so focused on me I was able to grow out my coochie hair. I be so quick to just in case shave, I can finally wax again! https://t.co/deGloedwSf

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🔥 Dracarys 🔥

Do you wax or shave? — Whatever my bank account tells me to do https://t.co/3oQpKug9io

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最近のスノーボーダーは車外キャリアに板を積むのではなく、車内キャリアを利用する方が増えてきているそうです!傷がつきにくく、ベースwaxも剥がれにくいとか…。車内キャリアも取り付け致します!https://t.co/Fn86PCwBjf #bluecc

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Kira Queen

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Cacao Covered Nuts Prep: 5 min Step1) melt 100% cacao, low flame🔥 Step2) add tiny amount of no calorie sweetener, mix Step3) add mixed nuts, mix until all covered Step4) take spoonful, place on tray w/wax paper in small globs Step5) put in fridge for 60 min Step6) dont overeat https://t.co/vJpTF0aw4d

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Wax Chattels - Concrete on WRAS 7pm - 8pm

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RT @SWinstonSchool: #Alien vs #Predator Wax Sculpture by Sarun Chiewchan #AVP https://t.co/Zaij85ncgF

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ℓυⒸу - r.ι.p. мoммa

I really wanna treat myself. Nails, Pedi, Brows, Massage, Full Wax, all of it. The problem is, I don’t let anyone else do my nails, I’m entirely too picky. And being a nail tech, I know what happens in these salons. Their sanitation practices SUCK. I’ll just do it myself. 🙄

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足痩せダイエット! ほぐれた老廃物を一気に押し流す感じで揉みましょう! https://t.co/FiyK1i7X1U その気持ちって恋?LoveとLikeを見極め診断♪→https://t.co/cr9uz1JtM6

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Lauren McCaslin

@katillackitkat Colt tried honey comb and was surprised it was wax and that he couldn’t just eat it. #publicachools lol

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Lit me melt earlier an I’ve got a cold so Just took a massive sniff to smell again n it turns out the smell of the melt has ran out n now me whole house smells o pure wax 🙃🙃🙃🙃

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@MrWoodsy Aww..... Loki is a good dog, it's just when he gets excited, his tail is a deadly weapon and he breaks stuff. He broke my wax warmer right before I sent that tweet.

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ʎpuɐᙠ ʇɥɓıʍᗡ

*This* is AFL. Free kicks. I wanna yell out “BAAAALLLLL” as loud as I can. Fuck the skills on display. State of the comments too. Melt the lot of the free kick moaning cunts in candle wax for fucks’s sake. https://t.co/ZLRj3wpjO0

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@taehyungpic @BTS_twt When did his skin become candle wax? #nowhitewash

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Rip di ma tanggal ang red wax sa akong uni

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