Ava DuVernay

Beautiful afternoon. Just back from the master @iamKENNYLEON’s latest play AMERICAN SON, starring Eugene Lee, Jeremy Jordan, Steven Pasquale and the stellar artist known as @KerryWashington in top form. Their work will make you laugh, cry, rage, think + seek your own truth. 💯

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That's 5 straight stellar periods of hockey at T-Mobile Arena for the Golden Knights. Maybe their best 5 of the year, all in succession.

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Brian Wilde

Domi’s zone entries are stellar.

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Australian Women's Cricket Team 🏏

SERIES WIN! Stellar performances all round from the Aussies and we've taken the second #PAKvAUS ODI, winning by 150 runs!

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MLB Network

Will Clayton Kershaw make a #Game7 appearance tonight? Relive the @Dodgers lefty's stellar Game Five performance at 2pm ET.

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おはようごぜーます、あいどるです(嘘) #いいねした人全員フォローする #RTした人全員フォローする #らぶりつした人全員フォローする #美男美女さんと繋がりたい #すこしでもいいなと思ったらRT #雰囲気嫌いじゃないよって人RT #らぶりつ下さい

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Fearless Records

We’re celebrating one year of Feel Something today! 🌸 What’s your favorite song from this stellar album?

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$XLM Pump it!

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Habitual Boiler

Hey Clarke, hope you and your 16 followers had a stellar day! @csmith46254

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Cincinnati's defense has been absolutely stellar today. Wow.

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rose mcgowan

You are a stellar being, Selma Blair. Your truth and honesty will help so many. Blessings on your journey #MS #SelmaBlair Reveals Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis in Emotional Instagram Post - The Hollywood Reporter

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Jon Miller

Iowa's execution these past three games (MN, IN, MARY) has been stellar. The playcalling mix has been very impressive. Just fun to watch

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Congratulations on a stellar performance at the Bands of America Super Regional Marching Panthers! You represented your school and community with pride. Very proud of you for all your hard work and an incredibly memorable and impactful performance! #NorthPride @PLSD @mr_ulbrich

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Colorado Eagles

Frankie has been absolutely STELLAR tonight! #EaglesCountry

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I spy with my little eye....... The @TUCBIDG (University of Cincinnati Bearcat Bands) rocking out some stellar tunes up top half a #jaggedline Want to take home the other half? It has your name on it ;) Take a look at what we have for you:

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David Hood

Finley said this week that he thinks NC State has the best offense in the country (which you want your QB to say) but they have looked less than stellar today.

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Xavi Bros

M66 is a spiral #galaxy situated in Leo #Constellation, with prominent dust lanes and bright spots, indicating stellar clusters. It is situated 36 million lightyears distant. Image done by #Anysllum #Observatory @AstroSabadell.

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Pat Harty

Parker Freaking Hesse continues his stellar play.

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The Utah Pig Bus - Las Vegas Bowl Regulars

Thanks for joining us @uscpsycho and the rest of the @USC_Athletics fans, always it is awesome having you guys out here. Game was less than stellar for you guys, good luck the rest of the way. See you in L.A.!! Be safe my friend and keep the Fight On!!

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Elixium Capital

I made a decision tree for everyone panic selling 👉 👀 Register Now & Start Buying📈 & Selling📉 Cryptocurrency ✅ #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #BTC #Ethereum #ETH #Ripple #XRP #EOS #Stellar #Litecoin #LTC #Cardano #Monero #TRON #IOTA

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Playing away to Juventus is never easy for a striker, but have been relatively impressed with Piatek. Gets in good positions and is smart with the ball. Not stellar technically, but he‘s effective when he has it. Some shades of a young Harry Kane.

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Stellar Interface

We just added Lost Formations and Lost Mode to #StellarInterface 1.8 #steam beta! For more update details check #indiedev #gamedev #shmup #indiegame #retro #madewithunity #indiedev #pcgaming #roguelike #pixelart #IndieDevLove #STG #screenshotsaturday

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Jake Gyllenhaal

"Saw @wildlifethefilm followed by a Q&A with co-writer and director Paul Dano and star Jake Gyllenhaal. Such a great emotional film that covers a subject matter I’m definitely familiar with. With stellar performances from the lead cast .." (

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Kyle S. Lamb

Indiana's 'clock management' was not exactly stellar those last two possessions.

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A stellar half for Nebraska: The @Huskers lead @GopherFootball 28-8. Martinez: 213 yards of total offense, 2 total TD. Ozigbo: 7 carries, 139 yards, 2 TD. Spielman: 7 receptions, 68 yards, 1 TD.

