Eddie Marsan

Ahh, off you run back to your own little world of pre conceived ideas, where you indulge yourself in prejudice and dogmatism. Some of us live in the real world, where people hold a myriad of different opinions but we don’t choose to demonise them because of it.

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The Ancient Sage

You have not understood a person until you have seen them in a myriad of circumstances. Neither despair of a person nor be infatuated by them too soon. Any judgment based on a partial view of a person's character is bound to be misleading.

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John Lundin 🌊

The Myriad Trump Scandals Are In Fact Only One Scandal, And That Scandal Has A Name: Corruption. - The Atlantic -

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tom ascol

@pastordmack Well, there are a myriad of such issues that affect “quality of life.” The difference between all of them an abortion is that the latter is legalized murder. If I fail to make such distinctions then I give up all biblical, moral reasoning.

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Peter A Bell #DissolveTheUnion

@citizentommy Workers are exploited in myriad ways, Tommy. We tread a dangerous path when we dismiss any exploitation as "secondary".

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Bird Mummy💀

weird thinking about all the people ive lost contact with for a myriad of reasons, it all feels like it happened in past lives.

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Ryan Hollins


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@realDonaldTrump Even if that were true (which is highly doubtful) it fails to address the financial interest Russia and Saudi Arabia have in you, Kushner, and a myriad of Trump businesses and properties. Oh, and that HUGE payment that's due on 666 Fifth Ave ... (oh, that??) Such an idiot.

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Tony Fx Cope

@NBCNews Does his mouth-ass ever stopping blabbering???

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From terrifying supernatural entities to a myriad of deadly cryptids, there's plenty of things that go bump in the night for you to face. Explore titles like Obscura and Project 59 - on sale now on Viveport during our Halloween event!

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Jen Johnson

@WesleyLowery @JuhaszTallCorn Propaganda. Because "violent leftists waiting to attack" is one of the myriad new bogeyman birthed by this dumpster fire of an Administration and its GOP Congressional cronies.

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Bruce Porter, Jr.

Bruce Porter Jr. made an exciting announcement about #Myriad and his upcoming #crypto event!! $XMY

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Discover beautiful gardens of @wilanowpalac in autumn and winter 🍂❄️ during the Garden of Light outdoor exhibition. Every day until 24 February 2019 colourful diodes will turn the Wilanów garden into a myriad of sophisticated shapes. 👑

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#IPCCReport BOO! 👻 🌍

milquetoast wait-and-see and “Saudi Arabia is such an important ally” talk from a democratic senator. Shameful. Our “shared interests” with Saudi Arabia are weapons and oil and you don’t care about their myriad of human rights abuses. At least let’s be honest.

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Mark Hoddinott

One of the myriad of things I love about Kathleen Zellner’s work is that she lays her results for all to see. No secrecy, no mischievous behaviour, no spin. “Here’s what I found and know, show me where I am wrong” seems to be her modus operandi. Very refreshing and powerful!

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Mukund Thattai

Shadows descend off myriad ridges, each one tracing its own sunrise.

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Hippolyta Loudbasket (Mrs)

One day, after I’ve done my blog outlining the myriad issues with the Mr Men, obvs, I will have a website reviewing chocolate peanuts and an accompanying podcast in which my Twitter Famous guests discuss their favourite chocolate peanuts.

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정호석's 𝕓𝕒𝕓𝕪𝕘𝕚𝕣𝕝 is freeeeeeeee

I’ve never seen such a myriad of talents and skills infused into one body like I have in Jung Hoseok...what sleeping pills are these people taking? My god, how thick do you have to be to not recognise this once in a lifetime talent right in front of your eyes?

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I actually had a chance to speak to Chip in a Telegram channel related to politics. He refused to acknowledge any sort of basic humanity to anyone right of center. I couldn't believe how toxic he was. Calling us lower than worms and a myriad of other insults.

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Libby Hill

This transparency is absolutely necessary in understanding the myriad of challenges attached with mental health issues. I love it.

