[cafe army]

🇫🇷 181020 LY in Paris #YOONGI ending ment: “Paris, Paris, Paris! It's our first concert in Paris but it was shocking. Throughout the entire concert, I kept hearing the sound of waves. One of our songs are called Sea too, right? I think that BTS & ARMY + https://t.co/xMNkDz4h2c

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U.S. Dept of Defense

Flag Flyover @USAirForce Staff Sgt. Kori Myers waves an American 🇺🇸 from the back of a 🛫 during an @MLB National League championship game between the #LosAngeles @Dodgers and the #Milwaukee @Brewers. #KnowYourMil https://t.co/kJY7P4z3Ta

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[cafe army]

being together made this place into a sea! Thank you for allowing me to listen to the waves. Merci, Paris!”

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8chan (8ch.net)

Mitigation efforts are in place. Website uptime might be affected sporadically as this attack is coming in waves. Someone’s really ticked off and spending big bucks on this one.

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Rafranz Davis

Vope says goodbye and waves I wave goodbye at my phone My daughter: Did you just wave at your phone? 😂😂😂 Me: https://t.co/NJJaSrYn9F

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💯ÎV Coord$ Pokemón Gô

Since the hype is very high for beldum iam expecting atleast 70-80 💯iv beldum coords in 3 waves tomorrow 🙈

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Hawaii Five-0

McGarrett and Danno make waves in the highly-profitable black market for sand after they find a beached body. Missed the last episode of #H50? Stream it now: https://t.co/YnDZUCPhMS https://t.co/qQpMCfSNqj

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New Scientist

Gravitational waves from black hole pairs could act like tractor beams https://t.co/j9WLlk4fgp https://t.co/7rPo6g65pp

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Sky News

A surfer has survived a "head-first" attack by a bull shark after trying to get the best waves at a nudist beach in Australia https://t.co/ZwdVh0HJ4p

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joyce 🌴🌙

yugyeom is hyping jaebeom by making loud noises, but when jaebeom started doing body waves, the sound turned into moans. kim yugyeom is me #GOT7 #갓세븐 @GOT7Official #PresentYOU #Lullaby https://t.co/6tVYWRPEA4

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New waves 🌊🌊🌊 https://t.co/B2kV33Q3iC

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슙국 - seeing bts today


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Atlas Obscura

Local legend has it that this place was once the bathing site of a Moorish queen, who sat atop carved thrones and let the waves wash her. Romantic as this idea may be, the “baths” in question were actually the holding tanks of a Roman fish processor. https://t.co/SYrKfDkZJJ

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if she waves at u like this o<-< cr. So_Yuju https://t.co/o4FqspGClS

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Kylie Riordan ✨

As the ocean rises And the sun decends May the pain of today Be washed away in the waves Of infinite strength Though the tide will fall And hope will vanish Light will reemerge Brighter And more of it

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Baron lasts 1 minute longer than elder guys. DONT FIGHT WHILE THEY HAVE ELDER PLZ FUCKING DONT. JUST PUSH WAVES.

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marty 🧛🏻‍♂️

IM BIG CRYING his face when he saw her vs his little waves when she had to leave MAYBE LET HIM BE WITH HIS BEST FRIEND https://t.co/8UDkN3m0KT

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Jennifer Tepper

Carol Channing: [intro to Hello, Dolly! plays] [wild applause] “So it’s about this woman who walks into this restaurant... she hasn’t been back in awhile! [one minute later] There are stairs! Her red dress is very cute. And then she waves at a waiter and then another waiter...” https://t.co/5aixMS5tJi

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jg 🍤

Had 2 bottles of wine over a fine Italian dinner. Me and my team have no time for this **waves hand dismissively** childish lower playoff seed violence

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“oh you’re liv!”

i stan pale waves now https://t.co/66WlnNF7gb

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17 million zeno of bruits waves later... https://t.co/YO64L76c1s

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nico and the tøp bøt

I did not know it was such a violent island Full of tidal waves, suicidal crazed lions

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Coast guard said watch out for these waves https://t.co/sdvBO2TzU0

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Steve Lopez LA Times

Kudos to brainiac LAT data editor Ben Welsh, who surfs waves of public records for submerged treasures https://t.co/Mx3mdPEaPf

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waves & negative space -- two of my favourite things! #brbchasingdreams #flood https://t.co/BIQkN05j5p

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Greg Dworkin

@gelliottmorris people reporting on waves don't understand what waves are

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I meant waves as in like the hairstyle that black boys get 😂 — OH LMAOO😭idk why i thought it sounded like a band, n i mean ye they’re cool ngl https://t.co/ewuIdAuBMO

