Ryan Letourneau

live with a frickin myriad of games

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Jon Ostrower

Have you ever had a maintenance problem with your aircraft and they had to swap to a different plane? This is just one of the myriad of logistical challenges that would come with requiring keys for commercial airplanes.

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The Wall Street Journal

The Trump administration is taking myriad quieter steps to reduce legal immigration, in addition to its public campaign to stop illegal immigration

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Zen Proverbs

The universe and I are of the same root. The myriad things and I are one body. That is zazen. — Kodo Sawaki Roshi | | □∧◯

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Tony Cope

@CNN OK. GOP is the enemy of the people. Let's run with that for a bit.

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Donut Shorts

@viceroyresearch @alvarezmarsal @MiMedx @SEC_Enforcement By not filing an 8-K on this or any of the myriad other $MDXG issues that have seen developments, Coles has now stepped out on the slippery slope where the rest of the $MDXG board stands. Cue the Buffett quote about taking 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it

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Countryfile Magazine

From dramatic coastal footpaths to gentle river walks, there are myriad hikes to be enjoyed in Exmoor National Park – here is our guide to some of the best walking routes:

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Cheryl Lynn Eaton

I think it's vital to have a variety of takes on these brands and these worlds--myriad perspectives. As diverse as the people who would live within them. And who purchase books about them.

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Vinay prakash

As a ResponsibleMiner, we are overwhelmed to witness enthusiastic participation by villagers in the myriad of events hosted by us.This is a clear indication that villagers trust and value our relationship with them.We are committed to change their lives for better.

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Jenn Smith

@LexieMatheson @tommygun1964 @DebbieHayton @beth_nosnhoj @LizzieMarvelly @Zagzigger2 @MarkHubbard33 @renee_jg @Alisonmau @thespinoff @thewireless @TVNZ @Rose_Of_Dawn How does a doctor know how I am living my life and whether it is "authentic" or not? Who can see inside my mind and heart? People are going insane. Tethering law to physical reality is the only thing that keeps a diverse society from drifting into the chaos of a myriad of beliefs

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I take pride in being a welcoming and accomodatting host for my myriad of parasite

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somebody get myriad suspended

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Rachel Riederer

The real virtue of making chia pudding at home is not the omega-3s or whatever it is the feeling that you are a person who has your act together like a person who has a bowl of lemons on their table and if you make the chia thing you are free to screw up in myriad other ways.

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kavi 🇮🇳🇮🇳

EXPORT banned from kandla to the pressure from the myriad animal welfare groups. It helps to hv a vegetarian CN n vegetarian PM. Kandla port waiting to be shipped to middle east via Dubai, but they were stopped. The district collector of Kutch also supports animal welfare.

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ZTT 🥊👷

When I finish describing your mother's myriad positive qualities

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Kevin Seconds

Imagine that. I wonder why @realDonaldTrump would leave out the “war hero?” I would guess his vote on Obamacare might have factored in, along with a myriad other horrible decisions from McCain. @ABCPolitics defense of McCain is cute. And telling. #FakeNewsMedia

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.@rashtrapatibhvn invokes Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba Gandhi and their myriad efforts to empower the people in villages. #MyIndiaMyPride

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The S&P 500 is near record levels, despite myriad headwinds

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#Ethereum is paying the myriad of poop that runs in his #platform! @VitalikButerin needs a change of direction for #eth! 🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒 #cryptonews #crypto #altcoin #bitcoin #blockchain #Cryptocurrency #ether @etherscan #Alonso #btc @CoinMarketCap @coinbase #coin #ltc

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john reilly

Total lie no 1 in US can b excluded fr any neighborhood There r myriad laws and they are enforced What u r talking abt is Obama plan to FORCE integration in neighborhoods where LEFTISTS do not like mix NOTE NOT 1 EVIDENCE OF DISCRIMINATION NEEDED Social Engineering at its worst

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On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, SATAN LOST. Now comes the PAIN for the Deep State authoritarians & the myriad of sell-out co-conspirators (incl. MSM & celebs) who rape and kill children as a hobby to be part of their EVIL ELITE CLUB. #TheGreatAwakening

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@Frankdewey9 Then WE the PEOPLE Must Keep Talking abt Them & all the OTHER MYRIAD CRIMES this Fascist @GOP Republican Traitor Party in the WH & CONGRESS ARE COMMITTING EVERY DAY. CRIMES of TREASON, CRIMES of MONEY BRIBES, CRIMES AGAINST HUMAN BEINGS, HUMANITY, Define today's GOP Republicans!