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Benjamin Weinthal

"we should actively strengthen our Farsi-language radio and television broadcasting, and provide the millions of Iranian dissidents with technology to thwart internet censorship and expose the myriad failures of the mullahcracy. " By @michaelledeen

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Myriad Gardens

🌳🌳#Tree For All, presented by @CoxComm, is the Myriad Gardens annual tree giveaway & sale, Sat 11/3, 9am-12pm! First 100 patrons in line by the Children's Garden receive a FREE Eastern Redbud, Okla’s state tree. Learn more about the day & order trees 👉

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Cup O' Skepticism

Do you consider the myriad passages in the Bible that not only condone, but instruct genocide, rape, slavery, misogyny, and tribalistic hatred as an "Awesome book to teach our children what love really is all about"? Or just the few, rare, cherry-picked 'love your enemy' bits?

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Kaif Pardhan

The complexity of supervision is that tasks should only be delegated when you know that the trainee can be entrusted with it - but that may change case by case, minute by minute - based on a myriad of patient, trainee and supervisory factors #ICRE2018 @ChrisWatling3

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The Blind Rat

I 💓 it when part of my #Dmprep necessitates me talking on the phone with a friend that I don't talk to often enough. One of the myriad reasons that this #TTRPG hobby is the best! #podernfamily

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Kelly Canuck🍁

@SandraNelson8 Well, our taxes go to a myriad of departments. 😉 It’s free in the sense that we don’t pay thousands of dollars out-of-pocket expenses. The amount of taxes we pay is actually a small price to pay. How would you handle the health care system?

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blood is all we have left

You guys have wisdom that I can't see sometimes. Your myriad points of view are like rainbows through a prism. I like to think I'm a little bit smart but sometimes I'm dumb as a doorknob. And if I share that with you, I'll get back replies from all different perspectives. Thanks!

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Miguel Galán de Juana 🏳️‍🌈

#ICRE2018 Great panel of experts discussing the consequences of the #BawaGarba case: a myriad of perspectives, from the regulatory, to the trainee experience, to the reflective/feedback aspects

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I'm not delving into this because California politics hurts my head and I don't live there, but this just looks like another of myriad examples of leftists not really giving a shit about actual people. Also, someone get Brandon Eich on the horn. #Prop8

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Christina Moore

@BBWave2018 @tiger_girl2000 @sandrockcstm @wikimid @DLeonhardt Ty We have to do this even with the myriad voter suppression tactics in almost every state.

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Ms. Cabrera

We have amazing kids! 💖 I’m happy there are a myriad of clubs and activities in place to reach out to them and help them make positive high school memories. A shout out to all Club Sponsors who spend their energy in order to further impact the lives of our own #MortonPride

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Aisyah Llewellyn

Notice this report on Israel's cyber-spy industry doing the rounds. But the section on Indonesia is laughable considering how many errors it contains. If you get myriad basic facts wrong then the veracity of the whole report should be questioned imo.

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Gen. Bredebusch

Of the myriad issues of the legal system and rape, this isn't one. Of the ideological mystifications that complicate the prosecution of rage, this promotes a large one.

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You know you’re at a writing conference when you hear the word “myriad” used independently by 5 different people in a 3 hour span

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Clive 🇪🇺🐏

@topklobber My problem, Mick, is the original referendum was a farce. The idea was Cameron's vanity project because he was terrified of UKIP and wanted to maintain power. To enact such a huge change should have been 60% leave vote minimum and the 52% voted for a myriad of different leaves.

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Well Worn. Worn Well

@voxsartoria @mack11211 @urban_comp @Abercrombie I once heard someone pronounce it José Bank, which opens up myriad brand extension possibilities.

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Grazia India

The crease of the eye is our favourite feature to highlight this season – and there are a myriad ways to do it. We show you how

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Carl Payne 🎹

So many reasons to lament the premature death of the great John Clarke. Personal & professional. But one of these is surely the existence of TPM Morescum. JC would have held up a beautifully reflected mirror to the myriad farcical events of the past few weeks........

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Glasgow Labour has allowed a myriad of social and economic cancers to metastasize in that great city. The SNP can make it well again, but it will take a lot of time and money to do so, when Labour had around 80 years unbroken to poison the city.

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Max Gebhardt

Cut down on growth stifling legislation and the myriad of stealth taxes such as the Setas which serve no purpose and are hot beds of corruption.

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- against astrology as true. Others debate whether or not astrology can even be tested with the scientific method, the art itself being a myriad of beliefs and practices which contradict and step on one another, and which is being reinvented all the time.

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I am LIVID that I was told by people to go to myriad forms of healing sessions to "let go" of my rage because they told me that particular emotion causes cancer. Let me tell you. If that's the case, I'd probably be dead or at least at stage 4 by now. But what do I know.

