Jeff Gluck

Bob, who keeps track of this by hand during the races, says two more spots for Round 3 are now taken up:

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FIFA Women's World Cup 🇫🇷

The #AWCON2018 draw. 8 African nations will battle it out for 3 #FIFAWWC spots next month in Ghana. A1 Ghana B1 Nigeria A2 Algeria B2 South Africa A3 Mali B3 Zambia A4 Cameroon B4 Kenya

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Inner Temple Library

Dear Readers, we currently have some rather lovely Autumn sun filled spots in the Library

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I went from having black spots all over my face to being clear in just 3 weeks. 👇

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Honestly this isn't the worst regular season loss. There were plenty of bad ones in key spots. This was the biggest collapse at the end which is different then the loss that feels the worst to me.

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From grasslands to fynbos: SA camping spots for every ecosystem

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Jacquee Speight

FEO will have an Election Visitor Program. 5 spots are available & anyone can participate by sending their expression of interest to the FEO office via their website before 2nd November #Fiji #FijiElections2018

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Dustin Long

#NASCAR ... Martin Truex Jr. gains 4 spots there on pit road ... 2nd time his pit crew have gained him 4 spots today

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As things stand, Espanyol is on track to knock both Atleti and Madrid out of La Liga’s Champions League spots. They just need to hold on to a one-goal lead against Huesca. Such a fun start to the season!

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Gautam Ghosh

@DPrasanthNair @aquilbusrai @AbhijitBhaduri @JoyAbdullah @RajanSinha @HRCurator @ProventusHR @JoyAndLife @vivekparanjpe @BruceVH @IndianYash @aadil @shaliniharnot @virmani_pooja @RossSwan2 @MadhaviLall1 @prabhakarl @rajahrpro @gprao77 @anandmahindra @Harsh @HR_ke_vichaar @sunitaviolin @raotv It takes an external coach to see things that we can't see as they are our blind spots. Which is why #coaching becomes important. Here's a talk by surgeon @Atul_Gawande on why everyone needs a coach

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seán // au

disabled spots at gigs,,,,,aren’t,,,,,,discrimination

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cat 🙀

@Esselle_hq sajhkajghkajg me, thinking about izuku bubbling over with tears and apologies, when he spots shouto crying too: n.. [sniff] 𝘯𝘪𝘤𝘦,

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New post: Tennis Rankings: Rafael Nadal, Simona Halep Retain Top Spots

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I catch my dogs like this daily (there are other spots to snuggle). I think they miss their big sister. Me too guys, me too 😢 #Dogs #MondayMorning

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Shea Sorenson WATE 6

Wear your warmest coat this morning! Temperatures are below freezing in several spots and we are Weather AWARE until 9 AM as a result. Watch @wateweather now for details.

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Shout out to Alex, Ryan & Damon who are goning to attend our "Monster Mosh" show this Friday with @Interruptweets + @stickupkidca , @rickshawstopsf More spots to win through out the show.

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Eben’s Lambo

Rt to join EbensLambo - MBF US - comment down below why you want to be added - turn on post notifs for better chance (reply with proof) *optional* - BE ACTIVE - NO BLOCKING - NO DRAMA - don’t use us for clout *10 spots!!*

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@Lastcri @milkzo1194 @DrCheikhMbaye @SelemYakham @Alioune26505299 Mais lass ca c la faute au vrai acteur de ce domaine qui ne font pas passr les bonnes information!! Kou khamoul,lo diott werrou sii!! Il doit y avoir des spots publicitair et tt pour informer les population et ca c le role du ministere !!

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Greg White

Players: Make the right play. Pass when you should. If they miss, it’s on them & on the Coach to change the personnel. When you don’t make the right play, it’s personal, not personnel. Your Coach’s job is to have the right player in the right spots. Your job is to play.

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College Football Payoff

@JIreland80 @UCF_Football Apologies for any confusion. Jumping 2 spots on BYE are for P5 teams only. G5 schools drop 2 spots.