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The Secret Trader

#btc #Bitcoin #ltc #litecoin #xlm #stellar #eth #ethereum #NEO Evening update The bitcoin 3 hour chart looks ready for a nice move up 🙏🏼

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crazy spoopy asian 👻🎃🙍🏻‍♂️

BAY AREA, bummed i can’t be there today but pls go support @NESZLO @jstn_chng @itsnellemusic @ramonfosho @jvnamusic & all the stellar artists today! 🍋🍫

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CWU Athletics

FB | Final | Wildcats WIN 60-19 over Simon Frasier University here in Ellensburg tonight! Their 719 offensive yards sets a new record and both sides of the ball played a stellar game. REIGN CRIMSON 🐾🏈‼️

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Robbie Eagles

Anyone in or able to get to Sydney and NOT going to @PWAaustralia #PWABlackLabel tonight at Max Watts is crazy. It will be a stellar show as always. Pls keep me updated via social media as I have FOMO not being there. :( #PWAColosseum

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Wimberley HighSchool

Texan Band with a stellar performance and a stellar rating...Straight 1’s! Congrats on advancing! Will perform again next Saturday in Pflugerville at 3:30. Well Done!! #WHSTEXANPRIDE

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Rob Vanstone

The last time Zach Collaros played at McMahon Stadium, his team lost 60-1. He has been stellar tonight.

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暗号通貨格付け情報トップ10‼️ 10位 OmiseGO 9位 NEO 8位 Dash 7位 TRON 6位 Stellar 5位 Ethreum 4位 Bitcoin 3位 Cardano 2位 EOS そして栄光の第1位は…… もちろんXRP〜🎉🎉 拡散拡散〜💕💕 #XRP #リップル

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Maryland Arts & Humanities

🗣@UMD_AADHum: Congrats on a stellar conference! Follow #AADHum2018 for closing highlights. #IAmARHU #UMDDiscovers

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The Adamson point guard still has the competitive fire in him – someone just needed to fan the flames. #UAAPSeason81

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Unpacking 🔜 Day of the Devs

Introducing the newest member of the Unpacking team: @jeff_van_dyck! Jeff is an award-winning composer and audio director, known for his stellar work on both AAA and indie titles. You can hear some of his music on his Youtube channel:

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1) It's called Well Built Style for a reason 2) You don't need to spend "half your weeks" in the gym to get in stellar condition 3) Good style will be much the same whether you're in shape or not, just that the in shape guy will look that much better 4)

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Tickford Racing

🏁CHEQUERED FLAG🏁 Chaz goes to P2 at 1m10.71s, just 0.01s off provisional pole. Adam: “That was a real stellar lap mate.” #AllFourOne | #VASC

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BREXIT BRITAIN 🇬🇧 Supporting BREXIT & #NoDeal!

Amid accusations of political bias, why has @facebook hired #Remoaner & LOSER #NickClegg to head up global affairs? Was it his stellar track record of killing off the #LibDems, then losing the referendum and his seat? 🤔😂! #Facebook #BBC #SKY #LBC #UK

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Centaur mating rituals are like a wonderful ballet. The Marrowfell Brawler embodies the simple brute strength of red heroes for 6 mana. This card has a hilarious 16 health and isn't took shabby in the damage department either. Stellar artwork by Vance Kovacs!

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Gotta say that communication like this is stellar. You can take example of it @bitfinex @BittrexExchange @Poloniex.

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Simon Cowell Online

Would Never have known he was nervous! Stellar stuff from @RealArmstrongUK ! Loved his version of Story of My Life - what about you guys?! #xfactor

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Lead SA

#Changemakers2018 kicks off in around 30 minutes. We'll be streaming through the day but there's nothing like a firsthand brush with #Overcoming. Join us -

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Token X is 100% backed by fiat currency, independently audited and FDIC insured up to USD $25 million. Available on Stellar and Ethereum #crypto #BlockChain #bitcoin #Business #InvestmentBanking #Dollar #money #stock #fintech #forex #Tech #news #investor

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Betty Ann

Minnesota, Vote Red🔴 and Vote for @DHughesCongress 🔴 He's a Veteran🇺🇸 a conservative supports our constitution and securing our boarders🇺🇸 Potus endorses this stellar candidate for MN-7🔴🇺🇸

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Stellar explosion is such a funny attack bc cressidus literally throws mikhail