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Louise Kinross

'"Trauma, illness and grief create frightening forests of pain, with unfamiliar roads,” explains Sunwolf. “In such a context, listening to stories suggests myriad pathways out of dark forests.”' @narrativepract @NarrativeMed @Narratively

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A myriad of U.S. industries are using drones to reduce operating expenses

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Voice Of Ram

@anandmahindra @narendramodi @sureshpprabhu While we can re-package the loss of value as a plus for #MakeInIndia initiative it may lead to severe repercussions. Japanese yen could sustain itself with a weaker yen, for a myriad of reasons, India may not.

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@Des3rtSailor @G6throughF5 You don't seem to understand. This isn't a "if you don't like it, then leave" situation. This is an invading army that wants us completely destroyed. America is rife with a myriad of foreign enemies that have disguised themselves in domestication.

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Individuality is king, expressed through a myriad of trends that are ready and waiting to be worn: #summer2018 #summertime #trends #outfits #wallbrand #socialshopping #London #startup #fashionistas

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i lost friends and was trapped in my home, terrified of showing up at a pic place and seeing any of the myriad of people who blindly support my accuser/abuser without even a vague attempt to acknowledge that maybe one single narrative isn’t reliable

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elrond musk

it was almost poetic in places, & i was genuinely wowed by the myriad intricacies between these huge theoretical areas they had found. the best academics communicate their brilliant ideas coherently, y'all. we'd all rather read the very hungry caterpillar over finnegans wake

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Kevin Baron

"Afghanistan, despite myriad challenges, is neither hopeless nor a basket case as its progress shows. " - @gaylelemmon // Reasons for hope amid Afghanistan's endless war @CNN

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DeVaughn Taylor

I could be writing, editing, researching, a myriad of things...instead I’ve been thinking about what I could be doing all day. I hate days like this 🙃

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Nathan Bishop

@GrantBrisbee The worst rule in sports is the scoreboard and subsequent need to collate, quantify, and assign value to the myriad efforts of grown ups playing the games of children in our late capitalist society. Also, the balk.

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laurie ☼ jintro

Once his senses start to awaken, he notes a myriad of voices below and the smell of bacon wafting through the air. A quick glance at his phone confirms it’s just after 10am and he rolls over and up, grabbing a towel and stepping into the adjacent bathroom.

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Jan McGlashen Brown

@GottaLaff No. Adversaries won’t have to use all of the myriad weapons of Trump’s increased defense spending. They just have to commit cyber crimes as they are doing now without resistance or defeat. Because it’s cheaper & they get more bang for their buck.

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Ex on Mobile Phil

@tambien_tambien @zupzles Hi, IRS? Yeah Donny here can I get an extension again this year? My myriad schemes to hold my wealth is too complex for my TAX ACCOUNTANT. Thanks.

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@KaimTime Absolutely nothing to apologize for. Take care of yourself and sort out what I can only imagine is a myriad of conflicting thoughts and priorities. Reach out to me or anyone you trust if you need it. You've got nothing but great things moving forward.

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@ParaMojoOrg @janeclarejones @Docstockk @ZeteticEl @SussexPhilos @SussexUni @WHO The only people supporting the pathology of intersex people, is you. As I have painstakingly explained to you several times. I don't think you know what gaslighting means. Show me where I've quote tweeted or misrepresented anything? Because I can show you a myriad of yours.

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The Business + Impact Challenge at @MichiganRoss is a great example of the myriad ways industry can get involved on campus - Thanks to the @Deloitte Foundation for sponsoring and @Amazon for presenting the challenge.

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Fort Livingston

@realDonaldTrump Why? Because there is plenty of evidence, indictments, guilty pleas and myriad russian contacts among your campaign staff. You'll get yours, russian asset.

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Celebrating Laraib Atta 🇵🇰 She is a professional VFX artist from Isakhel, Pakistan. She has worked as a visual effects artist for a myriad of Hollywood films including The Chronicles of Narnia, Prince of Persia, Godzilla & X-Men: Days of Future Past. #SooperHaiPakistanKaJunoon

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Stu Nami

Don’t forget to vote today for the myriad of candidates you haven’t begun to read up on yet.