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Johnathan Wood

The Bears are young in key spots on O and St head coach. There's a learning curve there and it was always going to take time. It's just frustrating now because they have the pieces to actually be good. Last few years that wasn't the case. That makes these losses hurt more.

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the laughing rats from that NYTMag story

i'm writing at my usual café today and there's not a lot of spots open so someone asked if he could share my table and i said yes; he just pulled out his own tamales and honestly respect

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Jets Musings

The loss sucks, but some takeaways. -You went toe-to-toe with one of the best teams in the NFL and hung with em. The chances were there. -Injuries hurt. -Herndon = ! -Rookie QB growing pains. -Roberts and Long need to have their roster spots challeneged. Lack of focus.

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Mikey B

TONIGHT is the night! Hot Pack III starting at 6:30pm EST. Come hang in the chat! I’ll be announcing some super special pricing on the few available spots remaining. Hope to see you all there. YouTube: Mikey B

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Carlo not Carlos

@lil_buts Colfax / Federal / Alameda are all hot spots for crazy stuff. I lived like 3 stops from 16th St Mall and honestly never a dull moment on the train or bus 💁🏻‍♂️ But here’s to hoping they’ve improved lol

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9u Hawks finish in 3rd place with a 2-2 record at the Troy Wood Bat tournament. Both losses to the eventual champion. Solid result considering this was the boys first tournament experience. A ton of bright spots to build on. #fearthehawks

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Marcus Hardy

Sitting in a Subaru dealership waiting to pick up a car and...the volume of political ads on the TV is nuts. Never heard this many. Have the Love and McAdams spots about memorized at this point... #utpol

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Ben Hewett

9u Hawks finish in 3rd place with a 2-2 record at the Troy Wood Bat tournament. Both losses to the eventual champion. Solid result considering this was the boys first tournament experience. A ton of bright spots to build on. #fearthehawks

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The only confirmed bridemaids for my wedding. 3 spots left... size 30 and below waist gets you in. 😍😍

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@Jvillesfinest @Mitchlarry904 @Kisha_1women @TARNISHA_ROWE @DawnANjax @leewatson904 @iAmHardyJenkins @RacheltheQueen8 Morning fam!! Not to happy ya'll with shooting here and Jags 3rd big lost, and cold weather!! My sad spots... I'll shake it just bad🙏🙏😫🙏😟

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Big Bear DFS

NBA gets another W topping off a nice Sunday with NFL cash as well. DM @DFS_JDM or I to get on board...still some spots open for NBA and get NFL included!

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imran ely kibas

if you want a chance to win 1 of 3 fantastic prizes then read on.... there are 30 spots open for entry. 1st prize 10k coins, 2nd 7.5k and 3rd prize 2,5k. competition will start on Saturday 27th of October at 6:30pm AEST. find out more: @XavanderC

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Cam ⚢

She keeps going back to check on all of them which is perfect cause she’s revealing all her hiding spots.

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@TVP_WestOxon @eawills Any chance of doing checks on The Downs/middle of Abingdon Road in Standlake rather than your usual spots at the end of the village please? Only a matter of time before someone is killed or seriously injured by a 50 MPH idiots

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☕️The different types of skin 🍼-normal= generally experiences little breakouts, small pores and smooth skin 🐷-oily= shiny skin, lots of spots and makeup generally doesn’t stay 💕-dry= invisible pores, flaky skin and dry patches 🥣-sensitive- above but with added sensitivity

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Laurence Glew

@SimonGerhardt So many lovely spots around there. I've run the tarka trail from Mullacot Cross to Ilfracombe and back - bit hilly though! Have a lovely hols.

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🇺🇸 BRI 🇨🇦

Pls help RT! #MONSTAX_ShootOut #MONSTA_X #MONSTAX -Have albums I need to fill spots for -$14 w/o poster and $15 with poster -DM if interested -You will need to pay shipping later 🌱Version I: 1 spot 🌱Version III: 5 spots 🌱Version IV: 5 spots 🎉Comes with pre-order benefits

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TAS 🌼🍃🌼🍃🌼

@HawaiiDelilah @Marmel @RichtonStokoe @VaughanSlade @justchilln247 I had my first mammogram August of this year. A week later I received a call that they found spots in my R breast. That’s all I got. I had to wait almost two weeks for the follow up. Believe me, I learned a hella lot about ALL kinds of breast cancer in that short time span.

