John Leguizamo

Paying back the DeVos fam for millions put into his campaign!! Quid pro quid! Payola! Graft! Grease the palm! But at least Trump sells his office at a price!

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(((LADude 🇺🇸)))

@realDonaldTrump But what about your conspiracy with Russia? Let's talk about that! Jared and the spy! Vlad and the pee tape! Money laundering for years! MAGA! Make America Graft Again!

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CNN بالعربية

للمرة الـ11.. استجواب #نتنياهو في تحقيقات الكسب غير المشروع #إسرائيل #قضايا_فساد #الحكومة_الإسرائيلية

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Reports: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went through a new round of questioning over one of several graft cases that have threatened to topple him

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Dr. Miguna Miguna

The illegitimate president @UKenyatta is the C-In-C of the defence forces, head of state and government who commands the police, DCI, @EACCKenya and @ODPP_KE - the revolving doors aren't "independent." He is @WilliamsRuto's boss. So, don't tell us about the "fight against graft."

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NTV Kenya

#UPDATE: Court allows 5 current and former Homa Bay county officials in Sh27.8m graft case to be detained for 10 days; orders arrest of 2 others who fled.

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Lawrence Adinda

#IAmUhurusFriend if he gets damn serious in the war against graft ,look into NYS season 1 and 2,immigration department woes ,maize saga ,kplc tokens pizzle and the very oppressive VAT ,without which #iamnotuhurusfriend @Asamoh_

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margaret stuart md

Trump's military parade is estimated to cost $92 million – $80 million more than earlier estimate He left out the amount allotted for graft in his first estimate.

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Steve Amos

@realDonaldTrump Or, which is more true??? Hillary was RIGHT about the "deplorables" (aka as your 35%) and YOU are doing nothing to make America "greater", YOU are making America WORSE, and at the same time, making us the laughing-stock of the world community by daily lies, graft and COLLUSION.

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Miss Danni King

The long hours and hard graft is starting to pay off ... feeling positive, it’s been blood sweat and tears ✨

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Nigel Harris

I love this pic. Because whatever snazzy kit you have, at the end of the day much railway graft comes down to this. - one person and a shovel. Often in dreadful weather! At night. I salute them.

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First week done at new graft! Might treat myself tomorrow to some new records and threads!

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Deplorable Dick

@battleofever @5ilence_d0g00d @wvufanagent99 @ImabitcSumtimes @paulajarvis69 @PatriotJenn @emmyamelia146 @ProudArkgirl @rcjhawk86 I was gonna stick her head on a pig for a meme, but the body rejected the graft.

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COURT ALLOWS lock-up of 5 Homa Bay County Assembly officials, ex-staff in Sh27.8m graft case for 10 days; orders arrest of 2 others who fled.

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Okay that was NOT fun but it's done, none graft, sutures, swollen but still beautiful

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Canada's Conservative Reform Party hybrid has been predictably rife with graft, corruption, contempt, unaccountability & record high wasteful spending. The CONS were once decimated to 2 lousy seats after Mulroney, Harper was 100x worse and Scheer only proves the Party is a mess.

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Diane Francis

Former #Malaysia Prime Minister #Razak arrested for looting billions from his poor people

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NYT Opinion

South Africa's new president, Cyril Ramaphosa, has promised to root out graft. Can he?

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@Stehodgy65 @mudhutter @WAFC_TPC @iamthepenk @Arry_rotter @CarolEnsor97 @mrjohncoyne @temple_beer Only one man profits from our graft Stey. That plastic lawn didn't come cheap you know.

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Channels Television

Netanyahu Questioned Again Over Alleged Graft.

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Lara Elena Donnelly

Just read a wild article in @bonappetit about graft and other shady dealings in the rosé-by-the-glass world. Someone needs to write the romance-thriller.

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Shannen Kelly

I wish, even just for one day, that I didn't worry about money, or my lack of it. I graft my arse off for pennies then people who sit on their arse and do fuck all are sitting pretty with a house, car etc. Makes me ill.

