One of them nights where essentially nothing triggers my depression. This time I was searching for a movie to watch and I ran across one that dad used to love. Blah. How was YOUR night?

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Glenn Beck

Warning. Triggers included

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This Morning

It's not yet known what triggers rheumatoid arthritis, but this autoimmune disease can affect both adults and children and produce crippling effects which require treatment long-term powerful drugs.

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Taylor Aiono

Just did some things that are triggers for me because I’m a bamf like that.

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antonio ✨

the phase “allo queers” triggers my fight or flight response the use of “queers” in general does but when you slap “allo” into it.... absolute 2014 flashbacks

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Tom Canfield

We all have triggers and repetitive habits that block progress in trading and in life. The urges and animal instincts that seem to have complete power over us in certain settings. Be honest with urself about what those are. Explore them. Go deep and find the root. #UrKryptonite

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Anger triggers the region of the brain associated with honesty. This is why when people are angry, the truth comes out.

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Bruno Bitencourt

Preciso entender o que leva uma pessoa a entrar short em um ativo como #UNIPAR que negocia a 3,19x EV/Ebitda/19, DL proj/19 = zero, mg liquida o dobro da BRKM, P/L19 = 7x, uma série de triggers para acontecer no cp etc. Resultado = leva um calor pra nunca mais esquecer.

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"I was in Africa" ignorant twitter always triggers pains

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mich // pinned 📌

@btsisthebest100 @jaemoonsix @jjonghug @fvevita @tanzelwil @420SHAWOL and just saying, maybe try NOT to separate jjong from shinee next time because you know what! it fucking triggers a lot of shawols!

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Maf 🥀

And before anyone says “just don’t read triggering books” or “TW make people not want to read the books” Triggers are different FOR EVERYONE, something inconsequential to someone might put me in a bad state for weeks. Which is why that list is so important.

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#Hellomynameis Petra

@TheLegacyOfLeo @JohnsMemoryBox There are many triggers that are expected, and perhaps avoidable but sometimes there aren't. Having an outlet to vent, however we do it and whether we share or not, helps. As does knowing we're all going through this in varying ways (helps me anyway) #BabyLossHour

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New York Post

"It’s so smoky you can’t see anything”

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Ellen Lynch

@senrobportman How about the workers, Rob? The middle class is disappearing while you fiddle...”Tax cut triggers $437 billion explosion of stock buybacks”

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April Spivey

U.K. heat wave triggers rare flamingos to lay eggs for the first time in 15 years via @SmithsonianMag

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Michael Semple

THE CAR IS SILVER....... hits barrier , Black man arrested according to SKY NEWS..... Amazing armed cops everywhere at Parliament, do they not know how to pull triggers.................... #Q #QAnon #GreatAwakening @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @mikesemple #InGodWeTrust #ff #WWG1WGA

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Margot Saville

Alcohol is good for you because it triggers endorphins. Cheers! Why drink is the secret to humanity’s success

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Dr Patrycja Kupiec

@betamother @FearlessFemme @AlicjaPawluczuk @cleverfrances @womenslibrary @NHSDigital @youngwomenscot @theParliamentP @GuiltFemPod @feministing @welovehistory @Digital_Beez Totally agree! I was there week earlier not knowing if our baby was alright and when the radio blasted ‘I will always love you’ I lost my shit. No one needs additional triggers when they are already going through trauma of any sort, and especially not in a medical setting! Xx

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the miseducation of may

sometimes, triggers aren’t even “bad” things! they’re just things that have the ability to hurt that specific reader. that’s all there is trigger warnings are to keep readers as safe as possible. the triggers are what’s harmful (TO THAT SPECIFIC READER)!! the TWs are not!!!!

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“Crazy Heidi” Belleau

Ahem, I’m fully supportive of trigger warnings for my stuff and furthermore am completely willing and happy to answer questions wrt content in them, even spoilery ones. I have triggers too and know how very important it is to manage your exposure

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Your GPS Doc, LLC

A1: Life after caregiving can be very interesting. 5 years later and I would say my emotional state is pretty good, but there are certain triggers that can bring it all back like it was yesterday. #carechat

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Lucid TA

Potential shorting opportunity on $NEO if green line breaks. If the setup triggers, I probably wont enter due to relatively low RR + low liquidity.

