Describe a city in Nigeria without mentioning the name of the city. I’ll start: Brown roofs and the most beautiful amala. #ChatBanking #olaandco

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City of New York

#Harlem roofs and #Midtown skyline under partially cloudy skies, 12:46 p.m. #NYCweekend

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Notre Dame Hockey

Malmquist roofs one on the power-play for a 2-0 lead! Some crisp passing by Notre Dame and the Irish lead 2-0 w/ 13:43 left in the 1st. Burke and Nardella with the assists

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Gustave Caillebotte

View of Roofs (Snow Effect) or Roofs under Snow #caillebotte #gustavecaillebotte

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Rick Scott

The Blue Roof program helps families whose roofs are damaged and enables many families to stay in their homes as more permanent repairs are made. More information here-

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Peter Symes

Sunday wake me up! Iris tectorum #Iridaceae - In forest margins & open areas in damp places & beside water - widespread through South-Central, North-Central & Southeast #China. Also known as Roof Iris due traditional growing on thatched roofs. Chinese Collection @RBG_Victoria

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What a goal from Gratton as he roofs a pile driver 👏🏻

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Shreveport Mudbugs

.@FeczkoB ROOFS IN HIS 2ND GOAL OF THE GAME! #Mudbugs regain the lead 4-3 in a wild 2nd period! #GeauxBugs #Clawback

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Master Thatchers Ltd

So many roofs used to be thatched and even with those that still have thatch the evidence is often still visible such as the line of old flashings. This thatch was once straw and a lot thicker- hence the markings on the wall. #Thatching.

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Jim Puritan Justice Maddox

@RodStryker Liberals love Sharia Law,and they stand with Islam 100% which means that they stand 100% with gays being thrown off roofs and their whole LGBT thing is nothing but a big fraudulent sham👎

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The Times of London

The introduction of new high speed trains for the east coast main line could be delayed because of concerns that trespassers will be able to climb on to the carriage roofs and risk electrocution

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The Brotherhood®

SCORE! @BenLown roofs a rebound on the backhand and we're tied 1-1 at 1:05! #RiseUpRedHawks

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Raise the roof! #Rochester #Americans #Forward, CJ Smith, roofs the puck in #overtime, as the #Amerks go onto defeat the #Toronto #Marlies, 5-4, in a shootout. #AHL #NHL #Hockey #Prospects #Players #Athletes #Sports #SportsPhotography #Action #ActionPhotography #Puck #Net #Win

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He was in the area to make sure residents had basic needs met including food, water, and tarps for roofs.

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there’s a man on the T showing his wife a ton of pics of turkeys hanging out on roofs and she just said ~Bill, I love you but I honestly don’t care~ AM I BILL OR W H A T

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Simple Photographer

Roofs of heaven #art #architecture #photography #roof #supportonpatreon

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Groupe Renault

Our #RenaultZOE will benefit from one of the largest mobile charging squares in Europe installed by #Renault in Eindhoven (Netherlands) 🔋 and will be revamped thanks to #designer objects redecorating their roofs! #DDW18 #EasyElectricLife

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This is just a little bit of what's going on in Trinidad and Tobago at the moment it's much worse, ppl had to sleep on their roofs last night because of the flood and I still waiting on the PM to address the nation. #waiting #TrinidadFlood

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베로니크 | 💜 Ordinary is a luxury


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Victoria Royals

WHAT A GOAL!! @hannoun19 streaks down the right side of the ice, steps over the defenders stick, and roofs one over Basran to take the lead! VIC 2 KEL 1 - 9:13 left in the 2nd.

