mentalli selpak 2.hesap

1-kilitli profilden menşınlaşanlar 2-sürekli swarm, curriouscat linki paylaşanlar 3-tweet okuyup beğense de asla etkileşim vermeyenler https://t.co/I9OfXOV1dp

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I’m not like most girls. I’m actually a swarm of bees in a flesh suit.

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RED #DJTrumplican

The Republicans are red lava ! We explode, we harden, settle and creat a foundation for growth. We must blast, swarm, and roll out the red vote in November! The democrats want to take our power away from us! We will fight by voting red! #RedNovember ⁦@POTUS⁩ https://t.co/Y9h8zaPVGu

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When I say deck/decklist I'm misheard as d*ck/d*cklist. So I swapped to just list. "Everytime you say list I'm reminded you're avoiding saying deck". Thus, the collection of cards I am playing is now a swarm. A swarm of cards.

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See the video capturing police responders and a helicopter surrounding the residence. https://t.co/TF8HURFAKv

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Travel + Leisure

A swarm of these tiny robots could keep your plane flying safely https://t.co/DDPCLiqJkP https://t.co/p2QVRQSXP9

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Daddy Warpig

“The wicked flock to any place that will offer them sanctuary. Their primary goal is to keep indulging their predilections, their secondary goal to evade all responsibility for it.” — Daddy Warpig As soon as your organization begins ignoring wicked behavior, they will swarm.

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See the video capturing police responders and a helicopter surrounding the residence. https://t.co/H6gVUwwWTj

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Flour Bluff Athletics

.@Caller_Len and @AshleyPorteeyo interviewing @ChrisSteinbruck and @braden_sherron this morning! #SWARM https://t.co/ywEA2zx2RA

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GRIP: Combat Racing

A swarm of micro missiles, the Hydra is best suited for straights and disrupting packs of racers! If you nail a car with a full barrage it's likely to do some serious damage! Let us know your favourite weapon in the comments! #GRIPCombatRacing https://t.co/xGhQ41vvPT

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unholy swine

You can’t really give me a spell to summon a swarm of man eating rats and expect me NOT to use it

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Mark DeSaulnier

Revoking John Brennan’s security clearance is retaliatory and an effort to deflect from the swarm of negative headlines surrounding Donald Trump. This is a new low in his Presidency. https://t.co/ppWWDBulXb

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ABC7 News

This spooky scene straight out of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" played out at a Texas shopping center, sending the humans underneath the swirling bird-nado into a tailspin. More on the phenomenon here: https://t.co/Dzqlt2bhuu. https://t.co/u7dmXj5Kqa

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— Cenk • sevgili geçmişi kabarık • piizci • swarm'dan kız ekleme • sahilde çiğdem çitleyip kabuklarını tükürerek yere atar • hayvan sever https://t.co/6BD1xqkrk9

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Miss Vandi

I can’t even claim to have worked hard compared to this guy. Ooh! Gay! Quick! Let’s swarm him with love for his amazing transformation! https://t.co/SncICxWjy9

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katkaesque 🐜

aside from the obvious NO NO NO this is really exhausting bc commentators/detractors writing on the subject of Big Nev's Twitter will equate like, SWARM and trans orgs with... Well. https://t.co/F9gxSE7PsX

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#IWasSuspendedFor engaging with a swarm of Trump supporters. Got mass reported and suspended. I appealed and fought HARD because I’d done NOTHING to violate TOS, and Twitter eventually apologized and reinstated my account. https://t.co/dZFEZbsCay

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Swarm United

Welcome Back @TheSynGOD to Swarm! Excited for some amazing montages to be made under the brand. #FearTheSting 🐝🐝 https://t.co/RmaBVwETwd

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Silvixen - Temporary Utah Fur

Are you guys SEEING THIS?! These are amazing and this artist only had 25 followers. SWARM MY MINIONS SWARM! https://t.co/isVwLAE7Pu

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ShyCatKru 😻

@MEckberg7 @mermaidentist @bk_edwards @Ha_ha_nikki @SVaughn21 @AngelicGela But, what if they swarm you from all sides? I’d take 1 big thing any day, easier to evade and strategize.