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you know when all your mixed emotions just build up and one small thing triggers your sensitive ass and you bust our crying? yeah i hate sm fml

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ori ♥︎ semi hiatus

hi! i’m not gonna dm multiple ppl but please tw bare flat chests! im trans n have horrible body dysphoria ..seeing that stuff triggers it

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Post Staloney

@inkedcurvesxo @MichaelBePetty @zach_m_s @66EVE66 @mustbepear She fucking triggers me to no end. Try having depression and ACTUALLY WORKING full time in palliative care and go home after 8 hours and be responsible for 3 HUMAN BEINGS that depend on you. Her problems aren’t even 1st world- they are fake world.

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Jessica Evans

@PereGrimmer Maybe schizophrenia predisposition shows up in children in a way that's detectable to parents/caregivers and triggers abuse. This would perfectly fit the facts of my own case

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John Henry

The thing I hate about bottling up my feelings is that it's so easy for me to look happy that I somehow fool myself that I'm actually happy but when that time something triggers me, I'll be bawling my eyes out. And I can't pinpoint the reason why I'm suddenly sad.

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Holly Go Lightly

@realDonaldTrump You keep repeating yourself. Altzheimers is a terrible disease. It robs people of their newest memories. It robs people of reality. It triggers anger and sometimes rage. People lose control of their bodily functions. Please, WH Dr. check him out.

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Fantasy Author

Never look a Monday directly in the eye, it triggers their aggression.

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Brianna Camacho

@ryleyfick i really haven’t cried in a while and seeing people cry triggers me to cry imma get tears in the fuckin pizooki

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Whenever @Arrezos is the dm for a game the phrase "you see a cart with a lot of signs and no horses" just triggers my fight or flight response.

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ѕσfт ραяχ || яιz ιи 12 ∂αуѕ!!

@bananaahead @ffakeyououtt sorry people get depression/panic/anxiety attacks from these things. :) personally i have depression, and hearing people fat shame other people really hits close to home and triggers my depression. sorry not everybody is perfect 💞💞💞

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Killer Kitteh

@debbiedonothing @StephenParkette @Lauren__Bennett @chingychinge @bingybingyfoo @cmclymer I never realized how many people share my phone triggers! Getting phone calls, making phone calls, getting voice mail. I'm getting nervous just typing that 😂

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Tommy Rae @ 20-gayce-teen

@ramenraptor @Kouban Yeah I couldn't tell tone either, I just remember that no matter which skin color he was drawn with it was deemed racist and people got really nasty about it (even towards poc!!!), so every mention of it triggers my fight or flight response 👌💀

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Las Incomoditas

¡Hola chequellers! Esta semana toca un episodio variadito y triggereador. Joy, Majo, Ita y Lilly (¡y Ezra!) se reúnen a hablar sobre el aborto legal, matrimonio igualitario, femicidios, y lenguaje inclusivo. ¡Vengan a triggerearse con nosotrxs!

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Adam Bonin

@daveweigel I wonder if this is related to her not wanting to accept the special election nomination if it triggers a resign-to-run requirement from her City Council position.

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Ariel C

after being introduced to the boundaries and triggers surrounding other people’s traumas, it’s like... your duty to respect them.

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I like it when Trump triggers the media. I get a kick out of their phony outrage😂

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ciara ♕

secretly wishing this is what triggers bway stans to realise west end is JUST AS GOOD as broadway

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Paul Singh

Just a reminder -

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Mr bazooka

The phrase triggers me more then feminist woman when they see al bundy in"married with children"

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mak !

usually when a tweet triggers or offends people, for good reason, the tweeter deletes the tweet and apologizes and learns from their mistake. you, on the other hand, insist on keeping the tweet up and then ignore everything else. lovely. very well done and classy.

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🏳️‍🌈 K N ! G H T 🇨🇦

@Jack_Septic_Eye @KatiMorton What triggers the body to feel such negative emotion? (IE depression) And turn it into a form of something that becomes an every day struggle? How could something we weren't aware of before become our biggest battle or fear and we cease to function properly because of so?

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Jake and Joel MtG 🎲🔥💀

I'll remove the two counters on Ballista to kill Yahenni. The Ballista dies and triggers Yahenni's ability to get a +1/+1 counter? Cool. Oh, what am I doing? Just trying to make myself so small I cease to exist

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triggers me how much ive cried in front of people lately when it used to be something i refuses to do

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@candidlykrissy @kkinsey101 @iLoganati @BookishlyBright @elliephant94 You'll always be tiny kernels to me 🍿💜 but also keen triggers is super solid

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After completing all your desires, travelling everywhere ,watching everything and playing every game your dopamine receptors will become lag,bored and demanding to get new triggers to be released and simply make you happy . What if you are draining your receptors at your 20s :)

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gracie 78

there's also a lot of yelling and vulgar language and i think some slurs so be careful if any of that triggers you !!