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Dak on average has attempted the 5th most difficult throws this season. That could be due to a myriad of variables, but Dak’s xComp, while slowly increasing in each of the last 3 seasons, has been trending toward the bottom of the NFL.

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Ars Nova Workshop

JazzTimes came to The October Revolution: "...the schedule represented an exciting adventurousness in programming, a willingness to take the pulse of the modern avant-garde in its myriad forms while remembering even its more forgotten legacies."

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Claire Thomas #FBPE

@CharlieHicks90 @Davidmetroland @Charlie_uk45 @LapisLazuli4402 @BrunoTheBridge @dw2essex @MattGeeSymonds @sunick51 @AwayFromTheKeys @sybillerompe @Kitchy65 @MrFoxxQFD @champagne_lefty @Wittgenstein016 @Globan999 @GentlemanGeorge @RealityUK_2016 @AndreaGreenfie6 @kreppant @IrishEurophile @Hammer_doc @JamessReality @tsprog @trickytreeg @DarkTomes @asknbid @Kaparelle @MarkJohnstonLD @mcoop69 @VileIslam @DanielleYorks @indiairan1947 @HochstedTX @Talis43 @BillyBigBoleaux @hewitt_riri @ismisnt @PeKe41600529 @brexology_uk @davidericstan @Roger_Powell79 @faintmatthew @Findahoard @Hunter1872 @Tihanygirl @sonj1 @RLH_Initials @SimIwan @foxesdale @OliverLehmann That’s not an argument is it? Brexit has myriad issues, NI, NHS, FOM, EU citizens, trade in goods and services, our place in the world and relationship with EU, security, education and research...It’s just not the simple thing you yearn it to be. New info, new vote.

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ana⁴ 📌 #mono

ok it’s time to run to @gldnseok because I know she’s already showcased this unreleased but already chart-topping “playlist” in a myriad of beautiful descriptions

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autumn wind rattles and tree leaves rain to fill a gray sky fresh piles grow caught on tall grass by the open field like yesterday’s memories caught between seasons a myriad of moments filled with sun snow and rain a brownish red beach a vast prairie sea with no hint of relief

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Dr. Tom Martin PhD.

REMEMBER: DONALD CLAIMED *SPECIAL POWERS!* DONALD CLAIMS HE'S CLAIRVOYANT! Donald Claims He Can ‘Predict’ Terrorism. Yet, Donald Did NOT Warn Us Of 911, Nor Of ANY Myriad Terrorist Attacks. 1) 2) 3) #AMJoy

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Jen Lloyd

@DavidLammy @Jacob_Rees_Mogg Bit late for that. Perhaps if countries in the EU including the UK had addressed that in the past along with a myriad of other social ills, we wouldn't have #Brexit.

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Haywood Jablome

@TuitNutrition @jcsouto I say this as a former soldier & engineer-1 doesn't need to be able to design a weapon or gear, nor explain all of the myriad theoretical chemical/Physics science behind it to use it expertly, efficiently, effectively-it's enough to have the know how to use it well-Ditto diets.

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If anyone is looking for info on IML, Forex Market etc. , DM me and I'll explain anything you ask. #imarketslive #forex #forexmarket #myriad #iml

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Maroons Horn ☭ 🐊

My name officially means freedom but during African anti colonial wars it’s been said my name was used as code for myriad reasons.

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NYT National News

Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods offer myriad reasons to stray from the beaten path. But lately the Loop has strengthened its appeal with a new architecture center, writers’ museum, river walk, design-centric hotels and destination restaurants.

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@realMikeBenzUSA No, Mike. This is where you are getting is quite confused. America has not been around long enough to breed our own “ethnicity” as we are a Western European country, infiltrated by a myriad of foreign invaders. Jews hold a long, dark history. Your simple mindedness is boring.

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Mizuno Joe

@jhlythgoe @chambleebrandel Both parties have had myriad opportunities over the years to solve the insolvency of social security. Either have had the political backbone to do it. Both parties to blame!

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Kevin Melchert

@DanWolken Don’t worry Kirk Herbstreit will have a myriad of excuses about why OSU belongs in the playoffs

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ted, lost in the archives

@VanishingAge He has been interested in the celestial bodies and their myriad workings in the heavens above so there is hope still

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11 Frames of MYRIAD Every Day

1m_32s_1f #MYRIAD

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MAJC Absolute MadMan

@Legski0301 @tracybeanz @drawandstrike I’d be very surprised if he picked his own venue. And there are a myriad of things that go into securing a venue like this.