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Lynn Carlson

@alijsch Oh, you can choose 23k, 50k, 50miler... TBD but toying with any of those distances... the 23k is fun! I did it last year and it was 4K gain and on your hands and knees to scramble in a couple spots but also considering 50miler... I don’t know what to do?!

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Lauren @ Justin Plus Lauren ⓥ

Has #travel photography ever inspired you to visit a place? I'm going to guess...yes! By using @trover, I planned our trip to New Zealand, adding spots to our itinerary that I wouldn't have known about otherwise! Here's how I did it: #TroveOn #ad

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@richpeopleband Do not be afraid of rough spots or lonely times⚡️

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After Singapore's rat race, its Botanic Garden feels like the Garden of Eden. At the tail end of Orchard Rd, it's a sprawling oasis laced with elegant lakes and themed gardens, and no shortage of perfect spots for picnics and people-watching. #Singapore

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Spots on, claws out! Available at the Inkjinks Fanworks booth at the upcoming conventions this year (ESGS & Ozine Fest) Only P25 each! Limited stocks only! .................................................... Art by @DestinyXIII

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I kinda want to commission a revision of Dani's design. I like her rn but I'm not feeling the way I have her spots. Looking to have her more as a true red merle in her fur patterns but bleh. Idk. Not sure who I'd commission for that kind of thing

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@katjanechild @Kenn_QBE I pick them up and take them outside..... i suppose that is not an option. 😉. Take a broom or something that gives you enough distance to feel safe and gently encourage them to move to where you are ok with them. Diring the day they usually hide in darker spots..

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somehow managed it despite -2 points from a combined 2 spots

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@gruesomesleet @LadySlenderNeko Well all I can say is try your best to be there for them honestly I've been in some pretty bad spots before and I'm not sure of the whole situation

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Bobby Milone

@LordChozen @DiezziDon 206 20% tax 226 32% lose 1m IFA $ 246 50% lose 1m IFA$ plus 10 spots in draft

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Sara Vix

@KolaBoof3 Very true. Lol some like to use it as a rebuttal as if Western black people don't also bleach. Hell my ass was dumb enough to believe that Dencia's cream would help get rid of my dark spots and that shit had me looking like an embalmed corpse. Like I had Jaundice or something ugh

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That's like 4 spots behind @Utah_Football right?

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Bottom 5 Contenders in #SFVAE It's really hard to choose imo but these are the possible ones and I placed the rest that I think are above or near. I'm ashamed but I think Vega is possibly at the top end of the bottom 5...give or take a few spots. Thoughts #FGC

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Out this week from @ImageComics at Richies Comic Cabana @cabanaman40 #ncbd Regression Redneck Royalboiler Drawn Out Collection tpb Rat Queens Isola Gasoline Burn👽uts Cold Spots Days of Hate BloodStrike DIE!DIE!DIE And from @AspenComics Soulfire Nu-Way Aspen Universe Decimation

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Sheree #DI9🏁

About damn time we gain spots on pit road, came off 2nd to Harvick

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DeKalb County News

If you crave meat, there’s plenty to be found on Buford Highway, from messy, juicy chorizo tortas to Malaysian-style chicken served with chicken stock rice and soy sauce. Options become scanter along metro Atlanta’s international...

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where my pumpkins

but drawing is frustrating now because i stopped... regression of skill. i want to take art classes again but they'd just be a waste of money bc i don't have any more spots in my degree that they'd fill 😕

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Niki-Demon, live from the 9th Circle of Hell

@GuttersnipeMojo Gosh you're better looking than I imagined. Of course, my eyes are going, but what I can see around those big spots looks great.

