Carolina Panthers

Could CMC and C.J. Anderson be the new 'Smash and Dash' duo? https://t.co/Vdpk20cCTY

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Neoliberal 🌐

It is called Neoliberalism, there is no dash in it you daft wanker https://t.co/M8WzrkFSEF

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Guitarrín 🏆

GEOMETRY DASH SPACE: https://t.co/sUhPmrYVcz vía @YouTube

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A Tyler family visit.................. I'd rather have a dash of Tabasco in each eye. #BB20 https://t.co/2fb1uMO4OF

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SLASH DOT DASH DOT SLASH DOT DASH DOT Slash Dot Slash (Slim boy fat) [Taikoclysm] HD FC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very lucky... 614pp!!!!!!!! https://t.co/SJuDALyrft

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START:DASH!!2年生ver https://t.co/TMUfUoyZWH

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shi ❄️

I opened tumblr on my laptop in my tutorial for the first time in FOREVER, AND MY ENTIRE DASH WAS JUST PORN??? AND THE GUY SITTING NEXT TO ME SAW IT AND WHISPERED ‘I don’t think now is the time for that sweetie’ FKN DROPPING OUT CYA

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@jessiepaege rainbow dash 😳😳🤪

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もうロックマンもマリオとかゼルダみたいに3D化とか新しい道を模索してかないとIPの維持きっついんじゃないかな と打った段階でロックマンDASHのこと素で忘れてたのに気づいた あれ信者目線抜きにしても結構面白かったとは思うんだけど、本当になんで売れなかったんだろうな~

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次回は8月19日『出張DASH村』『新宿DASH』 https://t.co/DhFt0TNnVb #ザ!鉄腕!DASH!!

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GD Shaggy23

<3 Añadamos a SoulsTRK, MaxiS9, EricVanVilderman, Viprin, BrandonLarkin, Creepy Dash, Zobros, Sunix, Dorami :'D Por suerte somos muchos contra poquitos que quieren arruinarlo todo alv jajaja pero si, este contenido es el mejor y el que te da diversión de verdad :) https://t.co/XUc5e2Ehcq

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@gakincholand たぶんエビバデDASH!!の一コマなのでもっとエビバデDASH!!感出せるように頑張ります😭笑

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Thomas Wictor

(24) But she's having the last laugh. https://t.co/MOMzbusTSF

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1Bangerで右からの横顔、2Bangerで左からの横顔、3Bangerで正面からって最強アングル https://t.co/OkjdcJjkAq

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Prince Alfive's Mom

There is so little klance on my dash. Unacceptable.

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DJ First Class™

That Time When Dame Dash Spazzed On Def Jam For Having A Meeting With Jay-Z Without His Consent 🤭 https://t.co/hoO8uhJprd

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Roar Lions Roar

This reminds us: Let’s watch Deion Sanders react to Troy Apke tearing up the 40-yard dash at the combine. https://t.co/aFSyHJwjox

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里村明衣子 meiko satomura

8.18 青森大会 当日情報 08月18日(土) 17:00試合開始(16:30開場) 会場:青森・はまなす会館 当日券は、15:30から販売致します。 メインイベント タッグマッチ30分1本勝負 里村明衣子&DASH・チサコ vs ナイラ・ローズ&桃野美桜 #仙女 #marvelous https://t.co/gBv2wG8UhW

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“When Aretha Franklin stole a song from you, you let her keep it.”—⁦@odienator⁩ https://t.co/a2d4wZS4GD

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Houston Dash

Here's a little #tbt for ya. Can you guess which two Dash players shared these pics from their school days with us? 🤔 #DashOn https://t.co/6meumDBMM6

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We are LIVE on INSTAGRAM until 11 pm, tune in the @OldScratch crew, only on @dash_radio 🎙📡

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Good morning🍍 今日は #パイナップルの日 なんですよ〜! なぜか持ってたパイナップルTシャツ笑 それでは今日もリハ行ってきますー!!みんなも頑張って👍👍 皆さんにとって素敵な1日になりますように😊 #TPD_DASH #谷川陽菜 https://t.co/YJI2XgLDYw

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里村明衣子 meiko satomura

明日は青森大会! 08月18日(土) 17:00試合開始(16:30開場) 会場:青森・はまなす会館 メインイベント タッグマッチ30分1本勝負 里村明衣子&DASH・チサコ vs ナイラ・ローズ&桃野美桜 #仙女 #青森 #女子プロレス #marvelous https://t.co/AUu4dqJmHb

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@AHoeStory If you want to dash money just dash. No stress me.

