"O silêncio dos empresários agora é ensurdecedor. Precisamos ter um posicionamento nesses últimos dias para reverter o processo em que estamos entrando.” afirma Caio Magri, do Instituto Ethos. #BolsonaroNão Via @redebrasilatual

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Ali Dar

No #PMLN tweeps, NO! Regardless of the hogwash the Provincial Minister is spewing, the hashtag you are running against him is NOT acceptable. Do not forget the ethos MNS embedded in you. Stand out; set the right example!

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Have you met @Lympo_io? They're the exciting sports & wellness platform that brings the health industry to the blockchain. Friendly reminder: Universal Wallet users can store, track, send & receive $LYM. Welcome to the $LYM community! Learn more about them

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Martin Geddes

One of the challenges of unpicking the Globalist intent is the words we use are inadequate. The moment you use an aggregate term like "Israel", "America", "Muslims" or "Jews", then you are lumping together many different agendas & factions, often with diametrically opposed ethos.

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Ethos of Congress is tolerance and harmony, says MPCC Chief Kamal Nath (@OfficeOfKNath), in conversation with @navikakumar #FranklySpealingWithKamalNath

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An Open Letter

'Report' feature on social media is for personal use. Directing a squad of people to report something which you don't like is against the ethos of social media. Also, his reporting is not limited to fake news. He has reported my videos where I criticized him with proof.

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Sydette got 99 problems but guess what ain’t one

And y’all have more room for them than any black woman. Y’all still defend Jessica Valentine and Jill Filipovich who have no vision no sustained ethos of care for PEOPLE while talking cash money shut about Jay Z and Beyoncé

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Melissa Jo Peltier

@MollyJongFast As someone I had previously considered ethical once said to me, when I was refusing project funding from a totally dodgy source...”hey, green is green” I’ve been railing against that cynical business ethos - now predominant in USA - ever since.

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Hip Hop ethos sound archaic now, the rules, the standards. Rap culture was spawned from Hip Hop, but it's not it.

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Trying to explain how, when you’re from Milwaukee, you just get used to being second. It’s our thing, our ethos. And it’s totally ok.

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Bolsolão: presidente do Ethos defende boicote a empresas envolvidas!!! @brasil247

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Tyler Mayoras Ⓥ

“At REI, our mission is to change people’s lives by enabling a life outdoors, so we felt closing on Black Friday with #OptOutside embodied our ethos.” Jerry Stritzke, CEO of REI #outdoors #MEETinthemiddle @REI

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Breitbart News

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Really damning comment showing what @TheBlock__ sees as their identity: they want OUT with the OG crypto ppl who stand up for freedom and cypherpunk values, and they want IN with overregulated US based firms violating user privacy. Dangerous mentality. Bitcoin ethos isnt broken

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Gideyim de biraz Bilge Ethos okuyayım.. :)

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Sandy Boy!

@LillyMaryPinto @BDUTT Sabarimala does not discriminate against women! A traditional Ethos has been followed over years,women between 10-50 yrs of age did not enter as Lord Ayyapa was a celibate. Women of Kerala uphold this Ethos. But u dont worry. U can enter with pride as u have crossed 50.

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Fr. Edward Looney

At the end of the Italian Rosary, everyone chants the Salve Regina and they all knew it. We need to teach people simple and common chants like the Salve Regina. Our American Catholic ethos has lost this. #LourdesPilgrim. @SJCantius-deleted previous tweet b/c of typo.

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Amit Saxena🇮🇳

@ShilpaIsTheBest Likewise. Even i didn't understood the ethos of showing that clip. The smoking fuss did not came out clear to the viewers. It appeared tht BB covered up Surbhi but failed to update who smoked in the bathroom.

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Décio Lima

Bolsolão: presidente do Ethos defende boicote a empresas envolvidas #bolsonaronão

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ETHOS留学生に聞いた「留学中に使えるフレーズ」 日常生活で必ず使うフレーズをまとめました!その数50フレーズ以上。 ・レストランなどのお店で使えるフレーズ ・タクシーで使うフレーズ ・授業中に使えるフレーズ ・日常生活で使うフレーズ

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Prasanna Viswanathan

@db_is_db Yaa the same Prof who in his avatar has a Congi accused BJP-RSS-Hindu orgs of communalising Amarnath Yatra and disturbing secular ethos of Kashmiriyaat. No one can argue mistakes weren’t made but this tendency to promote charlatans and mock those dedicated to cause is so terrible

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Leigh Short Film Festival

We’re so proud to have @BattRatters as our Patron. A great supporter of our ethos. @Rattersbatt thank you for tonight - means the world.