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kenzie | 37

@AnnaTaughtYou are there triggers for episodes? if so what’s triggers yours

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SunBeam 🌻

@yanceeee_ I think the main thing is knowing your triggers and knowing how to avoid them. For most of my suggestions it's in knowing that I will be anxious from present stimuli, and taking control on the situation before it feels uncontrollable. I also find self help books.

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Drill Baby Drill

@Snakeeater36 @BuddyBreakdown @jusantherguy Specifically dealing with ISIS and other Islamic Radicals, there is a psychological advantage to having women pulling triggers.

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@FearlessFemme @womenslibrary @cleverfrances @NHSDigital @youngwomenscot @theParliamentP @GuiltFemPod @feministing not saying to "BAN THEM ALL" coz that would be totally pointless, but to be 'mindfull'(critical?). It's so easy to blame e.g social media for young women's mental health issues while overseeing little triggers like these - shoved at you in so-called safe-spaces like clinics etc.

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@ComfortablySmug triggers with “coo”🤣😂🤣

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🌸 shine yunhyeong! 🌸

@luvscenaikon oh nooo 😭 in that case, try to be extra careful esp with something that easily triggers your skin asthma. Hope you’ll still enjoy that event though!!! 😘💖

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Glide Workflow BPM

Make sure you make use of our new triggers and current stage filtering capabilities on #Glide #alerts. The main request since we released alerts and proving very powerful so far. Quick explained blog here and new articles in the knowledge base too.

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Angie 🖤🐾

Handmaid's Tale as an Infertile Woman via @radkitten #infertility #triggers

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Anthony Iannarino

Understanding the Importance of Decision Triggers in Selling to Your Prospects – by Jill Johnson via @RobertTerson

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Russell GreigBartram

Trying to be kind 24/7 it is a challenge - I just called someone a Gucci shoe wearing cunt whistle .... I’m not proud but he did just hit his kid and I have issues #ptsd #bpd #triggers I am a work in progress 🙏🏿👏🙏🏿

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Sue Veneer

@WonderfulWeirdo yes same for her and she has learned to recognise 'triggers' and behaviour patterns that lead to very poor mh

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゛maddie ♡'s kyah D-3

1984 triggers me. *flashback to year 11 English*

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catalytic existence;

meanwhile me: please don't let me wake up to more homophobic and transphobic things that triggers me on my feedplease don't let me wake up to more homophobic and transphobic things that triggers me on my feed please don't let me wake up to more homophobic and transphobic things t

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Ian McGhee

@asthmauk At last! I've been saying that for years. had two Asthma attacks caused by Taxi drivers having a crafty drag! You see this big cloud of vapour being exhaled! So many different brands, so many potential triggers!

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Salafists' rise triggers concern in Algeria over cultural freedom | By: Lamine Ghanmi

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Lee Kuan Yew School

A potential global financial crisis looming? #economy

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Lol finally got my shit together to see a doctor tomorrow since coughing now triggers my gag reflex & I can’t keep anything down atm.

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Cadesia de Bruin

I cant seem to shut up on facebook comments. I see something that triggers me and i take the gun. Here i technically dissed myself too, but i only start work this afternoon so fugit

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Science Resists

Unknown triggers — until I figured the panic attacks were a mild food allergy of an unnatural ingredient that’s often listed as natural because it’s derived from natural sources. 😡

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The only thing i hate about people spending the night is that i can’t watch my 100 sleep triggers ASMR video

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hello and welcome to: kris can’t sleep because their thoughts are keeping them awake; a thread ( don’t worry they’re all just weird thought no triggers)

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#disabledsos / rt pinned ♡

@JasBrougham This is also true! People around me who don’t have photosensitive triggers still felt unwell after. The points where it was blinding were the worst for me & triggered some minor activity for me. I really hope you’re ok and we’re able to safely enjoy your show though! -Renée 💙

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Mx Andrist

Oh hi either the adderall just wore off or my house really triggers my ADHD. Or, more likely, both.

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@WilliamShakazul @Khristyanne1993 @st_vincent @AppleMusic She’s the opposite of promiscuous. Perhaps the way she’s dressing, or how little she’s dressing triggers you in some type of way. He new music is not superficial or vain at all. In fact, it causes you to face the ugliest aspects of ourself and rise above them.