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あのへんの島どれかBiSH島にならないかなぁ(DASH島を眺めつつ) https://t.co/yNNxtoccHQ

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Genevieve Rice

With Aretha Franklin’s passing, I’m surprised Fox News didn’t just share a photo of Stacey Dash.

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Bill Voth

We haven't talked enough about what CJ Anderson's hands could do for the offense/Cam Newton https://t.co/SoVCQIgF32

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Raise your hand if you dash out to binge eat at a Korean restaurant after watching every new episode of Let's Eat 3?! Watch Let's Eat 3 NOW ----> https://t.co/wZ6HlGlKG9 https://t.co/qbKQn7pFnO

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💚JustSomeRandomUser💚 🎉4 Days🎉

i still have $350 left in my pocket from pay day and might consider buying a GameCube again but uhh…honestly still debating if i should go with luigi’s mansion or double dash as my starter https://t.co/AbBDuan5bP

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今帰りの電車で『START DASH SENSATION』を聴いてるんだけどめちゃめちゃに泣きそう

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Dash Radio

#deliciousvinylradio Are you ready for @h2the ‘s FANTASMA show tonight? Tune in 6pm to 7pm pst on the @deliciousvinyl radio station. 🔊 https://t.co/xrdDHTIFAK

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『ICEY』や『Muse Dash』などのパブリッシャー、X.D. Networkのキーパーソンに聞く、「とにかくいいゲームを提供したい」【ChinaJoy 2018】 https://t.co/oBjOtWlAKx https://t.co/C7jY3w8oSc

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Marina A. Petrasso

Oficialmente hoy se cumplen 3 años de que agarré la tarjeta de credito de mi papá y compré Geometry Dash https://t.co/Qtmkac6ang

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- Butt attack! - N...No, your butt is too cut... I mean... eeep! Art found here: https://t.co/1Wj54Dvj4y #shipping #Fluttershy #RainbowDash #MyLittlePony #Brony https://t.co/Q6UwGXkT6G

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arashi people

ザ!鉄腕!DASH!! 次回は8月19日『出張DASH村』『新宿DASH』 https://t.co/CCKJap4dSC ▽新宿DASH ~夏休みSP~ 太一&二宮のカブトムシ大捜索!しかもその場所は「都心」限定。 コンクリートジャングル東京で、昆虫の王様を見つけるため、太一は事前にある準備をしていた。

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Dash Caracas

En minutos Mark Mason @staydashy entrevistará a nuestra fundadora Eugenia Alcalá para Dash Force News | #Dash #dashnation #blockchain #Entrevista #interview #cryptocurrency #Venezuela #Caracas #17Ago | @dash_red_games

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Muse Dash now hitting Switch towards the end of 2018 https://t.co/hkBEWcTTX8 https://t.co/RoF8FHMQYD

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the raven cycle

the odor of a crash clinging to Ronan’s clothing, the white dash lights carving Kavinsky a gaunt and wild face

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ishwer dash

#Ye_Kaisi_Aazadi है जहा देश के रक्षक जो देश की रक्षा के लिए अपनी जान तक कुर्बान करता है उसी फौजी पर हरयाणा सरकार द्वारा देशद्रोह के आरोप लगाकर 17 महीने जेल मे रखा जाता है। देखिये फौजी की जुबानी उनपर किस तरह अत्याचार किए है. https://t.co/5os1h5Fn5m

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Stuart Randall

A defiant, but slightly tone deaf performance from SL with a dash of irony. Going to be an ugly end to his tenure.The timeline of recent announcements etc very odd. Good news story then a few days later bad news. Repeat. Strange. HAL season likely to get lost in the noise again.