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Bay Area Baseball

We have a couple spots available for our 1st Annual Fall Classic, contact us or leave a comment if you're interested

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J’aime Halloween 🧟‍♀️

@EpiEllie Are we even still birthday twins?! Listen, I like a good Reese’s as much as the next gal but not enough for it to have the top two spots!!!!

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Cameron Richardson

Kyle Busch and Joey Logano have also clinched spots in the round of 8. #NASCAR

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@quevega Just seems like from certain spots it’s by far the best option

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🎃✝️🌴🌹Catholic "Left" Integralist🇻🇦🇮🇹🇪🇸🎃

@merlinus_ Art museums are now garbage. The one near me only puts up small traditional paintings, but have big spots open for modern art.

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jess 💙

disabled spots at gigs are discriminatory ?? What’s next ?? Disabled parking spots are discriminatory too??

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Great job @Runaway_OW for securing spots in the OWL! I didn’t find out until late...

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Sam in Tokyo | サムコ

Subscribe now to this queen go be in the under-10k team! Only 8 spots left ;) @osharegirl829

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: CKS Electrical Ltd

Can I have some spots in here mate?

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H A T E Y O U°

RT @Inside_Showbiz: #DarrenEspanto spotted graffiti art along the streets of Sydney, Australia that had a striking resemblance to #KathrynBernardo! Do you think that she was the inspiration behind the art?

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Richard P

RT @CourtneyABC13: People are BUNDLED up in line, sleeping in front of Toyota Center overnight. Some, holding spots for friends warming up in their cars. These are diehard Trump supporters. #abc13

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@YokaiRye Absolutely. Charlotte got all the good spots like that.

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🎩 🐰ABroccoliDAbroccoli🥦 ✨🍫

@ranchingaround Wow gorgeous 🐕🐕🐕!! That place just went up a few spots on my list of “places to must see” good share!!

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babyy angg✨

@princesswannda Yessss greys has like dead spots and I’m in the middle of one right now that’s why i started bates 😂😂

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Peter stephenson

RT @MrRichardC: Revisiting some spots from last year's super @WildIntrigue Cheviots Wild Weekend. Coffee & cakes @ingramcafe before walk round @IngramValleyGB River Breamish, Chesters and Brough Law - dramatic @NlandNP skies and lovely golden autumn colour #Nature

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Jim Stegall

RT @Gersh38: No better opportunity for HS Baseball players that want to play at The Citadel - We are excited to see which Future Bulldogs will be at the 2018 Prospect Camp - Less than 2 weeks away & spots are going fast!! #DogsOnTheRise

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Lil Uzi IntroVert

I think the Eagles need a move more so at Defensive Coordinator than at any defensive spots. There's no reason that Darby look like a top CB one game then the next look like he's lost. Schwartz isn't putting these guys in positions to be successful. Raoul Douglas cant even get PT

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County GrandePrairie

#CountyofGP proudly offers a fun & affordable place for 4 year old’s to learn & play at Elmworth Playschool! There are a few spots on Mon and Wed from 12:30 – 3:30. Register by contacting Angie Sanderson at 780-354-6538 or!

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DubaiMistress EmperatriX

Who’s into whipping? 😈. Few spots available, last 2 days in Dubai +971562146834 #Whipping #punishement #solewhipping #Mistress #Dubai #DubaiMistress #Dominatrix #DubaiDom #Dubaidominatrix @mistressads @MarketingBDSM @Findom_Royalty @_DubaiMistress

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Randy Vargas

RT @VargasNi: `Before the capture` On a non foil Bounty Agent #mtgartistproof I have a few spots still available for commissions on my MTG artist proofs. I will only take 15 before the end of October. If interested send me a PM or email for pricing and details Day 18 #inktober2018 #inktober

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RT @winter_minhyuk: i’m crying #shootout went up 3 spots from #100 to #97 on melon 😭😭 it’s staying on the charts sobs #몬스타엑스 #슛아웃 #MONSTA_X #ARE_YOU_THERE