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bts' predominant energies be like, yoon: stellar minnie: galactic joonie: planetary jinnie: hnnff.. jinnie is A Complex Creature but honestly. Stellar hobi: stellar koo: planetary tae: galactic

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Grey Powell

Congrats to the OCA XC team on a top 10 finish at State today! Great job on another stellar season! #WTD #CodeMaroon #EmbraceTheRace

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Yet another stellar performance from Lukaku against the top 6, big games are for big players #CHEMUN

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Rob Fai

CANUCKS: Boeser’s conditioning gives him that extra 5-10 seconds of energy allowing him to not only keep in the play that leads to the GWG, but make a stellar pass to Bo... Great patience, and one last burst for the win. Sweet hands from Horvat to slip it past Halak. Fun game.

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April ~ stellarevolution

cloud9 🤩

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Keith Adams

A stellar motor...

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Dillon Dominique Ⓜ⚪🔴

@BbeaulieuB @9teenHKY To many players took the night off and Alzner... fucking Alzner man he's so bad. Price was stellar aside from one bad goal.

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Rory Carroll

Trent Zimmerman is off his chops. To suggest this was a stellar campaign by Sharma is an insult to the intelligence of @abcnews viewers

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The Secret Trader

#btc #Bitcoin #ltc #litecoin #xlm #stellar #eth #ethereum #NEO Are we bullish enough to break out? Morning star candlestick formation is a bullish reversal formation🙏🏼 MACD histogram advancing into buy zone 🙏🏼 MACD signal line looking to cross 🙏🏼 MFI indicator bullish 🙏🏼

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Casey Crawford

A thousand thank yous to my friend - and stellar volunteer - @SLJNasco. Great to have you with us for one last afternoon of door knocking for @NPAVancouver . Please be sure to vote today!

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@thecoinchaser $XLM stellar please and thank you.

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Cara Mason🔥

@miss_barnes01 @sad_avenger02 @BlackPrinceKsy @crazy_shipper__ @goddamn_frips @JimT_Kirk @msaww_ @mantle_strange @_kaffeee_ @stormlord_q @_stellar_fox @anamercer95 @laks97502224 @_katyashh @moon_sun_truth @sinnamon_auror @ilyusya_mogilka @Bazinga1541 @apxchu @dead_blue_sea

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Sky at Night Mag

Ever wondered about the colour of stars? Read our guide to what spectral classes mean and what they can tell us about a star.

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@ajithFC Ofcourse, Shivashankar and jeeva stellar performance, remember watching entire movie in standing at fdfs. Most awaited movie, gave all the best feeling in the end.

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@JayRyan @PauldeGelder Congrats guys on what I already know will be a hugely successful Fighting Seeason for you - @jayryan your amazing talent shines 😍 & Paul you may be new to this acting gig but great performance from you & the rest of this stellar cast! Counting down to 28/10 #superproudaussie

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Tess Rinearson

This is what the VIP pass giveaway (for @OURMusicFest) looks like on the Stellar network 😎

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Salina Central Cheer

Thank you to all our wonderful seniors and senior parents! You are all stellar athletes and leaders, and we love the support from our parents!

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New project on Stellar XLM Crypto: Arg3ntum — a new stable coin fully backed by silver #crypto #BlockChain #bitcoin #60Minutes #Business #InvestmentBanking #Dollar #Banks #money #stock #fintech #forex #Tech #news #finance #investor

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National Film Board

Watch how a sudden change in climate caused by a stellar explosion resulted in the extinction of the dinosaurs that roamed the earth 65 million years ago. 🎬 Extinction of the Dinosaurs – Paul Bochner (1976 | 3 min) →

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$XLM has risen pretty well these past few days. If you remember the stacking area was pointed out on one of my tweets on my main account. Not the best time to buy right now. Wait for a pullback.

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Crypto Buddies

Tomorrows crypto events (21 Oct): @Ripple (#XRP) — Money20/20 USA in Las Vegas @StellarOrg (#XLM) —Money20/20 USA in Las Vegas @NEO_Blockchain (#NEO) —Blockchain Hackathon in Delft @dragonchaingang (#DRGN) —Hollywood Casino 400 Race Sponsorship #Ripple #Stellar #Dragonchain

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Before i thought yoongi was planetary but turns out he's. super stellar. there's just the neptunian component that's Separate

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Jay C. Upchurch

So far today, Oklahoma's defense had been stellar #Sooners

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hoseokie's stellar energy 🌟🌟🌟

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A Spooky Living Bucket

Between Gridman, Zombieland, Spyce, Karakuri Circus, and Boarding School Juliet, this s shaping up to be a stellar season!