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Hyper Agent Fire Bird

@GingaHerb people just really want to think of themselves as in-the-know about the myriad complicated dealings of Japanese tv spots and agencies. Same part of the fandom that scrambles to be first with “leaks” constantly

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Mike Clifford

@SoccerPatrik Patrick, if you have to ask I’m not going to waste my time trying to explain the myriad of reasons why. Nothing personal, I just don’t have the time. 👊🏻🍺

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Kyle Stapleton

@wabenews @maroon5 @rihanna The real question still hasn’t been answered, though: why not have any one of the myriad currently mega-popular Atlanta artists perform?

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Bitch Pudding

@Notorious_93 @jameelajamil Is it? Or is it because you're too lazy to understand the myriad issues that need solving and that using language appropriately is a step in the direction of progress because there's no one-size fits all answer?

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@elevensages @Rainbojangles We're an opportunistic society. When opportunism became unmoored from basic decency and a sense of accountability, it manifested in a myriad of unethical attitudes and behaviors. Rabid individualism made it even worse.

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@slmandel The problem is he will recruit them as will a myriad of other programs and then all 25 will sign with Bama.

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@LazloToth2 @AggieLarry @BillKristol Myriad of factors including her failures

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Charlie G.

3/ Books, videos, and courses will point the entrepreneur to a myriad of apps and services that provide immense value at minimal cost yet there will be no mention of providing the makers of those tools, often other startups, with a word of feedback or gratitude.

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Sean Sturm

This situation is not eased by the myriad of "risk management" policies and processes (health and safety; bullying and harassment; etc., etc.) by which it insulates itself.

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Sean Sturm

The structural violence of the neoliberal university demands myriad forms of destructive emotional labour from academics and students. (Those at the top who benefit from the system can't/won't see these effects.)

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Myriad @ Decagon

Myriad in Splatfest! #Splatoon2 #NintendoSwitch

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@StarlightSkyes I know of no one who's been through their lows & highs; however, I know a myriad who've kept their head above water until they could soar upwards & onwards. MUCH RESPECT to you for keeping your head up & moving forward.

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Inna Epshtein

@DefenseOne @CFR_org @BobbyChesney @daniellecitron How do you teach / inspire the general public to do quantitative data analysis? New technological advancements aside, there are a myriad of issues which present obstacles for 'kosher' analysis. In short, people tend to believe things which don't create cognitive dissonance.

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Peter Getty

@danneebhoy @NeilSimpsonCSC @gibbygibbo1 After the myriad incidents against Celtic when he was player or boss (non award of pen at Ibrox, Dougie Gate etc) it is utterly hypocritical of him to come out with the 12 man jibe, and makes him look very small. Very disappointing

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The Fox 🎅

0x $ZRX is currently: $0.905415 HURRY! Binance is currently accepting new users 😍 💎 ➡️ $LMC $OCT $AMB $EVX $ARK $ELIX $NEM $EXP $START $BLK $ZEN $XST $NET $BRD $SPANK $TRX $UGC $BRX $XMY $DBC $AVT $ANT $YOYOW

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Freeman 🇬🇷🇧🇮🇨🇦

Take care of ur emotional health. Accept u have a myriad of feelings, good & bad. They exist within u. Recognize them. Embrace them. Study them. Analyze them. It is for your own good after all. You will be stronger once u know urself better. Take the time. You will be just fine!

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rosalind bush

papilloma virus,babesia,roto virus,a myriad of zoonotric disease,anaphylactic shock,munging on murderously made available minced carcass ,carrion of sentient beings.

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Atlas Manly

@DeanMcsmith Their excuse is that they were trained in the very same school system that hired them, compounding the error with each new hire. It's pretty bad over here as well. Whenever I get correspondence from my kid's school I cringe at the myriad grammatical errors.

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Alex N May

Robotic swarms under development by Spring Berman; scalable to solve myriad problems (including zombies?) #zamm18

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Tara Sommerfield

@KnittedintheWom I walked the dog every day plus lots of belly dancing. With both my children I went to a challenging prenatal yoga that helped in myriad ways!