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I have acne spots I wear them like freckles, I just have to accept it dudes wouldn’t just leave me alone so it’s a part of me now till they are ready to disappear

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Virginia Foodie

Sick of boring old fast food? Try these fast-casual spots in Virginia that serve up quick food with local, tasty twists. #vafoodie #loveva

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Avex JZY

RT @Cajatron: Ammo shouldn't be floor loot in Fortnite. I had 3 different spots of all ammo compared to this one kids AR spawn, it's ridiculous. Screw the ammo and put more weapons in the game, like a pump shotgun. Shotguns should be in EVERy house, period. And why have ammo boxes if it spawns

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💎 J-money 💎

@Cobo9573 @Draggg_ I was trying to make top 8 today, was a couple spots away and this happened smh

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RT @hwangje31: ⚠️Vote for NUEST W on AAA⚠️ We're currently 2 spots down! Let's collect votes we can use to make sure they're in the top 10 before round 1 ends on Oct 31 at 11:59PM KST. Fighting, LOVEs! We can do this 💪🏻 #NUEST_W #JR #ARON #백호 #렌

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Leather Sofa World

If you want to get maximum longevity out of a sofa, it's important to rotate the cushions on a regular basis. Flip them over now and then and (if applicable) switch them around to different spots. Visit and select the best #sofa for your home.

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Geoff & Katie

Are you a shutterbug planning a trip to the Netherlands? This Rotterdam guide from @MapsNbags shows us where all the best photo spots are in #Rotterdam #Netherlands #Europe #architecture #thingstodo #travel #cityguide

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Women's Enterprise

Financial Fitness Mentoring 75% Full: Apply Now for a CPA Mentor. Only a few spots left in #Langley, #Terrace and #Victoria!

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CIS Cardinals

Help us spread the word about our Holiday Mart. We hope you will join us on November 17th! We have 34 Vendors so far, we have a few spots left if you would like to join us contact the CIS Office. #TeamCIS

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@nfldraftscout Spots matter for about 99% of players in all sports.

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kyungsoo might have jumped up like 5 spots in my exo bias list

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Adrienne Graham

RT @ArlanWasHere: When we launched Backstage Accelerator, I set a goal for us to receive 800 applications for our first cohort. The reasoning being that we've historically invested in 3% of deal flow, and we have approx 24 spots avail. Applications are closed and the numbers are in: 1800 apps!😮

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RT @CourtneyABC13: People are BUNDLED up in line, sleeping in front of Toyota Center overnight. Some, holding spots for friends warming up in their cars. These are diehard Trump supporters. #abc13

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RT @girlsgenratlon: spring day on the charts watching other songs struggling to stay in their spots

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RT @Edgar_almeida98: Eu gostava de saber como é que vocês fazem para estarem sempre a viajar e a curtir spots bacanos (?) De onde vem o 💸💸

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2-Way The Movie

2-WAY executive producer Claudio Ruben produced several political campaign spots for @NMSecOfState incumbent candidate Maggie Toulouse Oliver. Here's one of them. #nmpolitics #filmnewmexico #filmlascruces #twowaythemovie

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AHA staff found some quirky spots for #AHA19 participants to visit this January! What have we missed?

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Bend FC Timbers

Last day to register for Rapinoe SC before we open it up state wide! Limited spots and space available.

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The Egyptian Mau Mau is the Egyptian word for cat. The spots are formed only by the tips of their hair😺 More art on . . . . #dogslife #itsgood #cutie #dogoftheday #petoftheday

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im convinced howard paints the walls to cover up mold spots in all the buildings

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Get Into Newcastle

It's National Curry Week this week! Make the most of it in NE1 with our round up of some of our favourite spots in the city!

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AMA Tarleton

Happy Monday Yall! We can't wait to see you all today at 3:30 for our "Diversified Digital Marketing Strategies" Seminar! If you did not register in advance, don't worry there are still spots open! See you in COBA, Room 176 at 3:30! #Tarleton

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Deer Lake Lodge

Not many spots left. Reserve now! 🦌🌿🦌🌱🦌🍃

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