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NWS Chicago

Inclement weather in store for your Sat. Strong northwest winds gusting to 35-40+ mph mid AM thru aftn, falling PM temps, large waves NW IN shore. Finally, scattered wind driven showers have a good chance of containing graupel (soft hail/snow pellets) in some of them! #ilwx #inwx https://t.co/PjwZLZ7Xpa

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안녕 난 제갈쓰 왁디인디

우와 내 옛날 그림 https://t.co/cPc9qj2JRj

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Hyundai A-League

Riley McGree continues to turn heads, but he's remaining cool, calm and collected. Why the teenage sensation is set to make waves 👉 https://t.co/tYrFXKVvew #MelbDerby #ALeague #MVCvMCY

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Mona Lisa 😈

This + ganja + listening to the waves + reggae music. 🇯🇲 https://t.co/JCyl1MIrYw

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Cuppa Wow

Digital illustrator and producer @om_neb is making waves in the electronic music scene: https://t.co/bVoxfuYc3Y https://t.co/OqZZia2byi

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@ScribeUndead @JessLaMess2 @TyisBy @NanoJefe @AnthonyTheGre8t @IUseCondoms Lmaooo exactly niggas not buying waves from different races and sewing or gluing other niggas waves in our head 🤷🏽‍♂️😂

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🐱 KarmanBlue 🐶

Day 79 @CeleryStick004 @krfnp @AZVail, @angelgio2008 What we learned as we #StandOnEveryCorner in AZ #LUPUSISTHEPITS Your voice can be/will be heard if you VOTE on 11.06.2018 VOTE VOTE! (2) Yell outs (1) Wolf whistle C/K were back (285) Honks/Waves #AZ04 https://t.co/memTST3Gb3 https://t.co/ghxM6I8pev

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Jack Pearson Stan Account

I just do not understand what the hell is Eurocentric about waves. I have never seen a European with waves. I feel like I’m in the twilight zone right now. https://t.co/dngbwsne3N

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Tachyon Webzine

They came up with a way to detect shear waves, or "J waves" in the inner core - a type of wave which can only travel through solid objects. "We found the inner core is indeed solid, but we also found that it's softer than previously thought," Associate Professor Tkalcic said. https://t.co/j2WYBbROYV

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🍍 josh, porque?

Imagine failing on waves. 😩 https://t.co/r3X5cC178V

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THOSE TINY WAVES ): https://t.co/uu8jhIAwVc

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look at his waves, literally like waving to his precious kids uwu https://t.co/o7CN8jVTVF

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Meteorologist Will Haenni WWMT

Waves easily breaking over the pier in South Haven. #MIwx #wmiwx https://t.co/oyMtMQcEEU

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福井シンリ / Shinri Fukui

Waves V-CompのViolinのプリセット表記がヴァイロリンになってると気づいた2018初秋の朝(笑) #Waves #VComp https://t.co/TVonKzytzc

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Angelea Lee ❌ #MAGA~Veteran⭐️⭐️⭐️

@rocksiphone @Bamafanaticfan1 @SenSchumer @NancyPelosi @CNN When another Country waves Its Flag while INVADING YOUR COUNTRY ... It's an Act of War!

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RE: Black men, waves and hair issues Once again, we're not gonna be reductive about hair issues to pathologize Black women when men have plenty of our own issues too. A reminder thread: https://t.co/W4mpLR8Usa

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Aeronotiqz ©

@Gwap_Lvrd_D @lowkey_santa @divinemerch @Nocturnal_Waves @GoodGameTalent @divinityUSA I got you 🤘🏾

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Accrington Stanley

38' Peterborough have a free kick right on the edge of the penalty area after Godden is fouled. He appeals for a penalty, but the referee waves him away. 0-1

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Melissa Nolan

What a special fella that Roaring Lion. He had to dig deep to win on that ground & distance and sustain a few waves of attempted conquerors

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i need money so i get the 1975 and pale waves tickets bc i miss my boyfriend matty

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힘들어 보인다 야 1분후 빛삭 https://t.co/5H5195WK9o

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What if I just stabbed this aux cord into my fuckin temple and played my brain waves to you all

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do you rate waves — never listened to them i’ll listen to them rn tho https://t.co/RtYffSrN3b

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H i r u ✨

Day11 (yestodayis20yeh) : SuperHero AU but I drew anti-hero instead 🤤 (if u haven't watched this yet :Symbiotes's weakness are fire and high frequency sound waves) #Mooinktober #Inktober18 #MAMAMOO #마마무 @RBW_MAMAMOO https://t.co/chz7y2nxaw

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Αναστασία Τ.

