Cohen is a Ghost

in my youth I played a bunch of TCGs and also helped my dad construct several porches with no walls or roofs. yep. did a lot of deck-building

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Team Rubicon

This is what it looks like when you help a family get back into their home following a disaster with St. Vincent de Paul and @fema. We're still rebuilding roofs for families in #PuertoRico impacted by Hurricane Maria. #Impact #BuiltToServe

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World Architecture

Oppenheim Architecture completes Ayla Golf Academy with wavy roofs in deserted landscape of Jordan: #jordan #architecture

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Eastern Cape schools for the disabled turned into animal farms where the poor kids are left unattended and abusd . No teachers /no therapists/no nursing staff/Pig styes with broken windows,roofs and bare cement beds. 2018 under under the watchful eye of this regime =HR violation

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Team Rubicon

In September 2017, #HurricaneMaria made landfall over #PuertoRico. The destruction that followed left hundreds of thousands without permanent shelter. So far we've rebuilt 223 roofs for over 650 residents.

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Southbankboy 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿⚒️

@PrisonPlanet @OwenJones84 No doubt this will all be Boris's fault in the eyes of the left where Muslims literally can do no wrong. Including throwing gay men from roofs to their deaths. Never hear Owen mention that either.

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Sir Bebs

Im always happy to see the stars shining But all above me are roofs of comfort zones I really have to go out again, I think 🤔

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professional spacebaby

Me: that house would look a lot better if it had a different roof. 7yo: don’t judge people’s roofs! All roofs are beautiful! They are BLESSED! Me: 7yo: Me: you’re right

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Home & Hosed

The second taste of new music from @handslikehouses who will release '-Anon' in October and announced a few smaller shows to celebrate 🚀👹 Get on them quick to experience the band blow roofs all around Aus

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Ramon Rodriguez

Not much news on #PuertoRico anymore but we’re coming up on a year post Hurricanes Irma/Maria. #100Roofs Project is looking to build another 100 roofs before end of the year while teaching locals carpentry. To learn more go to link in bio or donate here:

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A.C. Flory

#thedrum - emission reductions went down 24% in the electricity sector because thousands of householders gave the utilities the finger and put #solar panels on their roofs.

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evie ♡ fuck vld lives

akira and leandro riding around the city on akira’s motorcycle at like 4 am and eating shitty instant ramen on the roofs of abandoned buildings is my aesthetic

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Redding Homeless

#CarrFire #Redding "Trees appeared to be levitating, and branches and sheet-metal roofs seemed to orbit the column, Moore said. Uprooted objects were launched into the air and ignited mid-flight. "

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Phil Gunson

Many inhabitants of #Venezuela's second city Maracaibo are sleeping on roofs in an attempt to alleviate the infernal heat after days without electricity (and hence air-conditioning). Private generators, not designed for continuous use, are breaking down.

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Residents clean up their roofs and check if these have holes. They said they do not have anywhere else to go. | via @kevinmanalo_

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As soon as restaurants and grocery stores put helipads and parking lots on their roofs, I’m in! 👍

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We don't really think about it because it's our norm, but we are insanely blessed to have roofs over our heads, a bed to sleep in, food on the table, clean water, clothes on our backs, & people who love and care about us.

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We now have a safe, level compound. No more risky hitching up of kit. One more job, paint the roofs! @crowboroughrfc @RFUGroundsman @rugbygroundsmen

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ABS-CBN News Channel

@kevinmanalo_ Residents clean up their roofs and check if these have holes. They said they do not have anywhere else to go. | via @kevinmanalo_

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Растроение личности

@Ugo_from_roofs @Sigiller Нарушится баланс притяжения между планетами, магнитное поле земли сойдёт сума и нас погладят ураганы, смерчи и цунами.

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BlueRock Energy

"Instead of placing panels on individual roofs, residents share the #power generated by the project, paying as they go, while enjoying #energy cost reductions." #SolarEnergy #RenewableEnergy #CommunitySolar #WesternNY

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The Merrion Hotel

Thank you @katymcguinness for including us in your list of Top Irish Hotels keeping their own bees. We're delighted! To read more, please visit: #MerrionMoments #Bees #LHW

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Megan Castellan

My parish admin and sexton are currently down a YouTube rabbit hole on RV roofs, trying to figure out how to fix ours. Ah, the joys of parish ministry.