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noodlekat - I’ve been invaded by the derpachu :P

@ThnxCya uhhh is this right? The hashtag is Bee Swarm Simulator xd https://t.co/b9gQYxRr8g

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swarm kullanan insanlardan uzak durun

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ABC7 News

Alfred Hitchcock's classic has nothing on this real-life scene of swarming birds in Texas. You have to see the video! https://t.co/CLrIDn0CJJ

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Gay Hobbes

@Toms_Spectre It's like watching a bleeding shark eaten by its own swarm

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Dr. Norrin "Turbo Gun Nut" Radd

So every year this willow by my chicken coop gets infested with these little creatures. The problem, is every sub species of hornet and wasp flock to this damn tree to eat these things. So I get to walk through a swarm of rage when i want eggs. https://t.co/nXEq5PwzoX

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The Delhi Lawyer

Throw the endless swarm of journos out? https://t.co/kWsZfNIQTh

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homophobes: hey- bran: *sends a whole ass swarm of angry birds on them*

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War on the Rocks

Only a small amount of explosives and shrapnel would be required to significantly damage important radars, cameras, and flight systems https://t.co/0vh6znaPCe

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Swarm Fund

Registration is open for Swarm Masternodes at https://t.co/xpuS8ZZLN0 ✊ #decentralize #empower $SWM @Masternode_Buzz @masternodeHQ @Omnianalytics @cryptocliff @masternodeL @cryptomocho

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John Aravosis 🇺🇸

@Amy_Siskind You’re trying to explain to a twitter swarm that they over-reacted and got something wrong. Good luck with that :-) Best to state your case and move on. You’ll never succeed in explaining yourself effectively on this medium. And in fact will fuel the flame by responding further.

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Nikki 🦆

Anyone who has played DnD understands why #TeamGiantDuck is the clear winner. Nothing like a swarm to fuck your shit up.

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Declan Houlihan

PSA: Don't go anywhere near the school unless you want a swarm of bloodsucking gnats to literally eat you alive

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HR || 💜Lovebug💜

Thank you to everyone who came out to my music stream! I had so much fun!! We sent the swarm love over to @TheSwiftScoot !! 💖❤️💖 https://t.co/A0MzBSZfJl

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DHS Student Section

T-minus 17 days until kickoff!! Theme is green & gold💚💛🐝

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Stromiii 👌(commissions!)

@MyNintendoNews Ready for the swarm of people that are now gonna ask for Overwatch on the switch

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They both wild as shit you can literally say you just don’t like their music and the stans will swarm your mentions and speak blasphemy https://t.co/fQ6CFksZGx

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Daniel Lora

Hi! @swarmingnow Looking at Marbella in 🇪🇸Spain; It's 22:45 PM and 58 checkins at Puerto Banús Puerto Banús - https://t.co/fNIe1JSZDp #swarm #swarmapp #swarmsticker #foursquare

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Mariana Madalena

Não tem como cansar swarm https://t.co/WyXMGrsRSE

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donna sheridan

@eduardisse Quando você é a única pessoa no mundo que ainda usa swarm não deve ser muito difícil, né? https://t.co/wQQhMeXOY1

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Dont miss out on the CHAUVET DJ raffle in 1 hour! Stop by Booth #619 at @DJExpo_ to sign up and get your chance to win a brand new CHAUVET DJ Helicopter Q6! Raffle Times & Dates: Helicopter Q6 - Wednesday, 8/15 at 3:30pm Swarm Wash FX - Thursday, 8/16 at 1:30pm #DJExpo2018 https://t.co/iCVlUQMdS4

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When someone is really horrid to you and you manage to be nothing but nice back to them all day despite wanting them to be stung all over by a swarm of angry wasps

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♡ Spooky Kabuki ♡

Fucking wasps I leave my cider with my friend for a whole 2 minutes and EIGHT WASPS swarm it and swim in it. I DIDN'T EVEN GET TO DRINK IT YOU CUNTS