" I wish I could create a symphony from the sound of waves, from the secret whispering of a pristine forest, from the twinkling of stars, from our songs and my great nostalgia." M.K. Ciurlionis’ letters to Sofia, 1908 📷M K Čiurlionis and his wife Sofija Kymantaitė https://t.co/Pc4hQFocmy

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Daddy Zurg’s Favorite Toy

*waves back* *but with his dick* https://t.co/b7MIGzxitv

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Chingbot Cruz

Your voice from another time zone, competing with the waves of the sea.

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Jain -- Bobby 💥

Woow..👌💕👌 You Are The Sun In My Day, The Wind In My Sky, The Waves In My Ocean, And The Beat In My Heart..... 💕💕 💕💕 @BarkhaSeth2 💕💕 https://t.co/QCJ9sPBMIz

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@OriginalFunko We need more waves .... coach Steve please!

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Good On Any MLK Blvd.

Waves are hair manipulation but not texture manipulation. It’s like a girl with 4c doing a twist out. Same shit. Jherri curls were texture manipulation and even that wasn’t on some white people shit because most white people had to perm their hair to get that look too

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Ant Murdering She Devil

@emeralddeevee @wingsbynautilus *wildly waves from the other side of the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge* Hey, I'm stuck in Delran this weekend, can I smell your car from here?

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@kanoelehuaa @jaeelala Boto mahu smash Kalewa nui ka hoo piilani kamehameha hauna cherreh faka stey akshun 💚 The earth is my home, and I love to watch the waves crash against the shore as the sunset glistens against the sea.

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Milea Chin


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Andrew Cook

Lake Michigan was turbulent today. We saw a report that said waves two miles out were up to 19 feet tall! Here's a photo from this afternoon of the waves breaking on the South Haven pier and lighthouse. Awesome! https://t.co/FSFn42lISj

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The accused allegedly created storms by riding along waves on brooms and tossing live cats tied to human body parts in the water. After these infamous North Berwick Witch Trials, Halloween was forever to be associated with witches, cats, cauldrons, brooms, and the Devil. https://t.co/LxQ1ZAqOyT

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Bron has on his good hairline and added a few natural waves. Tonight shall be special

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the women that I’ve seen with waves tho? I’ve NEVER seen a bad one. EVER.

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this nigga Charles really brush his waves watchin anime a whole fag man

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#waves https://t.co/ohZwCPckye

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I’m at the beach right now, sitting by the ocean, and all I can think about is Jimin. His eyes sparkle like the ocean under the sun. His voice is soothing like the sounds of the waves crashing. He dances so effortlessly like water flow. I love him so much

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Jen S

@RalstonReports A sign of what’s to come. Waves keep coming.

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a strange voyage

The waves sway the vessel. We have run out of fresh water.

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@Natandthedogs @Angelou45328491 @PinupStickers @junona2 @goodenough_fu @rosethatsme1 @WitchezGarden @goodenough03 @VixenVegas @INTENSE_MAN @mooredog82 @lesliea10115 @Dzsozi22 @LadyBlackTear @55Uli @LuisLuiskiss1 @FreedomMila @rchlstt35 @pheltzcomics @fuckedchic @TheDevilsDolly @7LoxRok @Dr_Inevitable @bloodcountess99 @Darkcherryjuice @DrBadBlood @Elsie_geselsie @masuimimax I know exactly what you mean. It’s hard & can really suck sometimes! Maybe a girls night out!? Heck.. nothing really cures until you get the real deal! I’m pretty much back to normal now. Just comes in waves... but definitely better.. thank you! Just know I’m thinkin of ya! 🤗🌹 https://t.co/ulF7nqHr5H

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Man of the Decade

This convo about waves is interesting. I think the dudes that are insisting that waves/S-Curls, etc aren't the result of conditioning and colorism, just don't want to admit that BM can also fall prey to Eurocentric standards of beauty

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Dennis Kaiser

Machado is an ass. He bunts on and grabs his cock and waves it to the crowd. https://t.co/7aXMYeLZ67

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Gringo with the Lingo

Shorty basically said that changing the texture of your hair by brushing it into waves is self hate.... Retardation

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One of these days I'm going to make waves on twitch! Probably having a complete psychotic breakdown due to ranked induced rage... but waves.

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niggas with waves are so hell lmfao if he has waves he definitely has videos of himself wave checking on the snap

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You got waves? https://t.co/aTy4Oz0uLp

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Asia Cheyanne

Literally all you need is a brush in order for the wave pattern to form and all waves are, are emphasized curls pushed down onto your head. Waves form in my hair too when I brush it in a certain direction for an extended period of time. A pony tail for example

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(patiently waiting for my Estinien figures)

@GaijinGoombah (waves from over here)

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Moji Delano

“He who appoints the sun to shine by day, who decrees the moon and stars to shine by night, who stirs up the sea so that its waves roar— the Lord Almighty is his name.”