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Roofs of upper Mustang houses leaking due to heavy rain via @RepublicaNepal

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Jaclyn Kelley

#NEW Two large trees uprooted at the corner of Rhode Island Ave. & Blackfoot Rd. after storms rolled through College Park earlier this evening. Luckily neither tree went through the roofs of these two homes. @fox5dc

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guglielmina s

. The Roofs of Paris, Rain - Zherdev Vitaly, 2013 --

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Racheal Sibuyi

@eNCA @LindokuhlXulu1 The matter at hand isn’t about the appointment of the tender to replace roofs but rather it is about the fact that those appointed contractors removed damaged roofs and never came back to finish the work, leaving residents with houses covered in tents, cold , etc.

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Master Thatchers Ltd

In #NorthernIreland today looking at a few roofs. Have to say one of my favourite parts of the #UK. I guess that’s why we have a team based here & why we have been #Thatching across the province for over 20 years.

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Sedum Supply Ltd

@ecoschemes @BarbourNews Hi Gary, yes the photo is not of sedum roofs but of intensive green roofs. Photo is mainly for attention, we are suppliers of both sedum, wildflower roofs both intensive and extensive. If you require any more info please feel free to contact us. Kind Regards

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Peter Kotecki

New York City's CoolRoofs program hired 70 people last year to help coat the roofs of nonprofits, hospitals and affordable housing buildings with white paint, which can decrease buildings' internal temperatures and lower air conditioning costs.

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Rebuilding Together

Gaps and holes in a roof cause water and air leaks that waste energy and create mold. 💦 @RebldgTogthr ensures roofs are watertight and rainwater is directed away from the home. WATCH ( then #REbuild a house ( #IAmARebuilder

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Kyra Gurney

Dozens of schools in #PuertoRico are still badly in need of repairs. A survey of the island’s 856 schools conducted by the Association of Puerto Rican Teachers found leaky roofs, mold and unusable bathrooms.

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Penny CS Andrews 🌈🔥

@Chrisrubery @StrictlySid The rural nans will love his brief past and definite future as a labourer thatching roofs

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@wateregs @DefraWater @WaterWatchdog @BRE_BREEAM @CIBSE @Installermag @WatersafeUK @APHC_UK @CIPHE @WRAS_UK Maybe it is now not time all trades were licensed, have rectified many times roofs or joists access works were they didn't meet standard

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@roofs_lsqc @hammer_rainier 仲良くしてね

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@hammer_rainier @roofs_lsqc やめてあげてください

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@hammer_rainier @roofs_lsqc おめでとうございます

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@hammer_rainier @roofs_lsqc ありがとうございます 僕もお兄ちゃん募集中ですよ()

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Panorama Journal

Each issue, we ask three writers to write one place. This time, its #Ibadan #Nigeria . Here, @davidishayaosu: 'Imagine a city as beautiful or arresting as a lover—your lover. You’d want to do anything possible for that lover, anything for that city.

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Juan Carlos

Apparently, all closed Bojangles locations across the country have blue roofs. So there most likely won’t be a new restaurant. Sorry to break your all’s hearts....and cholesterol 🤪

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Ziggy, Tabletop Taurus

@korboryn Monks can't stand crowded sidewalks so they run up walls and parkour along roofs.

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The Accidental, Irritable, Opinionated Activist!

What goes up, comes down! Please diacourage gunfire this Independence Day as dozens of poor people sleeping on their roofs due to heat become victims of these stray bullets when they come back on earth. Please RT. #GravityIsReal

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Conspiracy Carl

@astros @ChampionEnergy Wow. When I played we didn't need roofs. We played through everything. Ball players have become weak

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James John

Beneath the layers & starlit roofs lies an illuminate who ponders on every object .... He witnesses no nitpicking no Fond memories but a simple narrative **********we call that peace #Pentagon

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@mattsolberg @ThatsMrNeil @fordnation Yeah, kids will have to go to schools with leaky roofs, old text books, and mold in the walls, but your trailer park is gonna be lit, bro.

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david fletcher

@AdnaOsman I don't fear Islam. I am wary of the extremist, which number in the millions that mean to do harm to all that don't subscribe to their beliefs. I hate where they stone a rape victim or throw gays off roofs. I also can read the hate for whites in your tweet. Hate is Hate.

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jamäl 🌹

Brown roofs, @Dwagg_ @CAESAR_HIT @kvtchi__

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not to mention the alarming spike of calls for the suicide prevention hotline and the blue tarps covering roofs that have yet to be repared. puerto rico's schools have suffered millions in damage and it may take up to six months from now for them to be repaired. you're not smart.

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Steve Fisher

There are cheap solutions for developed cities, like green roofs (or painted white, which we can ALSO do to our roads: ). Also, investing in transit and urban vegetation, like the Rail Deck Park - right, @jen_keesmaat?