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Thomas Eichhorn

Die zweite DB Lounge mit Swarm Mayorship *seufz*

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Joshua Howell, Author

#1linewed Riley watched in horror as the grenade flew through the double doors, exploded, and shattered the glass barriers that had been keeping the monsters at bay. Now there was nothing to stop a swarm of rabid creatures from tearing them all apart; the stuff of nightmares. https://t.co/SlgTbAU4zw

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【手動Swarm】すき家 丸亀土器店 https://t.co/WU45Xs8G9f

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our bus stopped at the bentong rnr or was it karak entahla daerah pahang mana & suddenly theres a swarm of flies now?? like ppl are swatting away flies & all i could think of is what will happen to these flies when we reach kl 😭 theyll be separated from their fam in pahang

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@DrewC26 Shout out to Applebee’s for not being an apple or a swarm of bees

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Adla Christine Earl

@QuancyClayborne If you had asked me this afternoon, I’d have traded places. I drove my 6.6 LBZ diesel to the lake so my Labrador retriever could swim and cool off and a swarm of little boys came over and wanted to see my truck and my dog. And in a chorus sang: “Where’s your husband?”

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Jay Bertovich 🏒🐧

@RheaButcher The best gender reveal parties have a cake that when you cut it, it unleashes a swarm of angry hornets upon everyone.

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Missa Lissa


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Gaby me doou 80 moedas no Swarm 🤤❤️

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@ufagabete Hummm malandra, o Swarm tá generoso com vc

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I had a dream I was being eaten alive by man eating flies. Young thug dives in the swarm and saves me. I ask how can I repay him he looks and me and says “anything for a beautiful thugger girl”

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Another Angry Aspie

#DamSharks plot synopsis: "Businessmen find a river infested with a swarm of bull sharks attempting to construct a dam." I'm assuminf that means the businessmen are attempting to construct the dam, but hoping it means the sharks are! #SharknadoWeek

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Video: Mayflies swarm a gas station in Duluth https://t.co/DDunBURlj5

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@sqL_handLe @CarmenCrincoli @jack He's full of shit. I've been suspended for using the term "idiot" against an openly racist profile. All you have to do is hate-swarm someone using your fake accounts which @TwitterGov supports & automate complaints to @TwitterSafety & @TwitterSupport using a bot, job's finished

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Camestros Felapton

6. The swarm of bioluminescent insects will strike up a conversation at the disco with a notable SF editor who blames the whole incident on an experiment with absinthe but signs them up for a book deal anyway

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Camestros Felapton

2. A swarm of bioluminescent insects will spell out my name not far from the convention centre. The only witness will be a semi-domesticated coyote called Chuckles. Chuckles will try and eat one of the insects with no success but will eventually find his way back to his siblings

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Why when people get pulled over in Kent there’s always like a swarm of police cars that end up blocking every fucking lane

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Yusuf Yıldız

Sen swarm kullanma bebeğim yerin belli kalbimdesin

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so you know, "qlippot" is just Kabbalistic for "everything, but without our weirdo egomaniac Egyptian sorceror social engineer grandpappy Moses's bespoke hegemonizing swarm crapping it up"

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Chris Jones 🐝🍻🇺🇸

I'm available to be the new James Bond. My small stature would make me an excellent spy.

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Mohamed Medhat Gaber

“Hyperparameter Optimisation Utilising a Particle Swarm Approach” #machinelearning #deeplearning #neuralnetworks #optimising https://t.co/gKYnbWa7LS

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Shannon Huffman Polson, Speaker, Author, Veteran

@wildwohl hornets tend to swarm :)

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やべ久々swarmみてたら 色々な人からリクエストきてた 許可してなくて 申し訳なかったです😣

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Edward Kemper

@Ad_hitchcock @motogpmart Pat Hennen according to Martin! and I'd call the Suzukis more of a "swarm" like bees or any other flying insects!

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Sally Dillon

@shannoncoulter When it heats up, Gnats do tend to swarm.