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Denise Oliver-Velez

Puerto Rico is no longer in the headlines. Aerial photos still display a sea of blue - blue tarped roofs. Unacceptable. #VoteBlue It has been exactly 13 months since Puerto Rico had full power. via @NYDNi

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David Kopf

“Hey, I’m gonna have to let you go.” “What? I can’t believe it! Why?” “You’re supposed to be laying shingles, not damaging the roofs. Are you using a sledge or something?” “You said we could use our own tools.” “Look, Thor, I just don’t think roofing is your deal.” #satsplat

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Renault ZE

At the occasion of the @dutchdesignweek, 45 of our famous #RenaultZOE have been revamped thanks to #designer objects on their roofs! A 100% #electric #DesignRide to access the #DDW18 with style. ⚡ #EasyElectricLife

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Operation #BlueRoof is managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for @fema. This program provides homeowners in disaster areas with reinforced plastic sheeting to cover their damaged roofs until arrangements can be made for permanent repairs.

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"Miaaaaaaow! Miaaaaaaow!" Look who's exploring roofs of Oriland :-) Periwinkle Kitten! Happy #Origami #Caturday, Oriland friends! :-) Kitten's diagrams: @ "Paper Kittens & Turtles" eBook Happy folding! "Miaaaaaaow! #cat #paper #art #kitten #origamicat

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Pembroke Wanderers

Maebh Horan receives a beautifully passed ball from Pinder and roofs it into the net...celebrated with a very Jilly esc celebration 2:1 up last 5 to go #EYHL

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अन्त ही आरंभ है

@ANI modi holds so many meetings first he asks people not to climb up trees and roofs and fall down, after they come down only then he gives speech siddhu learn, everything is not hahahaahaha and thoko taali !! dumb

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buckor ⚡

It was amazing to see how such large trees could just be snapped like twigs. Buildings with their roofs and facades ripped off. Electrical wires everywhere. We take a lot for granted until we don't have it any more.

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Christa MacArthur

I haven't got time for the ideological purity of roof forms or stylistic dogma. These are not the pressing issues of our times. How do we build for human happiness in a time of global climate change? You like gable roofs? Flat? Cool!

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Am I Write?

@GabbbarSingh Can't help but notice that all roofs are bhagwa 😋

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Campus Security

Stay off roofs and fire escapes. Most buildings are not designed to carry these loads. There have been tragedies at Queen’s in the past do not become a statistic.

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Scott Miller

BTW, with the #Astros losing & with the autumn chill here, #MLB chance for first all-roof #WorldSeries is gone. Astros-#Brewers, 2 teams with retractable roofs, would have been a first.

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Patrick Nonwhite

@SPQRzilla @ScottGreenfield @NotPeoriaMayor @EFF I'm baffled why clients build houses without flashing the roofs and windows. Doesn't mean I'm shocked when it happens. It's paid for a lot of good meals through the years.

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T&T Newsday

A photo now being shared on social media of people who slept on roofs in Kelly Village, Caroni.

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HALFWAY through 2nd: Goals galore as WR #10 Gregory Porter roofs it from in close...then RDG #14 Logan with a seeing-eye snapper beats a screened WR G Holloway.

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Josh Hall-rdnewsNOW

Alexander Alexeyev walks into the Kootenay zone 1:15 into OT unmolested and roofs it for the 4-3 @Rebelshockey win. #RedDeer improves to 7-3-1-0 and remain atop the Central Division. #WHL

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#IfIWonABillionDollars I could fix the problems with the house. Replace the car. Bring down the tree out front. Never worry about my parents' or siblings' or my future again. Replace all the pipes in Flint, Michigan, roofs in Puerto Rico. Become the Go-Fund-Me Fairy Godmother...

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Dave Eminian

Rivermen 3-1 at 9:55 as Joe Kalisz draws Di Salvo down at right post, holds puck a sec, then roofs it between shoulder and post #sphl #rivs

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edward ford

Imagine a game 7 in old town MKE? Retractable roofs RULE!

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Murray Pam

Boedker made something out of nothing. Roofs the puck over Price from along the goal line. #Sens within one. 3-2 #Habs halfway through the second. White assists.