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途中みれなかったけど楽しかった https://t.co/j6DhJ4R0qL

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黒沢佳希 from ZEAL

3DAYS最終日、DASH UP!!ありがとうございました🙏 何とか無事に終わって良かった👏 まぁね、実質僕たちは色々含めたら6DAYSなんでまだまだ頑張りますよ👍 さーーーーーて帰って寝るかああああああ https://t.co/t1aK639QP5

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初のDASH UPありがとう‼️ 最近めっちゃ弄られるけどその弄りは愛を感じてるから楽しければ何でもいいんだよ(急にどうした) 昼と夜の急激な気温の変化に身体が着いていかず帰宅してからバタンキューです_:(´ω`」 ∠):_ 前に住んでる人の笑い声がうるさい 皆明日も会えるの楽しみにしてるぞ🙋‍♂️ https://t.co/LqYVRQC7hv

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DASH UP!さんありがとうございました✨ 恒星宇宙のメガネ🤓ピンク💓 菅田光希です🍑 ミッキーって呼んでください♡ いろんなみんなといろんなお話できてうれしかった🌟 ライブも盛り上がってくれてありがとう!! これからも恒星宇宙(クペイサー)よろしくお願いします🔥 #恒星宇宙 #クペイサー https://t.co/VjHs7PFGBD

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my friend called my other friend a “crybaby-bitch” during a heated game of pool earlier, it was so powerful. I think that was the first time I’ve heard an insult used that required a dash in the middle

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Tifo Football

The Flash. Superman. Quicksilver. Dash. Usain Bolt. Luis Advíncula. @emctear assesses Luis Advincula's move to Rayo Vallecano, looking beyond the raw speed & seeing an accomplished full-back: https://t.co/WupO4DMG9O https://t.co/bRUHiA2YE0

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@chao_garden @HypraSeaPea kirby was in drum dash deluxe, they appeared on the title screen with dedede and taranza as you got more medals

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fewine musk (=^・ω・^=)

ya girl made a monterey jack grilled cheese with 6 chili spice, a dash of cinnamon topped with sriracha and avocado https://t.co/6Bh3YKaowi

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Ciara Gallagher

How on earth we walked away this evening with one point only, I’ll never know! The lads did us so proud with a fantastic performance... just needed a dash of luck ⚽️ #BCFC

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Forecast City

There is a trading opportunity to buy in #ETCUSD #Business #Money #Investing #Investment #LTC #ETC #EthereumClassic #Bitcoin #IOST #ETH #DASH #USD #Dollar #EOS #BlockChain #Stocks #Trading #CryptoCurrency #Crypto #StockMarket #Bitcoins #Iota #Altcoin https://t.co/fIa37dUkim

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To open our automatic Portfolio App to other Communities we decided to add the following currencies during our OPEN Alpha Period: $DASH - $PINK - $BITG - $APR - $BND - $ZEST Track your Balances and Masternodes - fully Automatic! More Informations on https://t.co/ey7ujvt4kK https://t.co/spUtzOgtVH

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fucked up that k. rool runs on his four as his dash animation

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ABC13 Houston

Estrella de @HoustonDash Amber Brooks (@abrooks22) es una doble campeona nacional de la NCAA y ahora esta inspirando a la nueva generación de estrellas de fútbol. Conozca a la defensora de Dash https://t.co/81vMACLZiD #DashOn https://t.co/7jM1wIMyUt

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@MirezAlex Yo shipee en algún momento a: #Daleix (Dash y Aleix) #Arteagan (Artie e Aegan) #Helanny (Henrik y Melanny) #Artrik (Artie y Adrik) (suena a artritis😂) #Iveagan (Ivy e Aegan cuando esta fue a visitar a Henrik🤷😂) Y a Jude y a Regan , pero no encuentro nombre al shipp 😂

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Apropos, Tag 16 nach der Bewerbung für den Developer-Account bei Twitter: Ich habe eine Antwort erhalten, dass ich keinen Zugriff erhalte und alle meine Apps suspendiert werden, siehe gestern. Naja, alle bis auf Fluce Dash und ein paar andere, die vieeel fetchen :D

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“ A performer’s memorability and longevity can be measured by whether they’re referred to by one name only, like Cher, Madonna or Pavarotti. Aretha Franklin was so good, fans reduced her name to one syllable.”—⁦@odienator⁩ outdoes himself https://t.co/a2d4wZS4GD