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@BrownieTweets @lovethydog9 @realDonaldTrump Exactly. If anything this is proof that punitive inhumane acts actually have the opposite effect. The migrant waves have increased because of all the family separation news... people are desperate and dying, this family separation has given them more drive.

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GMA Network

Get to know the equally beautiful sister of Michele and Marco Gumabao, Katrina, who is making waves in the fashion industry as a proud plus-size model. https://t.co/JPdwWnH8xm

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NWS Chicago

Impressive photo of the very large waves at Michigan City Indiana driven by winds of 50-60+ mph over southern #LakeMichigan. The buoy 6 miles north of MI City has been reporting waves of 13-15 ft during the 5pm hour. @NWSIWX @TwoYellowBuoys #inwx https://t.co/CmrAE6M2ah

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bg stan era made waves https://t.co/fYPb9BKsfF

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Patrick Everson

So if you’re a Rush fan, get out to northside @CanneryCasino on Craig Road tonight for the Permanent Waves tribute band, which opens night of 4 tribute bands for Rocktoberfest at 6 p.m. tonight. Aaron Olson is killer on the drums. You won’t be disappointed!

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DeVante Swing

Having an afro fade >> waves

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Biscuit ビスケット 🐾💕🍀🌸😽😻

@Dollythercat @ExhomelesscatMi @TobiasandJasper @AngelaStillwell @dinkycatSE18 @cat_samson @OssieAndLuna @lena_valentin_ @MollyMoggy26 @CounsellorsCat @coombes_angie @AngusMcPussPuss Hello Pestie Bear 🐻 Paw waves, nice to meet you. Paw hugs 🐾💕🌸😽-Biscuit 😻💖

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νкσσкιєѕ misses bts

the army waves at amsterdam bc they weren’t talked about enough https://t.co/L2I74iEvW5

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𝔬𝔲𝔪 | RM2

i’m really starting waves https://t.co/ktEFECUiyi

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Kevin McGuire

Temple waves bye-bye to Cincinnati’s undefeated season in OT. https://t.co/VBasevQh0C

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Charles Johnson

Who knew waves could be shattered? https://t.co/aJIqY4LihZ

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Jerry Laframboise

Gentle Beach Waves 3 Hours https://t.co/A9uzngCa4d https://t.co/dNT8W7INVb

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Tyler Pardun

Had such a great time at #NationalWeatherFestival with @marisanuzzowx @JGramzaWX !! Saw some very familiar faces from the air waves @OUNightly https://t.co/RMxCTiY42Q

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“Men with waves are subconsciously conforming to Eurocentric beauty standards.” https://t.co/kuxfFSgZqM

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Received Bandcamp funds from album sales this week, so I turned it into renewing my go-to Waves plugins. Thank you so much for your support~ I want to get another release out before the end of the year.

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#DimpleVerse the warm blue waves played gently along the pier as we watched the sunset remembering the laughter of better days & the echoes of lost smiles count 142 #poetry #micropoetry

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Learn to surf, Coz you can’t stop the waves.

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John Ringer

“Student section watch list” graphic plays as girls checks phone and boy in coat and tie half-heartedly waves red shaker. The Ole Miss student section!!!

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@lowkey_santa @divinemerch @Nocturnal_Waves @GoodGameTalent @AeronotiqzInfo @divinityUSA Imma need a tatt g

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Southern Sassy 🇺🇸🇨🇦🇬🇧

@safety_canada7 @Marie35396768 @rossw04 @Sammy0015 @dunbdav @duanedaniel @MrCanadian1969 @DougHawk @SaskLass @kenodog3 @JLCWood2017 @Katalytical87 @jay_slatter @FelixAnchor__ @peterdiane01 @nostradamous195 @AllThySons01 @Janie_St_K @5Bluejays @LazarusRock @hotblondtrouble @birdy_top @Jennife53404976 @PKFreedom1 @DCTFTW @MIKENY78 @evrgreensparky @Charliekuss @hippieontherite @bryttan77 @TimothyHamby2 @LideFranks @SusanIverach @DarrenBurchill @geoff_laughton @canadian000 @GeraldGgallant @nemo_gratis @JohnSmi17656293 @muchmore2cents @BradbuCraig @ice_connie @Danbalkwill1 @HomeWorldof @__alex_h_ @chaosilikeit @DiscoverLife8 @OvarTaxed @trishshirlaw @CanadaInDecline Communism utilizes a 5 wave plan to take over a country and both Trudies were specific waves implemented to help establish the communist base needed to build upon to usher in the NWO.

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