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🌿Lovely the herb nerd🌿

@KatHeartwell @OhEmmeG OMG y'all jumped off roofs too. Me and my sisters did too. One of us would jump while the other two prayed for her safety.😂😂😂😂

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@kara6478 @jammaboots @godlessteach @ii_pita @Soxfan311 @Harris9Milt @bikerclyde @pepper7565 @notmuchelse @toby_dorena @randy_o1970 @LindaMusgrove9 @ICanPlainlySee @KLHirst1 @BrasescoMillie @GayleMullenix @Andy9375 @randallpink17 @fgsweetdog @kinthenorthwest @RKJ65 @Maxxtruk @LambethJr @AIllinoi @LiQuiDQuB @moreenie31 @KaliRoars @Guitarshredde16 @rsirrobbie @jstephens0 @BrettKavanaugh @senjudiciary @cspan @_RecoveryZone @AMBAMERICA @DplorablePirate @agentredskies @ddittmar9 @Quin4Trump @oldairforcedude @PinkAvis @AlaskaBabe1225 @ScottRickhoff @kay89266490 @CraigChermside @IslandGirlLani @1HeroMe @KeecoWang5 @usvetram @ThereseOSulliv2 I can’t believe her Prime-less Minister gave a murder 8 million dollars and apologized for the time he spent in jail. Yeah, complain about USA because in Canada, it won’t be long before Muslims start throwing gays off roofs. And Turd-Dough will blame the victims for jumping

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All About the Jersey

BOYLE!! Devils get set up and BB takes the space given to him, walks in, and roofs it! 2-2

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🎃⭐️🌲🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Nathan 🇬🇧🌲⭐️🎃

@WeezerPrim Soon we shall throw these people off the roofs.

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@WeWasntAutism @GiftGiver9 from wht i hear the new nato round will switch from 5.56mm to the 6.8 bc of what was happening overse3as ... firing from humvees to the roofs thru brick the 5.6 bounces and shatters the 7.62 punches right through so does the 6.8 its light quick and a flat plain

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CEDR Digital Corps

Operation Blue Roof 1-888-ROOF-BLU (7663-258) is a mission by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to provide temporary cover for their damaged roofs. #BayCounty #Callaway #LynnHaven #MexicoBeach #PanamaCity #Parker #Springfield #HurricaneMichael #Michael

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Amrit Kumar

@9GAG Would Prefer Checking Out My Phone..... Rather Than Watching The Roofs.

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@Jc_law_student @usminority That’s what my kids say too. When I was a kid that’s what I said. Here’s the truth...this time its not about dem/rep. It’s about America turning into China, or the Middle East where gay men get thrown off roofs for being guy and women are owned. THIS presidency is REAL freedom.

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Perry Collins

@RealJamesWoods @paulette_clay They'll be along, directly, to clean up after these guys finish the roofs

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Holly 💉❤️

Sun roofs and silver dollar city... and my best friend makes for a good mini trip. @morgangfield

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Ember Lee

@MsChryssieE Always rushing to be the first to help outsiders but our people still waiting to be rescued. People sleeping on roofs, loosing their homes, THEIR LIVELIHOODS & still have to wait on a greenlight.. Is only when it hits home people understand.

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NHL Daily 365


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Robert Bateman

@GPatrick @AirshipRenegade Negative, roof is peaked. Pub founded in 1308. They didn’t do flat roofs then. Site may be abandoned though.

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Chris Lerch

GOAL RIT: Shawn Cameron roofs one and it’s 4-0 Tigers at 9:05 of the second period.

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Scott M.

Large Blue tarp. Make him go fix roofs in Puerto Rico. For every rally he fixes a roof.. He'd be quitting rallies real fckn quick

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Vince Andrews

@LyleShelton @LiberalAus @AuConservatives The nimby's and greenies in Wentworth don't care about high power prices they all have huge solar systems on their roofs and don't give a damn about the vulnerable , the poor and those who face real world hand to mouth living. This vote showed the selfishness of Wentworth.

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Dont want you guys to miss the 1st rocket of 2018! boom @Lindaproject $soil $vec $grim $xrh $stv $cpn $js $jobs $str $visio $lea $dalc $ltcr $chc $roofs $pex $cmt $pos $pxi $zyd $knc $gpl $benji $nro $scs $pnx $mst $plnc $cab $btpl $icob $crdnc $bnx $sfc

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Jamie Harding

@dougtayek @StateFarm @GEICO Don’t even get me started. @Allstate has been jerking me around for a year on my hail-damaged roof. My neighbors right, left, & behind all have new roofs and @Allstate is still denying my claim. As the AL Attorney General’s office rep told me: “Insurance is the last legal scam.”