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Susan Johnson

Waiting to share a good word as part of the Story Dash activity at #CLAY2018 ⁦@ELCICinfo⁩ ⁦@generalsynod⁩ ⁦@claygathering⁩ https://t.co/Pk7AKv1dZy

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Houston Dash

4⃣ games left. 4⃣ points from the playoff line. #HOUvWAS preview: https://t.co/A4oCySuvi0 | #DashOn https://t.co/oPOxWkvuID

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The Foxtrot

Four matches left in the schedule, two at home. Dash need four points and a positive goal difference to crack a playoff spot https://t.co/buTNlCtYyq

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Houston Dash

If you guessed the young soccer star in the team photo was @Janinevanwyk5, you're correct! Need a hint on the first photo? This Dash player recently repped her country at #ToN2018... 🙂 https://t.co/BV3sTWUF6E

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@rukimnesis @mint_candy8 @yu_7th_sense オイラは皆とあっちぃできたぜ!!o(`ω´*)アリアッチィ!! https://t.co/bsowNxvRYT

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@yu_7th_sense @dash_aru @mint_candy8 よし!!セブmax!!!! https://t.co/0xBV0zBeBS

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The Shelby GT adds a little style and a dash of power for a bunch more money. https://t.co/3gvVlApqvL

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本日はDASH UP!! in渋谷DESEOにてライブお疲れ様でした❗️ 青振ってくれてありがとぉお😭 色々な人が居て楽しかったぜ 写真は躍動感こやす🕴 からの ひょっこりこやす🤫 #Amistation #アミステ #夏をまだまだ楽しむ勢 #明日は海の家 https://t.co/wm1PpZBRKk

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ぴったんこカンカン 木村くんとのロケのあとニノちゃんは鉄腕DASHカブトムシ捕獲ロケへw 忙しいね(´▽`*) https://t.co/biYJzsHXCX

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@marudaizushoyu #黒猫感謝の日 https://t.co/RzdkwRejJ5

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Dena Brown

My Braid look 👀 & a dash of a smile 😊 have a wonderful day! #FlashbackFriday #FeelGoodFriday #SmilingIsGood https://t.co/JMmLeX9Opj

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[公式] 小さな 猫田 ゆずポン酢は未だに前垢がロックされたことが謎すぎる

ありがとう鉄腕DASH🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️ https://t.co/PfM0ejalsp

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DASH UP!! @渋谷DESEO さん ありがとうございました〜❗️ 2曲だけだったけど、 盛り上がってくれて、 楽しかったなぁ〜🍋 私服チェキも撮ってくれてありがとう〜🍋 革トルはいつ見ても楽しい、 ダンスに惹き込まれる、 全体に動いてくれるから良い、 と言われました🎊 有難い。嬉しい。頑張れる。 https://t.co/lMhUF0EPfJ

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LaftitNazar 🇱🇧🇱🇧

@dash_philip بتكون سابقة تاريخية ما صارت من زمن الديناصورات وحتى انتهاء العالم....ما في منافس...

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LaftitNazar 🇱🇧🇱🇧

@dash_philip بيشتري المسخرة وببيع توقيعه...#تاجر_صيصان

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天晴れ『野外・無銭』ファイボワイパー https://t.co/H4H5c5OOQn

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Alright, I love when people mod in SADC Sonic into games, but at the same time I hate that they never include the Light Speed Dash shoes or Crystal Ring, since it's usually just a really fast model swap. It just feels so...naked without the upgrades. https://t.co/s63ee6nsmf

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crypto fun(^^)/ (japan)

【日常にもっと仮想通貨を♪】 →https://t.co/SFhygPmHcQ →https://t.co/mmTMsBuIjh #BCH #MONA #XEM #NEM #ETH #XRP #LSK #ADA #BTC #noah #ETC #LTC #zaif #IOT #ADK #TRX #BNB #XVG #ALIS #NJMK #DASH #XMR #ビットコイン #リップル #ネム #モナ #ザイフ #ビットフライヤー #fx #Tシャツ https://t.co/PtnGGSSWYp

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☭Comrade Eevee has a job☭

@da5ch0 Shhhh....I know Dash

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Ghosting | Hyper Kirby@Momocon

Playing Smash 4 feels so weird now. I keep wanting to JC grab and dash dance

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Erick Decarufel ☂

@RichardMartin93 @darknestgirl @insipide37 Ben t’avais la tête où? Dans dash moman dans le dash!