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Garden Ninja

My graft skills bring all the boys to my yard and I’m like they’re better than yours! Blog update on their progress to follow. Are you a grafter?! #treegrafting #trees #treesofinstagram #gardening #apples #gardenchat

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Press TV

Protest held in Israel as #Netanyahu faces interrogation over graft allegations

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Protest held in Jerusalem as Netanyahu faces interrogation over graft allegations #Netanyahu #Bezeq

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Actually takes a solid days worth of graft to peel a boiled egg, never again

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Just letting the other sellers know how hard I work behind the scenes while they accuse me of being an idle bastard, sat in the Supporters Club drinking ale while they graft 😇

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Ben Mayhew

Football throws up some funny surprises sometimes. No matter how much you think you know, there’s always something more to learn. #graft ⚽️

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@jay_graft @LaLigaEN yes he did. he has better ratio goal than messi.

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Had a class day on the graft I shall indeed be rewarding myself in the public house later💃🏼

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Richard Palberg

#FlashbackFriday BC Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson not worried about ICBC mess "Mr. Wilkinson reminds me of a guy who borrowed the family car, drove it into the telephone pole and now says he doesn't want to play the blame game." #bcpoli #vanpoli #corruption #bcliberals #graft

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Couldn't think of a lad that deserves an opportunity more! All these days of hard graft to get his first appearance! All the best my mate! See you on the pitch 🏏🏏

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Ray Levine

@realyosefstein @spokanetom Jeez, this family is corrupt. They effortlessly move from treason to graft and now to bribery. You begin to wonder if any of them has ever made an honest buck.

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Plenty of hard graft and one car thoroughly taken apart 👍🏻

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PT Town Ladies FC

Girls have been putting in hard graft as the season fast approaches. Two more pre season games to clear the cobwebs away ⚽️ 19/8/18 v @AberTownLadies at Llandarcy Academy of Sport 4pm 25/8/18 v @TULFC away 2pm (pitch TBC) Looking forward to two tough games

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Almanarnews English

Netanyahu Questioned Again over Graft #Middle_East

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Tommy Craggs

Paint balling and quad biking instead of graft today what a belta 😬😬😬

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Hon. Mbula Mutula

If president Uhuru continues with the fight against graft with that top gear then very soon Kenya will be a better place to be. #IAmUhurusFriend

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Kenya West©

PPARB recommended for prosecution of ⁦@nhifkenya⁩ CEO Geoffrey Mwangi over Sh400M procurement scam. Now we call upon ⁦@EACCKenya⁩ ⁦@ODPP_KE⁩ ⁦@DCI_Kenya⁩ ⁦@UKenyatta⁩ ⁦@SicilyKariuki⁩ to pick up case.

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Citizen TV Kenya

Raila, Kalonzo want graft cartels smashed #DayBreak

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Smashing it day in day out #graft #DeleAlliChallenge

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Jason Keith

Wow what a graft for a Friday

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@tanyamoodie Thanks for this...I've seen your graft and it's incredible. To this day I still think about your performance in 'The House That Will Not Stand' 🤗👍

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Elliot Anderson

@AshHardell Me when I talk to my top surgeon about my nipple graft

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New Vision UGANDA

Netanyahu questioned again over alleged graft Israeli police and Netanyahu's office do not confirm that such hearings have taken place until they are over... #VisionUpdates

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Sarah DiGloria

@ScottPresler Pres Trump has brought cleansing sunlight to the backroom deals that have gone on for far too long. Every time they say, "____ took a bribe!!!" or other shocking claim, I think, "were the Obama, Clinton, Bush, etc admins free from graft?" Of course not. #DrainTheSwamp

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Mentor Techies

@olya_crypto @crazy_crypto It's not cheating if the goal is to get more $btc. But you should already know it as you probably hold a bag of $trx. Don't forget to grab some @graftnetwork $grft too before I pump it. (10000+ merchants through my saas softwares when ready.)

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Shibley Telhami

Israeli police question PM Netanyahu for 11th time, amid media reports that police are leaning towards recommending a bribery indictment against him. via @timesofisrael

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Capital FM Kenya

Netanyahu questioned again over alleged graft

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Sean Carey

Nigeria is home to 500 kinds of graft. Here’s a new way to think about them.