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@AnComDrSucy why are you trying to open a gateway for an extradimensional alien that seems somewhat reckless much like smashing down walls in a Pueblo III cliff dwelling and falling through preserved roofs

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Mythical Britain

That tree tells a tale of torment and torture Of great thrashing storms that crashed through old roofs With blast and God's thunder it tore through the buildings And left folk in terror prostrate on the ground.

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Arsalan Altaf

Islamabad administration’s ban on bikes without silencers & fireworks go up in the air. Not a street corner where firecrackers are not being sold & let off, and not a road without hooligans on bikes and on roofs of cars. Traffic police conspicuous by their absence on all roads.

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Cool roofs not only reduce temperature on a neighborhood scale, but they also have air quality benefits (at least for ozone, not for particulate matter) - research from @gbanweiss at @theNASEM workshop on #ClimateAssessment and

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@thinkdefence Removing sex toys from the roofs of military establishments?

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Baltimore Revolution

@shaunking Have updated school buildings where the roofs dont leak and the heating works. Textbooks. The list goes on.

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kwame malcolm

So what will one man gain to have a 10bedroom house for him/her to only sleep in one room and folks have no roofs over their heads..look out for a next needy person and give a helping hand if you can..Rastafari

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Gavin Wilson

@NigelCllr @YCFCStadium @YorkStadium @YCSSiteTeam One of those semi-permanent marquee roofs might work well. The concourse outside the Etihad stadium campus has them, and they look good.

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Daniel Solis

#FlyingTaxi is a co-design with @realburkedrew. Fly a taxi across roofs using real-space templates, picking up & delivering passengers. Landing on a company's roof activates their hunting drone, controlled by the player to your left, using the templates you've used so far.

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Padraig Hayes

Interest rates are rising & US$ getting stronger putting pressure on weaker economies "those countries that didn’t fix their roofs while the sun was shining will now see water pouring down their house.” Increased stress in global markets very likely

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@bobgoff sums up Jesus’ heart for the hurting so well: “Those who are becoming love don’t throw people off roofs; they lower them through instead.”

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As independent double glazing installers Hazlemere Conservatories offer a range of bespoke solid roofs and double glazed roof options in a range of different profiles

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Are you an installer that sells conservatory roofs as part of your offering? If so, contact us today for more information about our commitment to quality products and excellent service

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@CanalusHeresy Lol. It's a cool concept, the film was still early in rebuilding. I don't even think they had roofs on yet.

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Richard Furby

Dosny rain for months on end, Soon as a start working on kits n roofs again down comes the rain ☔️😡

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HEART 9/11

HEART 9/11continues to stay the course moving from damaged home, church, and community center repairing and rebuilding roofs providing the significant manpower that is much needed. #HurricaneMaria #NYCDCC #NYCBuildingTrades #Local79

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Marti Maryanow

man should fall down. No one sees anything funny in a tree falling down. No one sees a delicate absurdity in a stone falling down. No man stops in the road and roars with laughter at the sight of the snow coming down. The fall of roofs and high buildings is treated with

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@IamTumelo The local government made promises to the community , contractors were appointed roofs were removed and now there’s no money to continue.

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@GerardBattenMEP I’ve seen Uber’s on their roofs in London after speeding but this is #Westminster so the response is different

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@roofs_lsqc 2問正解です! 耽る読めるのね…一番右は(うずくまる)と読みます! 蹲ると同じ読みなので、まあ直ぐ覚えられるでしょう。

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BPS News

"Sedum green roofs help cool the air by evaporation cooling" @Sedumsupply explain how green roofs can help us cool down during hot weather #HeatWave2018 #sun #GoGreen

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Here's some inspiration for a Tuesday morning, click through to the aerial photo by Ralph Hodgson to see the 'ribbon like platform roofs' over the newly refurbished London Bridge Station. Stunning. #design #architecturephotography @dezeen

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Waltons Marquee Hire

Clear roofs add something special to your event - brilliant as a covered ‘outdoor canopy’ space

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the roofs and windows are always a fucking wreck and somehow it's not hideous this time idk???

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Kat Kerrigan 💙⚓

as usual i get lost and jump on roofs and from one bridge to the other

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FluffyDogAttack 🇺🇸

@kennaB_a_Horse @ThomasWictor (7) Now when my wife & I take our pleasure drives thru various neighborhoods, we see these black cancerous rectangles everywhere- PLOPPPED on top of roofs with nary a care. Big flat Roof Turds.