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Erica Houskeeper

Trying to figure out when the ethos of social media went from “I want to connect with others” to “I want to be famous.”

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Márvio dos Anjos

@coimbraricardo Isso é bastante incrível. O ethos dos quatro evangelhos é mais do que evidente e o cara se aferra a UM versículo, o da espada.

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Metal with hardcore’s ethos.

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arjun balaji

@whalepool @mdudas @lawmaster Just want to clarify (I’m a fan of Whalepool, cherish cypherpunk ethos, & often enjoy teamspeak.). 1) Neither Larry nor Dudas have conflicts. Dudas only holds BTC. Larry is a nocoiner. 2) They are not deep state agents secretly entrenching NY Bitlicense regulation.

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@JackClarke09 @LUFC Be a part of the determination. Add to the ethos. Big run of games coming up. Show how fearlessness wins through. Be Leeds. Be Jack Clarke.

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Final word to #MUFC supporters. Your club is a special one. A historic one with an unparalleled ethos in European football. IF you want Mourinho bringing your club into the same gutter he took Chelsea, an upstart club whom needed that chip on their shoulder, keep defending him...

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Mike Cadogan

@PRINT_pearls @PRINTconference @PRINT_ed @PRINT_tv Looks fantastic, great initiative. Have been reviewing the tweets and ethos. Congratulations, great start

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Todd J. Anson

Damn righ they change. The dirty play ethos of Sparty is over. Let them get more than 100 yds. on us and then we can talk. This was a long time in coming and hard fought, but time for Dantonio to start looking for retirement homes with shuffle board courts.

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Larvey - #ABCBoard must go - #HandsOffOurABC

#SchmuckMo's Ethos Dead children in the water - not OK ❌ Tortured, traumatised and suicidal children in endless detention - OK ✔️ #auspol #refugees

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Samdy Corn 🎃

More thoughts It's not like.. I’m not bothered that it has action shots over pencil pushing. It bothers me that it glamorizes something like that and uses it as a recruitment tool. I'd rather we build our forces on the ethos of protection and patriotism like the PLAs ad does 1/

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💀 Hauntinuum 🎃

Say what you want about the tenets of National Socialism, at least it's an ethos

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Felicity Hayes-McCoy

I used to take such pride in having spent years working for the BBC, which seemed to me to have a professional ethos second to none. Now I read something like this and I want to weep.

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Nonprofit Quarterly

For @YWCAChicago, “nonprofit is a tax status, not a business model":

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blue fairy princess

@AmuckOnMars Fuck ethos eepol

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@MarzBarGaming Love your work ethos Alex and hope you a bright future :)

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"As per the RSS this ethos harks back to a golden period of Hindu civilization, unadulterated by the assimilated cultures of Muslim n British rulers frm outside the country." There it is again. That One Nation. One Identity. How daft. We r many many small populations. RSS is 💩

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Skeptical Science

It is hard to believe today, but the prevailing ethos among the educated elite was once public service. As the historian Tony Judt documented in...

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26+ Photographers Go After Elegance In Creative Ways photo by Ethos

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Colin Mitchell

Trying to ease myself back into running. This morning in Wallace Park was my 7th Parkrun in 7 weeks. Love the whole ethos of Parkruns. 194 turned out.

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Bolsolão: presidente do Ethos defende boicote a empresas envolvidas

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Ange of the North

I’m going to a Chinese Restaurant tonight and am so adopting the “ bed” ethos when reading the fortune cookies #SaturdayKitchen

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Sherlock Crypto

$BQX #ethos has big potential. It just broke out from the triangle, if it can break purple line its gonna be amazing!

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Critical Care should be a rehab environment, and that ethos should be multi-disciplinary #Physio18

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SouthBankResistance 👥

with that of Major Frank Buckley in terms of being an innovator. Instilling a footballing philosophy into the club. The individual dynamics are different stylistically, the salient point is the collective ethos engendered across the club. MFB also introduced psychologists as an

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@Swiggster You get with your people and Ill just scream into the ethos. I'm still pissed about my account

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Greg Vann

How good is this? Old technology used in a new way by my @Ethos_Urban colleagues to stimulate community engagement at Gisbourne.

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Dissident Peasant

@AlphaMaleDrG @DavidGriscom @NegansKatt I mean, say what you want about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it's an ethos.

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┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴ Tāylôr Ōwĕns ΛVΛᛋᛋᚺΛᚾΛV

The @Netflix @Marvel shows were essentially clones of the failed #DCEU ethos, instead of extensions of the successful #MCU formula. Dark & gritty for the sake of dark & gritty is boring & played out. Where were the fun & playful streaks in all that over-the-top seriousness?