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Darryl 'Razor' sharp

Putting the graft in again after bit of time off we racking them fights up again boom..

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half day graft then cardiff tonight, lovely job man

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@WayneFegan Mane isn't afraid to put in the graft and quite selflessly he makes and assists for others but I do think as number 10 he will score more than he did last season but I still say Mohamed Salah is world world class and he will come close to replicating what he* did last season. 👍

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Stem Cell Transplant

If you are dealing with GVHD… skin, mouth, eyes, gastrointestinal, lung… check out this video library featuring videos GVHD in these organ sites. You’ll learn what you can do NOW to manage your GVHD!...

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Gemma Smith

Can’t help but get so annoyed when people just literally get things handed to them. Learn how to graft for your own things...

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Rebel 🇺🇸💒🇵🇱🕍🇮🇱

It's called being in their back pocket, it's called under the table, it's called cover up, it's called graft, it's called all these and more.

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Martyn Warwick

@2ndThingRiteNow @mattzarb @0Calamity They might be able to grow vegetables but growing a political party from scratch requires motivation & focus.These show ponies don't have it. They need to have someone to do the graft for them.

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Richard Palberg

#flashbackfriday Then Minister of Transportation, BC LIberal Todd Stone, claims he doesn't recall ICBC scrubbed report that would have saved public hundreds-of-millions; 'Uh, I'm kinda stupi…' #cdnpoli #bcpoli #vanpoli #corruption #bcliberals #graft

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Lee Johnson RAFA!

@BenArfaChance Aye I think I booked Monday after graft & they came yesterday

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Jamie Paradise

Forget KFC/THE KENTUCKY DERBY/CASSIUS CLAY: there’s a new NOISE in Louisville: NIGHT TIME COOL has hit town to shake the joint DOWN: By this time tmr Detroit House will soundtrack DI Frederick ‘The Fredster’ Street’s GRIFT/GRAFT shtick

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Ataturk's Republic

Turkey wants its share of Syria’s reconstruction via @AlMonitor fresh new territory for graft

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@julietkego Like all things Nigerian, we can't stop it because its an avenue for graft

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#House #Republicans threaten to subpoena #Twitter CEO over 'discrimination' against conservatives: #House #Republicans are once more ignoring the graft, the corruption, the election interference that put the Republican party in total control of…

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Mindy Cross

@izybel_ Thank you sweet lady! I’m in real good hands just super nervous! I’m getting gum graft surgery with Dr. Dow!

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2022,educated folks will wake up at 3am,joined by Githerimen, sing jiberish like Kumira Kumira & elect celebrated legendary thieves. They will then sit back after a few months wondering why graft has hit the roof. Kimenderos Ichaweri oath is a curse! @OliverMathenge @SokoAnalyst

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Argentina Project

Policing in an age of austerity: #Argentina offers cash rewards to recover alleged Kirchner bribes.

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Mentor Techies

I am a $grft maximalist. Because we need a real payment solution. And because fuck you. $btc $eth $ltc #crypto #cryptocurrency

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Bore Mr

COURT ALLOWS lock-up of 5 Homa Bay County Assembly officials, ex-staff in Sh27.8m graft case for 10 days; orders arrest of 2 others who fled.

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Ian Miller

wut. all of these are lies. The NY pizza is covered in graft and dripping in taxi motor oil. And the crust is too thin.

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☽ Tony Stark ☾

me: i dont get grossed out that easily also me: *stomach turns upside down as i look up skin graft images*

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The Moscow Times

In his latest probe, @navalny accuses Duma speaker Volodin of covering up his wealth by keeping assets in his mother’s name

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The New Arab

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu went through a new round of questioning on Friday over one of several graft cases that have threatened to topple him.

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Future of Ag

Open Data should help in anti-graft war #futureofag 1FL

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Ellyn Peters Gesell

Netanyahu questioned again over alleged graft Bibi faced another round in the questioning over corruption today...he too is getting forced in the corner.