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John Aglionby

"As well as saving my sanity, cycling saves me about £1,400 a year in fares. Maintenance costs are piddling — but puncture-proof tyres are most worthwhile" @ClaerB on the myriad benefits of pedaling to work @FT

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James York

@YairWallach Great thread. Honestly. I'm not sure Corbyn had a clue why he was there = he just wants to be associated with supporting Palestine and that's led him to make some grave and unbalanced mistakes because he isn't treating the PLO's myriad crimes with the same gravity.

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Jonathan Hoffman

@zahnster The subtle texture is much like the surface of an alien world: exotic yet familiar, with endless opportunities for life hidden in myriad pockets.

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Blunt Politics

@ChicagoMGD_SD @dillman_diana @r_e_b_1 @AmericaIsBusted @TravisRuger @DrinkOfWater86 @Mattielisbon @Chrisnotmypotus @jmjlyons @WaldenE @morganarae @HaffaAlan @LaurenBrns @BettieRose100 @studiohq @raventerp1 @vanadiumzest @Anootchka @DMandicino @NannieWulforst @_WeStandUnited @thatcardsharp @TinaMarie88888 @10MinutesaDay4U @markbreedy @AlsoWonderWoman @TheNameIsDinn @RDunkum @renaes24 @NoteFromSELF @March4HerandUs @BiteMeTrump2016 @AsperGirl @keywest0007 @ooshdesign @BklynDin @j2dumfounded @tweetMalena @Jesmaec @jackjonesbabe @Bornabrit1 @SpryGuy @WisePaxCat @RFreeba @never_martha @SimpleWonders82 @AntiSocialstPAC @SmithTuri @nhdogmom @gregolear See, this is where centrists divorce themselves from reality: candidates represent their base, not donors. If their base supports an issue, it is their responsibility to support and advocate fkr these ideas. The base overwhelmingly supports m4a, snd a myriad of other issues:

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Joanne Mason

After hours and hours of exhaustive research, consultation with myriad sources, and very careful consideration, I have arrived at the only obvious conclusion: dog twitter is the best twitter.

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A myriad of U.S. industries are using drones to reduce operating expenses

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Kim Baumgartner

@PainNewsNetwork @DrDavidHanscom I never talk about my pain or my myriad of medical conditions that ALL cause chronic pain.I am still in pain almost ALL THE TIME. Definition: chronic-long lasting or constantly reoccurring. Constantly only ends with death. Moron

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@janhopis I really don't want to entertain all these myriad disgusting possibilities. all I need to know is that was a living thing that is now in my tomatoes and now I need to set my entire kitchen alight

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Scott ⚾️

I don't care if you're a Cards fan, or a fan of another team. Umpires, some good, some not. Yet if you truly believe umps as a whole have that little integrity that they are biased for certain teams and against others, you're probably unreachable on a myriad of subjects

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John Portman

@CNN I am good with that @tony_myriad ✌️

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myriad is mulan

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fuck that dumb bitch myriad beat me to it

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Stanley Morrical

@Scott_Wiener A bold strategy isn’t government “investment.” It is merely a strategy to let homes be built in SF, the Peninsula, and Marin, and remove the myriad restrictions the make the Bay Area home to the most 90+ minute commuters in the country. And the Bay Area thinks itself “green.”

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David Fleischer

@SwanBoatSteve @GabrielEidelman @stateofthecity The real point is that everyone has been so focused on how many ward councillors TO should have (and has been since 1998), most people wouldn't know there are actually myriad options for reforming council's fundamental structure, of which this is one pretty good one.

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Rob Palmer

@NorthernlionLP I'll myriad your games if you're not careful there bud

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Smith Getterman

This is a must listen for all football fans and anyone that takes wrestling with ethical and morality questions of what we consume, seriously. And it only covers CTE, not the myriad of other issues that now permeate the sport.

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The new digital edition of i+D is live! The July/August issue takes a look at the relationship between age and design in myriad ways—including generational shifts in living arrangements and the creative housing solutions they have instigated. Read it -

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Narayan Viswam #HDL

@nandaji1958 @Swamy39 Alagiri is a brainless goon with myriad of health issues. M.K.Stalin is DMK head with no charisma, oratorical talent & ability to connect with masses. TN politics sucks.