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Marilyn Yvonne (King) Nowak

@cnni Money erases a myriad of sins. Matters not what happened I suppose. The me too movement went overboard to include accidental brushing up against another. They watered down something serious. If my spouse & family hadn’t hurt me by jumping to false conclusions I wouldn’t have said

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Benigma 🔺S = - 🔺H/T

@containseggs that is my only point here. Trump is abhorrent but this went on in myriad forms under every President in my lifetime.

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Scott Harmon

@cnking27 @bhudgeons @ThomDaugherty @dukekwondc Inherent, you mean by their nature? Certainly not. I KNOW they have a much higher rate of criminality. (The reasons for this are myriad/complex and I may in fact bear some shared responsibility for that fact).

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Virago “Women don’t have penises” Jones

@jackappleby 😁 Because.... It’s a great little town, beset by myriad social problems and they’re very chatty. They’ll all tell you why they voted out. It’s an eye opener.

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Diana Sir Louis

Good luck to our awesome teachers, principal of @awoodallstars at the #Techtober18. Your dedication to continued education, collaboration benefits our students in myriad ways. We are so proud of you, support your all you do for our children. @terristerrleon @randrmom16 @dustin772

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Mat-a-tat-tat 🥁

Once again the BBC giving voice to far right extremists. There are myriad other views out there, but they keep pushing these same, violent voices

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Kenneth Adams

@Craigmyle_Lor The mom committed a myriad of crimes in one day. It’s sad that the children were collateral damage in her criminal endeavors along with her boyfriend. @Craigmyle_Lor handled the matter with as much compassion as possible while also doing his job.

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Jay Williams


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teriyaki jeef berky

it must help to have a psychology background when it comes to understanding therapy techniques and how it helps u. god knows my doctor is still tryin out a myriad of them

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Tabinda M. Khan

"Only Pakistan can fix its myriad problems, but if it manages to become a relatively stable and prosperous country that focusses on exporting garments rather than jihad, India will unquestionably be among the biggest beneficiaries...We can call this hope 'getting to Canada.'"

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Missed #JourneysMcr? Well now's the chance to uncover the full range of events & find out how audiences reacted to exceptional art! @McrMuseum @WhitworthArt @OfficialUoM @mcrartgallery @comartsnw @HOME_mcr @Rethink_Rebuild @MRSNManchester @dwarchivenorth

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Dianne Woodward

@AnaAnathelion @marwanbishara I get so angry. All this hypocrisy, repression, oppression of others because of a myriad of ignorant 'isms based on a dreadful classist racist superiority complex is done in MY name. I object. These are not my values nor those of many others among us.

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Ben Smith PhD

@TaniaEstape Thanks Tania. I’m really keen to ensure that #FCR doesn’t become like #QOL, an ill defined construct with a myriad of measures

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The Sirmour Retreat

@SirmourRetreat facilitates exciting adventure sports activities like Bonfire, Stapu, Trust Fall, and myriad more this #vacation . So, head for #Nahan and drown all your stress on this trip. Visit:

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Welcome to part two of a two-part series exploring NAD+ biology; you can find part one here. There are already a myriad of excellent reviews on NAD+ biology in general [1-3], so, in this article, we will be mainly focusing on the NAD+ precursor...

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Wok Smith

@theage I'm looking forward to hearing a myriad of bullshit excuses tomorrow Every scapegoat will be used and every finger pointed But as usual it won't be at themselves It never is

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Dorian Lynskey

@sianushka Of course it matters, in myriad ways. I don’t mind if some people don’t fancy it but I mind when they dismiss it.

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Nakawe Project

So, while eating fishes like #shark and #tuna may seem as an innocent meal, it is really a sure way to acquire genetic aberrations and myriad of health problems. . Humans please know that what you put on your table matters. . #GameOverFishing #SaveTheSharks #SharkMeat #Mercury

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brendan english

@Izzy_Hickmet @antiacademies Can you imagine how wide it would be if they counted the myriad of perks such as cars, health insurance, bonuses etc

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@bimmerella Not to mention the other myriad of things that would be needed to quarter and remove a body. A few rags isn’t gonna cut it, the convenient appearance of a man KNOWN for inventing a portable autopsy kit lets me believe the kit also was part of this.

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ZASA Swanson

For a myriad of reasons, I often need to use a Time Zone and Time Difference Calculator. So... if you need to also know time differences... Here a helpful tool: Thank you @timeanddate for creating this. It's beneficial.

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