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Joshua Doyle

What a fucking hit by Super Pav. I remember this game like it was yesterday. A season’s hard graft and we nearly binned it after going 3-0 down

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isobel niamh

@rach__macdonald @emscholes @alexjkellett 🤣🤣🤣 you put in the graft you reap the results eh

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Lancaster Chamber

#LancashireDay 27th November, the new date in the county’s commercial calendar will celebrate the red rose county’s graft, skill, determination and success

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Informer East Africa

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka urges leaders to back graft war via @YouTube

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Kyran Wiltshire

Graft 🔨

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CGTN America

A corruption scandal is rocking Argentina. It involves allegations of bribery and kickbacks in exchange for lucrative business contracts. The misconduct allegedly took place during two Presidential administrations.

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Someone’s coming to measure the windows in my house and my mum has asked me to make my bed? Didn’t realise he needed a kip on job, must be hard graft measuring windows poor lad

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@ItsMutai war on graft has also been rolled out.. in 3 to 4 months, it will be complete!!!!

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@EACC DPP, and Milimani Anti-Corruption Court sued by Former TRANSPORT CS Michael Kamau who also seeks temporary suspension of his trial over alleged graft

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Our wooden fast phone chargers being lasered in slow-mo. Check out that detail! View the range and buy yours at

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Evans Injika

There's some hope in what @UKenyatta is doing in fighting graft. Your Excellency sir we're waiting to see more of these efforts.We actually don't need to be friends in evil #IAmUhurusFriend

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The Dude abides.....

@FPLChef Better have a beer after all that graft 🤣🍻

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Since @UKenyatta renewed fight against graft, there has been significant reduction in traffic jams in the City. Corruption money is highly associated with traffic jams #IAmUhurusFriend

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Craig John

@GarethSoye Comments are hilarious, “They are killing the working class” If anyone was being killed, which they’re not, it’s most certainly not the working class, admittedly that comment was from Liverpool, where ‘graft’ has multiple definitions

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University of Botswana Official

NIGERIA TAPS INTO UB’S ANTI-GRAFT EFFORTS A Delegation from Nigerian’s Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption paid a courtesy call on then Acting Vice Chancellor, Professor Martin Mokgwathi, on August 14, 2018, to learn first-hand efforts by UB to combat corruption.

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The Independent

Lausanne, Switzerland | AFP | Ghana on Thursday backed away from controversial plans to dissolve its graft-ridden football federation, as it reached a deal with FIFA to clean up football...

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1440 Nos of Cashew Graft distributed to 50nos beneficiaries of Kinjamjodi PVTG villages of DKDA-Chatikona for plantation in Dongor land supported by Horticulture Dept.

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Ian Prince ™

#IAmUhurusFriend if I see a successful fight against graft to very end.

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Llyord. M

Also, important to share data on; number of people charged with graft, number of people been investigated for graft, amounts recovered in the process, property recovered etc. Data goes a long way to bolster confidence on such efforts. #IAmUhurusFriend

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Cover Note


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KUTV Kenya

GRAFT PURGE EXTENDED TO COUNTIES Five Homa Bay County Assembly officials arrested over graft. @KUTVRiseToday @noah_kipkemboi #KUTVRiseToday

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#Pakistan to learn from #Chinese experience in #economic #development, anti-graft campaign: #ChairmanSenate via @appcsocialmedia

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This time around @Ukenyatta you Got our blessings. "SANY" Down this lords of graft and Impunity. We've been desparately waiting for a king to mitigate these henious graft lords. We cling to this call. we stand by your side. #IAmUhurusFriend

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Nigerian Tribune

Checkmate use of stolen funds for 2019 elections, APC tells anti-graft agencies

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Maria Chong

Here, in 2018—our democratic norms are being dismantled. See again: the churlish, impetuous, intransigence of inbred despots—who love golf, rococo palaces, courtier graft, military splendor, hard-fisted rule, the whip and dogs for enemies, favors for henchmen, prison for dissent.

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Alyssa Harad

@ellipticalnight It's probably some kind of cover for graft and all the planners will be arrested.

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