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CG Cherith Farms

@AynRandPaulRyan If he accepts the pardon, he automatically gives up his 5th amendment right and can be compelled to testify against a myriad of others. Including tRump.

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Christina Newland

What I wanna know is where's boxing twitter and how do they solve their myriad internecine internet arguments? Is it with fighting? I bet it's with fighting.

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Jill Paperno

@krassenstein @SoCalJoy That’s absurd. It is rare to call the defendant as a witness for a myriad of reasons. Many cases are won without a defendant testifying.

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Erica Ramos

@antonioregalado @amitvkhera @VanMeterTweeter @skathire With the Myriad model, I would be curious to know if the PRS can trump the Tyrer-Cuzick data and LOWER risk, specifically taking someone from above the MRI cutoff to below - and if clinicians are on board with that.

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JCrockett (#EndVoterApathy / Tweets = My Opinion)

@BestKoreaBot @Seajay603 @JarodNotJared @mark5A5 @thegarance @tbell1968 I'm not making it SOUND that way. Arguably, he's failed like no other. In my humble yet fully informed opinion, Trump is neither a gentleman or an effective leader. That you still support him is your right, albeit stunning, based upon the myriad facts that support my opinion.

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A man once, a specter now. One of those myriad modern-day ghosts that haunt the reeking nights of the city.

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Vincent Black ❌

Which specific "walks of life" are these myriad of terrorists that you speak of from? I can only think of one.I presume if they are "disaffected" thats an excuse.Obviously we wouldnt want to vilify an entire ideology.Despite every one of em reading the same terrorist manual.

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@tony_myriad @glennbeck @WalshFreedom You have a point there. On second thought, something that doesn’t cause a splatter in my living room would be highly desired.

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Joseph J Duggan

Ocasio-Cortez claims have fact-checkers working overtime Do all you can to assist in defeating this candidate,her Democratic Socialists ideology will be the catalyst to a myriad of cultural, legal, societal structure,values impairments,higher taxes&debt !

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alan watson

Myriad deep state U.S. actions - now #Sanctions - mirror 20th century totalitarianism. But sanctions will only strengthen support for #Putin. As they did facing Hitler - in the face of an external threat - #Russia will unite. U.S. has started something it cannot finish.

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Andrew Lamb

@Jackstar009 now don't go reinforcing your point with more facts. I might have to go and be disappointed that we elected a myriad of children into our hallowed ontario gov't halls. " a place to live a place to grow down Ontari ari ari ohhh."🎧

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vicki ann bornefeld

Just more destroying of evidence of the myriad and sundry offenses against the people of Arkansas, children of the world, and the people of the USA. Other than that, nothing to see here...

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TradeBot 🤖

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myriad pro is such an ugly font can illustrator let me live

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Great thread on History and Gender Studies. As someone who taught both, there are a myriad applications for both in a lot of different academic and professional positions. Outlawing Gender Studies is bonkers.

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Afro Barret Wallace

@6c62a91d9bc843b @MikeSonko The best part of this one is making fun of Sonko and Clifford's English skills while making a myriad grammatical and spelling errors.

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René Beauregard 🤴🏻

@BeaPriestley Racism, homophobia, and a myriad of other possible things that could be holding someone back that won’t affect you.

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@Benny0212 @pjhalpin @AodhanORiordain @Hill16Army @DubsGAAFans @DubsSupporters @dublinhurling @ScoilCLG @DubMatchTracker I think a lot of the attendance issue in Croker on Saturday was down to a very small Galway contingent in situ (myriad of reasons for that no doubt). Disappointed that the GAA didn't take the opportunity to streamline ticket prices given greater number of games as well

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Cruella de Gill

Serving the institution of justice is a disenchanting experience. Milking the current way the institution of “justice” is functioning for myriad reasons but those other than service to principles of justice is an enchanting one.

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@leerhiannon Whether standing up against the corruption that has mired our politics or supporting a myriad of communities with their struggles, you were there. Greatly appreciated Lee.

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@david__belle No to them it’s all a enveloping myriad of special pleading fallacies. Just like the white people on my FB complaining about white people with no fucking sense of irony.

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Genix x

Still faint ghosts walk with me as the curtain rises & view the days possibilities to slow unravel, her lips far from mine, so the song plays heavy upon me haunting shadowed mirrors & now a single spotlight actuality where once I hid behind a myriad of kaleidoscopic faces undone.