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@roofs_lsqc ①~⑧の8問正解です!

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@dgrutsch @SteffenA380 2000 fpm is normal isn’t it? I saw that on the inflight show quite often, except for the 340-300 which can, what appears l, barely make 1000 fpm climbing. Just took off from ZRH 2 days ago, thought the plane will scratch some roofs…. (yes I know, it’s perfectly safe)

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FluffyDogAttack 🇺🇸

@kennaB_a_Horse @ThomasWictor (3) Look at this neighborhood...Florence, Italy. See the roofs? It's an amazing view, even if you don't appreciate that TYPE of tile or style.

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darby brackett

“The world leads us to tin roofs in a rainstorm, but God leads us to still waters”

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S K Mahajan

@PMOIndia @AmitShah @BJP4Rajasthan @myogiadityanath @SushilModi @Dev_Fadnavis @htTweets @narendramodi @PrakashJavdekar PM Modi,cabinet ensure edu with good values.Improve infra in govt schools,shortage of lakhs of teachers,old roofs/walls,sub std mid day meals.Check BJP/RSS ldrs.

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I just spent an hour unfollowing people and deleting 800+ pictures of roofs and screenshots off my phone. Absolutely most useful time I’ve spent on my phone in months.

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@elijahmoritzz I'm honestly In love with your houses, the creativity is amazing and the way you build roofs to add dormers is amazing. You should consider making a youtube channel with speedbuilds. I'd a 100% subscribe :)

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Alfred Twu for Berkeley City Council District 8

@asmallteapot A tropical storm in California would be a disaster almost as bad as an earthquake. All our buildings are only engineered for 85mph winds. Lots of windows and roofs will be gone.

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Catloverplayer🐱 🦈

@T3SCHNERD @SimGuruKate @IsabelB32065214 Not this week but SimGuruLegacy says glass roofs are coming with an update to the console in the future.

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Jerry W

I dont blame you! Roofs suck

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@byjoelanderson Speaking of - I just bought some chocolate Necco wafers because Necco just went under. Guess what? No great loss. Like at all. (Except gingerbread house makers need something else with which to tile their roofs.)

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@SimGuruKate @IsabelB32065214 Does a patch come for console with glass roofs?

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@ArmyFor7 @rghdperfecto if you are judging by the roofs, then other groups have already done this before your favorite and ЕХО:)

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Janaïs Mia

I realize it’s bad when i start looking at the roofs on houses thinking “wow they could have a really nice setup” or if i just stop while I’m driving and think “wow, babe has to come to this area.” 🤦🏻‍♀️ @BeatsByKP #LetsCloseTheseDeals #MakeEveryNightDateNight 😂

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Builder Merchant

WBP Hardwood #Plywood is used for many purposes including; bath #panelling, #sheds, storage boxes, #roofing, #interior #vehicle #building, #floors, walls and roofs in house constructions etc. It can also be varnished or painted if required. Visit >

Retweets: 0 Favorites: 1 : tel 07726209777

#roofing #roof #roofs #roofingtiles #rooffinial #rooffinials #roofdragon #dragons #gargoyles #porches #slate #ridgetiles #harrypotter #hobbit

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Tell everything but the truth , get nothin but love from my crew .. I guess they hate what you do .. pull up in coupes with no roofs ...

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@sonyaellenmann ┏┓ ┃┃╱╲ in this ┃╱╱╲╲ house ╱╱╭╮╲╲ we follow ▔▏┗┛▕▔ @shrugofgnon ╱▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔╲ And don't make roofs of grass ╱╱┏┳┓╭╮┏┳┓ ╲╲ ▔▏┗┻┛┃┃┗┻┛▕▔

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@nancybbakes I show my husband these Vids...he specialises in replacing conservatory roofs to make them useable all year sure he would reduce price in return for chocolate covered flapjack 😂😂😂 x

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@JackieG_M Roofs

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Mantis Toboggan

RT @skullmandible: in my youth I played a bunch of TCGs and also helped my dad construct several porches with no walls or roofs. yep. did a lot of deck-building

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#MetalRoofing is great in snow country because it is fire resistant, lightweight, and excellent at shedding snow.

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RT @artsofdrawing: self-sufficient urban ecosystem with gardens and green roofs.

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Deconstructed Patsyology

RT @simaxis: Eastern Cape schools for the disabled turned into animal farms where the poor kids are left unattended and abusd . No teachers /no therapists/no nursing staff/Pig styes with broken windows,roofs and bare cement beds. 2018 under under the watchful eye of this regime =HR violation

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