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Crypto Quantamental

Bought $LOOM, didn't sell anything today for the #CQFModel updated. I was thinking of selling $ETHOS but I'm letting it ride for now. Oh, I sold $BAT earlier too. A ton of great picks here....

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Chuwe Tavada Mugura

@TawandaKarikoga @edmnangagwa @ali_naka @ZANUPF_Official @ZimMediaReview @matigary @Mavhure @xandatoto 3. Zim s prblm is beyond political bickering n grandstandng. It's nt ED pfeeeee or @nelsonchamisa chete x2. Anything along sch thinking is a travesty of real economic ethos. Otherwyz w nid a 3rd force outside ths ED/Chamisa dichotomy @nickmangwana @RMajongwe @CdeNMaswerasei

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Three-year-old defendant ☮ #ProsecuteICE

@amandatnt03 Me too! Crass actually scared me a bit as a teenager. They were even punker than Sex Pistols! Couldn't quite warm up to them back then, but I loved their ethos and still do.

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@sunandavashisht Broadly I feel intellectualism in the country has been replaced by western liberal ethos to the extent it threatens all Indic thought and philosophy! The SC is filled with people who, sadly, have no knowledge or simply do not care about rooted traditions and cultures!

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@ICBubbleGum @Newcgeoman Oh yes ! It's the old #Tory 'born to rule' ethos that drives this #LNP clusterfuck And next election we'll drive them right out of government and back to their wannabe elitist lifestyles & conservative fundamentalist evangelism ... #blockedbyScuMo #LNPmuppets #WentworthFalls

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Let's fight

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Got a DM for a sexy pic so here it is - sexy af - my 6 AMD Rig running ETHOS currently mining ETH 💋

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Presidente do Ethos defende boicote a empresas envolvidas com fake news e caixa 2 via @redebrasilatual

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@GodKreep9 Is that ethos?

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@agg_garima ...eunuch, Kaapurush...etc...Leaving aside the valiant stand of #Sabarimala women, we have seen very rare instances of social inflagarations when it comes to defend our ethos... Strong words from devouts like you shall only help...

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yaniv brandvain

@pastramimachine @jgschraiber @vsbuffalo say what you want about the tenants of neutralism, Dude, at least it's an ethos

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How can I navigate the corporate ethos and coalesce evanescence while dissecting vivisections when I left my baby up in those balloons

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The Country AUSTRALIA has become ungovernable,'uncivilized' public and Politicians both have drifted away from the ethos pathos and logos of judeao-christian values. United Nations the WORLD GOVERNING BODY at their feet ready made subjects clamoring for 'SLAVERY' at their behest.

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Melik Manukyan ⚡️

@StopAndDecrypt @DanielKrawisz @_drgo @wantonwallet @hashamadeus @francispouliot_ @Narodism @ferdousbhai Investors are not focused on BCH. - hash rate - liquidity - development - ethos - discussion BTC ecosystem has retained and continues to capture all of these.

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Jeremy Scrivens

The #futureofwork is calling for Principles around what we use tech like #AI for. Do we use AI to replace people or do we deploy the tech to augment people? Delighted to be #collaborating with #2ndstream companies to create Principles for the latter goal

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I wonder how many people in the Ummah embody the ethos of Islam holistically

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@bitcoinbella_ "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." -EthOS

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Rajendra Arlekar

Our Judges need to watch this...must understand Hindu ethos !

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The Signal

Target 3 reached on @signals_premium within 36 days ~38% profit #Ethos (#BQX) $BQX Sign up to access all our trade signals -> #bitcoin #altcoin #trading #cryptocurrency #bittrex #binance #暗号通貨

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The Signal

Target 3 reached on @signals_premium within 36 days ~38% profit #Ethos (#BQX) $BQX Sign up to access all our trade signals -> #bitcoin #altcoin #trading #cryptocurrency #bittrex #binance #暗号通貨

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@doctorspaceman_ @BAKKOOONN Of all of the racist white supremacist grifters he is my fave bc he is so so so bad at it when there is clearly money to be made in that arena espousing his exact ethos and yet he still fails.

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anne conway

Minister Harris publish now the documents showing clearly NMH’s public status & secular ethos.Words not enough. Re a minor reform on stds opting out of religious ed Minister Bruton reversed his decision with a 'clarification' after 2 meetings with Bishops #ourmaternityhospital

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@teasri As someone who traverses across both these cultures, there's a 3rd element of millenials. The global generation coming up in India has different ethos shaped more by entertainment industry. Hinduism will have to find a way to stay relevant to this group. Future target audience.