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David White

“Like financial assets, education yields an income and myriad other benefits. Unlike financial assets, it cannot be hoarded or lost and is a powerful force for equality.”

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"#Trump would...boast that if elected, he'd "surround myself only with the best....people...the first 18 months of his presidency have repeatedly revealed the fallacy of that pledge, as myriad members of Trump's Cabinet and senior staff have departed"

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Characters from 'Ides of Bellum' Middle from counterclockwise:- Myriad, The Jex, the Roar, Voltraco, Daemon, Viris and Yon. #scifi #fantasy #books

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Jaokari Z

@darkangelost Myriad Colors Phantom World, eu acredito. (Mas n eh mto bom n)

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@MidnightismARP ‘Not innocent,’ a myriad of voices would say in distorted tones, similar to the way Melinoe Haller’s plagued mind would communicate whenever in distress. Something led him to believing that; unaware that Jay might have been a friend once upon a time. Removing the mask, —

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L 🌿

@Greer0013 @Nespresso821 @Little_Terfy @Aprilc0t @rachellerfoster I'm not talking about gender. I'm talking about the sexed sense. Human sexual development is highly complex and in utero, a number of potential hormonal/chromosomal anomalies can occur leading to a myriad of biological outcomes, including body/brain incongruence.

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@granthpaulsen So lets just ignore the myriad of terrible decision making by Davey. Does he have something on you or what? WHY DO YOU KEEP DEFENDING HIM.

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Darrell Borquez

@TheWolfman It covers a myriad of tweets, to be sure!

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Jeff Kerk

@MBFergy @gimblerocket @CityCristinaH @celliottability @CityNews @Stemcell_parent I think this is true “Addiction is not in the thing. Addiction is in the life. And when addiction is understood as being steeped in people’s lives, we recognize that myriad drug or non-drug experiences are liable to become compulsively destructive.”

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A Ganesh

He is the substance, he the self of things; She has forged from him her works of skill and might: She wraps him in the magic of her moods And makes of his myriad truths her countless dreams. Savitri, p. 61.

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@tlalawethika @charley_asmith @jordanbpeterson @DouglasKMurray Hers is a common response of those who • haven’t delved deeply into the material or read any of their books • get their info from the myriad hit/smear pieces (lazy) • are ideologically possessed and can’t see it, and/or are stuck in a bubble of confirming opinions, where the

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CJ Saalman

@DanRather It's not a simple dichotomy I think. There are myriad instances when the press -- which would claim freedom -- helped to rouse society to another stikin imperialist war, like 1991, Kosovo, 2003 yellow cake, Libya, etc, etc, etc.I will be reading Ortega y Gasset, History as System

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Queer Void

@Queer_Kara Lol oh well. They'll probably just say 'Yet another leftist animal will not debate me, they fear my logic' Meanwhile, I'm gonna give my SO a smooch, pet my myriad animals, and smoke a bowl

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Want to make your ideas about crypto come true? Or you just want to join an awesome community? Join the @myriadcoin family! A community driven project. A coin for everyone! #myriad #myriadcoin #crypto #CryptoNews #cryptotwitter #future #Cryptocoin #coin #xmy #btc #dollar #love

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Platypus Press

“The real trick is retaining that wonder when you go back home […] Your job now will be to stay in that most writerly place of attentiveness to wonder, in all its myriad forms, wherever you may find yourself.” @KavehAkbar (in @parisreview)

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luis rocka

In @MaciejKranz latest Network World column, he discusses why #blockchain is the missing link to successful #IoT transformations, with myriad use cases across sectors @NetworkWorld #AI #fogcomputing

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Tony Cope

@NBCNews How can anyone support such aggressive/violent men with guns who want to use SYG as a license to kill?

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The Best is Back 🎄

OmiseGO $OMG price: $3.62 We checked! Binance registration is currently open 😍 💰 ➡️ $XMY $HGT $HSR $DRGN $ENRG $NEBL $ETH $LUX $XMG $WGR $BTX $OBITS $BCN $REAL $BRD $ICON $TAAS $NULS $DBIX $PEPE $BTC $SNGLS $PIVX

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Tony Cope

@jbendery Danger Noodle!!!!

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