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Dear god by hunter hayes TRIGGERS me like no song ever has

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@minokeo more ppl should piss her off, it triggers her big creative mind to come up with all kinds of insults like these 💀

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marjo misses yalc

@AshWrites @xreadingsolacex trigger 👏🏻 warnings 👏🏻 arent 👏🏻 bad 👏🏻 this trigger warning database has allowed me to pick up more books my marginalized authors who write about heavy topics, because i knew the triggers.

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ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷOfficial Winniepies

triggers: olfactory stimulus i manage to interpret as a signal of imminent violence macaroni and cheese

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@soreubini dhea she/her august 11th my ults are the whole laboum, seventeen's woozi and s.coups, and the whole elris no triggers, i guess?

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Ness 🐺

My triggers aren't your triggers. In the case of a book like The [...] Sorrows of Ava Lavendar, that scene was hard. Some people may consider that a "spoiler" b/c they may want to feel the impact of what happens to the MC. But the thing is---

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as much as they look soooo good in S version, i cant look at it for so long. it triggers my trypophobia :(

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Kathy Ceceri

Holy cow that took a while to work. My first Programmable Cardboard Robot! The pixel ring indicates light level. Shade triggers sound and head swivel to act as crude proximity sensor. More iterations to come... @adafruit @MSMakeCode #CircuitPlaygroundExpress #MakerEd

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my only triggers

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I'm finding twitter increasingly difficult as my regular account is like dodging a minefield of depressing political/world situation posts, whereas my AD account is a minefield for material that triggers my mental health issues..

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L.A. Times: L.A. Now

Religious website triggers complaint against Edwards Air Force Base brigadier general

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バイナンス注目銘柄価格(2018/08/14 03:38:01時点) $BTC 6231.61ドル $ADA 0.105ドル $APPC 0.077ドル $TRIG 0.15ドル $FUEL 0.013ドル $BNB 10.886ドル ※こちらは、1時間おきに自動で投稿されています。

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Autistic Made Art

@janeagallagher @cassolotl we tackled it by 1) acknowledging that it felt really awful for him 2) offering breathing exercises to help him calm down 3) working on his triggers in a low stakes way using games 4) not giving in when the issue was things not going his way.

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@atrophyart @AuburnTiger19 @1hairyman And frankly...I never tweeted at him nor was the tweet he 1st respond to liberal. All I said was "Brad Pitt" and he just went off the fucking hinges. Maybe Brad Pitt triggers him....

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RT @LadyGaladriJill: #AmbulatoryWheelchairUsersExist I use a wheelchair. I have a rare blood disorder that triggers life threatening attacks if I walk too much/exercise (swelling limbs/airway/organs, fire like pain, blood pooling & weakness) My wheelchair lets me say YES to life & NO to isolation!

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[17's bling bling™] 💜

RT @orbitlaloona: @haseulorbiting school girl finds an abandoned building and gets the urge to sing and dance, which triggers her power of super speed and alters the moon's orbit around the earth.

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Kahauolupea Gianilli

Biggest Binance Pump group here $CMT $KNC $NCASH $WAVES $TRIG $ETC $MTL $LSK $LEND $RDN $OCN $SUB $BNT $ADA $STORJ $QSP $NULS $POWR $NAV $ELF hnrlrptikx

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@its_Jessiemay Hahahah class!! Back tickles are another thing that triggers me 🙃🙃🙃 not for me at all

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RT @Lyricoldrap: One of them nights where essentially nothing triggers my depression. This time I was searching for a movie to watch and I ran across one that dad used to love. Blah. How was YOUR night?

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Tachan Berndt


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should i just mute the word ***** because it triggers me or would that be mean

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Robert Rineer

@SCUFAssist When my controller was being repaired i requested for blue triggers on the l2 and r2 buttons I got black Instead

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Darren Lang

RT @nigella_i5e: Denmark's 'Burqa Ban' Goes Into Effect, Triggers Muslim Outrage via @YouTube

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Professor Cozy

@Sennesation He’s grinning because they just proved his point that there’ll always be something that triggers a feminist 😂

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Lara Croft

RT @AdvancedRK800: - 18+ Only - Fandom Flexible - Mirrored Literacy - Descriptive - DM To Plot - OC & AU Friendly - New To Character - Bisexual - Ships With Chemistry - Dark Themes - Possible Triggers - Violence/Profanity #DetroitBecomeHumanRP #DBHRP RT?

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