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@mstrmasternode Never mind it is ethos!

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cryptomarket world

Hey, check this out: [DarcMatter ICO CEO SANG LEE Interview and ETHOS Announcement! 👥] (via Quarry app)

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Benigma 🔺S = - 🔺H/T

@RaginGayjun Thanks. It's my ethos

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@BreitbartNews Actually... the word you're looking for is FREEDOM... EMBODYING THE ETHOS OF FREEDOM.

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Luis Miguel

@d_ethos No te parece la mejor forma? Jajaj

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Jean-Pierre Mignard

Mediapart n’est au service de personne sinon de sa déontologie rugueuse mais déontologiques c est certain.🧐 Tout a fait incertain d’voir la main du pouvoir, ce journal ayant pour ethos de n etre d’aucun pouvoir.

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Chrissy "5w0rdfish" Morgan

@SecEventsPen @zerocopter First I have seen! Actually looks good, I like the team ethos, you need an invite to join or be invited by a fellow researcher. Good way for quality control I guess. :)

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Steven Gill

@Citysbs The whole city propped up by foreign investment. So far removed from the ethos Manchester used to pride ourselves on.

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Omoye Uduehi

Reason #4982 not to be excited about a brand until some digging is done about the brand's ethos.

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Douglas Unwin #ChuckChequers

@JohnnyMercerUK @fionaunwin Johnny Mercer MP :- "I believe in a Conservative Party that shares the values & ethos of a modern Britain". "It's my job to speak out when I feel that's going awry"!

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@DoubleSal yes and change it to “the ethos gals”(;

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Julian Chambliss

You know, what is going to continue from this meeting is the equity, labor, and citation ethos on display at #aadhum2018. This loops back to the money question in my mind.

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Kristian Emerald Edmundson

@martingeddes You're doing great working giving the great awakening an academic/intelligent ethos!

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Logical Meme

Brazil-ification of CA is harbinger for rest of U.S. Silicon Valley wealth clustered around SF/LA, then hisp poverty. Evaporated middle class. “Nearly 40% of Huron’s 7,000 residents live below the poverty line.” Ethos of ‘globalism’ will spread en masse.

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Customer service is in our DNA. We don’t just provide the technology, we’re here to help you and we’re proud of the long-standing client relationships this ethos has created. #colocation #datacentre #cloud #voip #hosting #midlands #london

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Legal Realist

@jordanperkinsjd @GregWiker @williamrblack To be fair: I’m not at all suggesting violence is never inappropriate, merely that a generally highly-interventionist county using some ethos of non-violence as window dressing is insignificant.

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Keşke sen de biraz yüce bilge Ethos hocamizi okusan:))

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@OutlierCanada Indeed. Humans will do human things. Bitcoin transcends cultural niches. There is no exclusionary pressure I've seen in the guns and meat meme. But it makes sense as a consequence of the full sovereignty protect ur own coin ethos of this thing.

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Sam Tennent

@Craft_bro_1990 Oh I’ll be turning the Rovers into the Forrest Green of the North . It’s not about the trophy’s it’s about the ethos . Punk Football

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Stephen the Black 🇻🇦

@ChivalryFella @tradtom @FCJamesT @1renist @suburb_ex @aChanticleer @Th0mist @AStratelates @boethiolus @Vermeullarmine I think the Protestant ethos can be identified, rightly, as the progenitor of liberalism AND it also be true that the retained structures of Catholicism in Lutheran, Anglican, Presbyterian, and other "High Church" protestanisms prevented an immediate revolution inte liberalism.

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@LEXX_FM @phluidproject Another example of how lgbtqia spaces and communities neeeeed to discuss this very real anti blackness.. while benifiting from every fucking thing we do.. we’re oka in certain instances & then in others white supremacy seems to be the ethos & grounds for our (dis)qualification

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November is Coming

@jdpierce9 @SteveKingIA @worldnetdaily @realDonaldTrump So, you are an anti-American fascist? That’s what I seem to be understanding. All this love for America is actually a takeover of American values. The very reason we exist was to break away from this type of ethos. You’re a traitor to our nation. Along with our president.

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ETN 911RS2

@CryptoMichNL Ethos....then ETN.... I get it.

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@alshipley Yeah I mean I’m being sarcastic because it is a little corny but I can’t help but interpret drugs in music as being synonimous with certain moods/dispositions. Coke, in my experience (never used), turns people in to sharks; clear-eyed sociopaths. Push‘s Ethos.

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Calif Records initiated a new style known as Genge, a reinforcement  of foundational ethos of hip hop as a music for and by the people #OgopaVsCalif

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