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Not an all day rain for people in FL Panhandle still trying to cover damaged roofs ... these are scattered storms passing through - hopefully weakening near sunset as they approach PCB & PC & points east. #PanhandleStrong

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Ben Smith

@PeterSmithYEP They may have 3 roofs but they don’t actually cover the stadium. I take it you never actually been to a match there? It’s a dump, they need to get a roof that actually covers the stands! The only reason the South stand was redeveloped was because it was condemned mid-season!

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what? me worry?

@JoShawTx These people are brain dead. The gays are the first people to be thrown off the roofs.

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Stockholm’s roofs

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Leo Scaglione Jr.

Brian Boyle roofs it and ties the game 2-2. A PPG.

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Greening Homes

#RenoTip - Using metal can improve your roof's durability (up to 50 yr warranty). Metal roofs can also be recycled, & use recycled content #MetalRoof

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Alejandra Dumisani

Everyone join hands and let's get solar on all our neighbors roofs. There is no better place for solar than California. #GrowSolarCalifornia #GrowSolar #SolarPanels$

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You wanna know why ? Because we are fucking stressed ! For years now our government has been fucking with us. & it's getting worse… So we work work work and pay pay pay like morons… And we smoke, so we don't jump off the roofs. France is not that great, We have a Trump too. 😒

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Roof Rats

We fix and clean roofs. This house clearly needs some attention from a Roof Rats team. 011-462-0209 #roofrats #roofratsrsa #roofrats_rsa #roof #roofing #roofcontractor #leakyroof #roofleak #waterleak #rain #rainy

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Vote November 6th

Stones. Large floor plan means football field sized roofs for more sunlight. #4earthshipidea #unmarchitecture #canitgrow

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@proviewsusa My neighborhood has been repairing roofs all summer from our one gigantic hail storm! Everytime I take a bike ride, I hear roofs being peeled off and re-pounded!

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The Useless Robot

PULBJER:often found in the gutters surrounding our roofs,Pulbjers eat sludge and slime so are very good at keeping the gutters clear.They are poisonous so it is advised to always have an umbrella held up in heavy rain & wind #inktober #inktober2018 #monsters #inkdrawing

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When it comes to balancing budgets, some districts are setting aside funds for 3-D printers and laser cutters while others are trying to fix leaky old roofs. What does that mean for STEAM education?

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Put roofs on every stadium... At least retractable ones. Stupid weather!

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5ft 1 and I still manage to absolutely slam my head off the slanted roofs in our flat 👏🏼👏🏼🤕

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Yo the aliens in Signs really doin parkour and shit jumping off roofs and shit

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Matt Popchock

Coach Clark sounds his barbaric YAWP from the roofs of the world.

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@flutzafana @kjiswhore @multiordure Same here. Heartbreaking to see ppl slept on their roofs 😭

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Caroline C Ravello, MPH, MA

People are on their roofs, some slept there and more rains are expected. Let me know how I can help please. You can inbox me. I feel so traumatized seeing some of these images and finding put people asking for help for over 12 hours in some instances.

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travel | photo | film

#temple #pagoda roofs at Senso-ji Temple, #asakusa #tokyo #japan . . . . . . #asia #travel #travelingram #travelphotography #旅行 #theworldshotz #igtravel #japanese #woodworking #traditional #japantrip #wanderlust #mytravelgram #agameoftones #getlost #…

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IVM - VU Amsterdam

IVM takes part in an Amsterdam consortium that will receive 4.8 million Euro for the project #RESILIO with @AmsterdamNL to lay out blue-green roofs in four city districts. The water carrying roofs are meant as a measure for climate adaptation and improvement of the biodiversity.