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The Runway Guy 655 Rt al fijado

@MadpezTube Dash perra

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Mark Lowe

@DavidFaustino @ccollinsjr @imcorinnemec @OldScratch @TriciaCruz @dreamhotels @dash_radio @SBtheDJ @dnellyradio @JeovanyFritz @OSRundown 🥦🔥👍🏽

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Lil' Gweed

@DavidFaustino @ccollinsjr @imcorinnemec @OldScratch @TriciaCruz @dreamhotels @dash_radio @SBtheDJ @dnellyradio @JeovanyFritz @OSRundown Dope

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ishwer dash

#ye_kaisi_Aazadi @PMOIndia धरती को स्वर्ग बनाना कोई आसान काम नहीं लेकिन यह कबीर परमेश्वर के द्वारा पूर्व निर्धारित है जो होकर रहेगा 2023 तक पूरा विश्व भक्ति करेगा इसलिए आप सभी से प्रार्थना है कि सच्चे संत रामपाल जी महाराज की शरण में आओ और अपना कल्याण कराओ https://t.co/p2Rv0upVYk

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GonZa ᑈ

@GD_Shaggy23 Ese niño sería top 1 del mundo en Geometry Dash una década después

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人生2度目の和歌山(´ー`) https://t.co/Bp6NCwPbr4

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@Nazegoreng Wow! She looks amazing! Didn’t you mention this is a new head pattern? If you don’t mind me asking & without detail; how many changes did you do compared to the life size Dash?

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broke: melee netplay woke: mario kart double dash netplay bespoke: warioware mega party game$ netplay

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Carl Roidwards

@futureteamowner S1 E10... All the wives get an invite to the Better Half Dash. An incident on track causes Austin to confront Kyle, and forced them into an on track rivalry

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Debbie G

@jomalley1964 @sugurray4UGA @BonnieWatson01 @UGAFanTalk @JameyGoodman @JRD24Dawg @gavelar @BUFFYLynch @CaptUGASparrow @lusk_brooks @dawgsports @AxelDawg93 @ALiferGaDawg @wiserdawg @doodadawg1 @that_dash @BassinDawg @NHDawwg777 @Keith41458 @Betweenthehedge @Dawgsfan34 @Davidbr33David @Army_Dawg1 @chodkpa1 @tjfstanford @Patt_Brown @BulldogBelle_ @dixonbryce @Britt_Thomason @blakejmorgann @BravesNinja @SkeltonHope @ND_BravesFAN @ShayDawwg3 @Codydawg @Loyal_To_The_G @bedge7767 @DawgCast 😂👊

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Devinez qui joue à mario kart double dash tout seul à 12:26 https://t.co/56rY0cmKki

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wikiさんすでに更新されとるw https://t.co/JOwBjcsoFk

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Pebble dash: how stone spotting became the surprise hit of the summer' | via @telegraph https://t.co/jcLCLCvLY7

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Yumemi_Star 🌸🌼🌺🌻

@PenanceRPG @vgateam @TSQI_Felicia @LawDogStrikes @kvdrpg @HansCTweets @Whyte_Raven @Bosco_ca @klynnvakarian @DnD_Lich @HeyWillson @UngainlySword @forgedbydice @GrandGribdall @PlayScholar @TheKindGM @Scapeit_no @emilyischeeky @jansankorbril @MeditatingMunky Thank you Penance! We need to dash away on this hound and find the fiend. Have a fantastic weekend. 😁 https://t.co/fMR8DUMF8n

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@dash_philip يخرب فنارو سقط بكل شي فقط نجح بقلة الادب 😂😂😂

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Great to see some of the new TTC buses have equipped the ICCS aka “dash cam”!!!

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Mi papá y yo jugando Mario Kart Double Dash la mañana de navidad del 2003 https://t.co/PQQZLc5Smd

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#RipArethaFranklin So very sad, but @odienator Odie Henderson wrote a super-duper uplifting tribute to the #QueenOfSoulArethaFranklin and every word is priceless. May she Rest in Bliss: https://t.co/CM07wniwMO https://t.co/WMzj3ZHbJz

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@FaZeJev geometry dash where is it?

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