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@beguumg swarm kaldımı ya

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@LeagueMediocre Yes! I still remember the shit where they'd just have tarantulas or bees swarm some poor dude. Iconic

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Eric Henson

@Nyxfears Go at your own pace. You are in new ad uncharted waters for yourself. Just know that you have a swarm of fans who will still love you no matter what. ❤️

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Terminally Nerdy

@HighlandL4ss So at 7 you get 4th level spells Ice Storm for AOE Conjure Minor Elementals for a swarm Wall of Fire for Area Control Polymorph for Defense/Buffing Hallucinatory Terrain for Control Sadly a few of those are concentration (ie almost all lol)

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touhunta@monhan za warudo

@Meatyexplosions Gib 20! swarm me with them!

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Sumayah Bawazeer

@0_1Mary https://t.co/Na52bUOlHC

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#firesgiveaway this character is a swamp witch tiefling warlock/circle of spores Druid that kinda looks like Tia Dalma from Pirates Of The Caribbean but green and with horns. She’s a total mess that loves causing trouble and chaos everywhere she goes with her swarm of bugs. https://t.co/d7sIASpqnN

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@jumshua In before Elon’s fanboys swarm this post

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SWARM Event Agency

We're thrilled to be ranked #98 out of 5,000 of the fastest-growing private companies in America by @Inc. Being in the top 2% is not only an honor, but it's a reminder of how much SWARM has grown in only three years. #Inc5000 #SWARMEventAgency https://t.co/FDmm27wKmF

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Teşekkürler swarm! https://t.co/ollpXuuSLn

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Mikah Sargent

@journeydan Like saying Beetlejuice’s name thrice, you just summoned a swarm of Wi-Fi router recommendations.

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Julius 🌈

When my life gets dark, the babies swarm. Hehehe https://t.co/s6IVUAzYFW

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Nicole 🌻

Just had to walk through a swarm of wasps - anyone that knows me will know this is a thing of nightmares for me. Today is cancelled goodbye 👋

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@joeyalison This tweet is like poking a hornet nest and saying i hope i dont get stung by a swarm of hornets.

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play girl front and all the LA f*gs will swarm https://t.co/xgPbzwGUDJ

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@RyutySadSylveon @EmojiTetra Never mind. It's a swarm intelligence game after all.

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@ms_bbR25 納車おめでとうございますヾ(。・ω・。)ノ゙~♪ Swarmの申請ありがとうございました!

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Sam Pearson

Someone’s got a noisy quadcopter drone up. Not much good for covert surveillance, it sounds like a swarm of angry wasps.

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Streaming in under 10 mins Streaming the following Heroes of the Swarm/Fibbage Xl/Fortnite hope you all can pop on by :) https://t.co/7yCftRmic1 https://t.co/7yCftRmic1

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Telefonumdan sekizinci defa Insto ve Swarm'u kaldırdım, dilerim yarın sabaha kadar indirmiş olmam

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@Infernal__Guard Один из самых винрарных персонажей в Heart of Swarm https://t.co/DN2e8Vj9SF

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A swarm of bees #ThingsINeverWantToSee

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@Chubbs4601 Na mario kart 8 had gliders and going underwater with your car as has propeller. But Not fully shifting into a new vehicle. Also not to mention unlike Mario kart it is possible to keep a lead in the game. Because unlike the blue shell. The swarm is dogeable more often.

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@cm_LFD_ls ちょいちょいやってる人おるけど、swarmってアプリで自分の行った場所記録するやつ ふと設定開いたらなんやこれって2度見したわ

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Jacek Pilarski SWARM #ArtsPics https://t.co/f6lStqoMHQ https://t.co/lgla1CEtZk

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@dorirai787_5113 そうですね…僕のswarm見たら分かりますよ #などと

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Jeb Brovsky

@MattDoyle76 @MLS I love Pep’s philosophy of connecting short passes...if you lose it, you’re around the ball to swarm and win it back. Some MLS teams are way too stretched. Managing leads is another massive hurdle MLS teams have never been efficient at and need to get comfortable with.

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@ThePerezHilton Rest in peace to Perez, he died by swarm of barbs. (You’re still right though)

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