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Jackie Jobes

Social housing in four locations in Amsterdam are to be fitted with smart blue-green roofs to help protect the buildings from extreme weather conditions. Via @SmartCitiesW #greeninfrastructure #socialhousing #climatechange

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Jeremy Barrell

@akazeeox Green roofs are just one element of a bigger solution. Integrate them with green walls, street trees, parks, water, and woodlands, within cities, and then connect all that to the greenspace in the adjacent countryside and you have the solution. No political vision is the problem.

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Above the roofs of the city... #play #of #colors #evening #sunset #streetview #minimalism #minimalist #minimal #minimalistic #minimalistics #minimalove #minimalobsession #photooftheday #naturelovers #beautiful #skyporn #colorful #naturephotography #love …

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Sir. Aurelius the V

@gboftiii It would be the roofs, Sir. The architectural aesthetics are boring to an olympic degree. Unfortunate, truly.

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Energy News Today

Study: Costs and benefits of applying cool roofs and other smart surface solutions across El Paso, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC

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Adewale Christian

osustech that their buildings and roofs are fighting

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Michelle White

@carlcuss @Dawn_Bowden @GeraldJonesLAB @CaerphillyCBC Thank you so much for all your help to improve our little village... New roofs next plzz or our village is going to look like noddy town with different tiles 🙄

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Tay Austin

@MissNyetTrump Here you go. It' explains about the blue roofs ...etc. And now, you can keep that handy and be able to pass it along to anyone who has questions about what they should do - or who they should go with. ❤️

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Jake Vincent

Working hours like this makes me appreciate what I have as a human being. Sometimes we complain about working too many hours but at the end of the day at least we have jobs, roofs over our heads, vehicles to drive, and family to love. That’s all that will ever matter.

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Bill Carson

Everything in my life is so fucking serious anymore that sometimes I almost even long to go back to my college days, getting blasted with my friends on weeknights and throwing house parties. Climbing on roofs and screaming into the night. Not a care in the world Key word: almost

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Ski Warrior Aspen CO

#RoofingContractor #ResidentialRoofing  #roofing  #roof #roofer #roofingcontractor #roofs #siding #rooftop #roofrepair   #contractors #carpentry #roofers #home  #Aspenroof #Basaltroofing  #RoofingContractor #ResidentialRoofing #CommercialRoofing  #RoofingEnvelopeContractors

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@whatthefoulks 😂😂 I still like it. I’m conflicted so half of the roofs gonna be whos 💀😂

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Alolan Nolan

roof selfie (I love roofs)

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luigi time 👻

also in my michael myers dream i had to go on the roof to escape him bc he couldnt climb roofs

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Cismaru Iulian

RT @Groupe_Renault: Our #RenaultZOE will benefit from one of the largest mobile charging squares in Europe installed by #Renault in Eindhoven (Netherlands) 🔋 and will be revamped thanks to #designer objects redecorating their roofs! #DDW18 #EasyElectricLife

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killjoy queen

RT @Babygtt: This is just a little bit of what's going on in Trinidad and Tobago at the moment it's much worse, ppl had to sleep on their roofs last night because of the flood and I still waiting on the PM to address the nation. #waiting #TrinidadFlood

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Mary Daniels

@liv_SRNPC @_celestialdog_ [r] lmao who gets there ass beat by a bird? [Thankfully, She was on the roofs and [robably not to far away, She perks up at the radio call., taking a gander across the town.]

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❌Richard Remmy❌🇺🇸

RT @FreedominMass: @DamianPowerWD @MoniqueWorthy @thehill @lgbtqnation Damien, do you say the same about the Muslim faith, which KILLS and throws off roofs gay people? Pence does not advocate any discrimination; let him have his Christian faith in peace.

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Ms spontaneous🇫🇷 😘😍🌟🇫🇷

RT @Babygtt: This is just a little bit of what's going on in Trinidad and Tobago at the moment it's much worse, ppl had to sleep on their roofs last night because of the flood and I still waiting on the PM to address the nation. #waiting #TrinidadFlood

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Margo Anderson Mayor

RT @WJHG_TV: He was in the area to make sure residents had basic needs met including food, water, and tarps for roofs.

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