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Ridge Point Football

Congrats to JR Will Pendergrass and SR Kyle Ramsey for sharing Special Teams Player of the Week vs. Travis. Will had a huge 63 yard Punt and Kyle was once again stellar on Kickoffs and perfect on Ext. Pt's.

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stop yukarı çektim 3725 altı manuel stop kullanmayı düşünüyorum, $xlm

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"Manny, you use to many good looking models as style examples." Most of the models are only "good looking" BECAUSE they are in stellar shape and dress well. Lesson in there. Get in shape. Stop dressing like a jabroni and join their ranks!

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Paul Lander

Woot, woot! Thank ya @SadlyCatless for including me in this frighteningly stellar group of tweets!

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Stella☆@10/21 ニャンズマーケット No.149 150

お品書きできましたぁ!(レイアウトひどくてすみません!) 明日よろしくお願いします🐈 #ニャンズマーケット

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Liberty Ballers

Through 2 games, #Sixers star Ben Simmons is nearly averaging a triple-double, but it’s his stellar work on the defensive end that has caught @AdioBRoyster’s eye.

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Leigh Smiles💜Infidel⭐bot⭐that⭐votes💜KAG

Pro tip; when using a fake account to hit on women, don't use pics of someone I actually know. Stellar job strange guy!!

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Binance has the lowest trading fees for trading crypto! #Cryptocurrency #Crypto $Crypto #Coinmarketcap #Decentralize #Cryptomoedas $XVG #XVG #Verge $ICX #ICX $XRP #XRP #NEO $NEO #XLM $XLM #Stellar #Holochain #Holo $NTY $CS $NEBL $STQ $SOC

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Stella☆@10/21 ニャンズマーケット No.149 150

クリアファイル(ついに両面印刷!)と小さなイラスト集届いたぁぁぁぁ!持っていきます! #ニャンズマーケット

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$XLM also making higher highs. $BTC could bring this down, but its looking good at the moment.

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Blair Hughes

Stellar effort with the away day venue from @CCMariners. Decent inflatable TV/goal post set up too.

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Jeff Espiritu

Problema kasi kay Dimdim, magpapasikat off-season. Stellar performances, makikipag sabayan sa veteran pero pagdating UAAP, parang tamad na tamad. Nasaan ang problema? Sa coaching staff? Sa leggings at tights mo ba? Charot. Labyu, Dim!

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Accomplisher of Stuff

Soup dumpling in Bangalore at Nasi & Mee - the skin was stellar and the soup was just the right level of scalding, just wish the taste was up to par...

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Tim Leftwich

With that, another wonderful stream comes to a close. With the exception of a few crashes, @jackboxgames Party Pack 5 is STELLAR. Some of my favorite games, by far. Now FIX THOSE BUGS!!! <3

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Excel NW Volleyball

Congrats to 18 Team Rox hitter @LaynieErickson She is having a stellar senior season. We are so proud of you!! #volleyball #breakyourownrecord #leavealegacy

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Elixium Crypto

Bitcoin.. The King 👉 👀 Register Now & Start Buying📈 & Selling📉 Cryptocurrency ✅ #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #BTC #Ethereum #ETH #Ripple #XRP #EOS #Stellar #Litecoin #LTC #Cardano #Monero #TRON #IOTA #Dash #Tezos

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Shesus Christ

Extended twerk sessions are actually a stellar calf workout. 👌🏻

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Hi, kailan ulit Stellar Album Tour? NCR nman dyan hahaha #SUGAROLMarisRacal

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Holy Utes, guys. That win in SLC is looking pretty stellar right about now.

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TRUTH: AS HARD AS IT IS TO SEE....WE MUST. So (((THEY))) GO DOWN....never to rise again! UNBELIEVABLE. WHAT A CREEP! EVIL. So thankful for DJT AND JFK JR...two men who are STELLAR and BRAVE to take on the cabal. Wow.‼️‼️👍👊

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Madhav Das Nalapat

Such a perception would be to the benefit of the BJP, a party that has a less than stellar record in economic and social policy during its nearly five years of rule.

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Skateboard Marketing

@laguns was stellar tonight @MulcahysPub glad to have #hangtime with @traciiguns & @PhilLewisMusic aftershow @FrontiersMusic1 #RockAndRoll #cockedandloaded

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🐾James Murphy

Growing up on Hockey Night In Canada I have to say it will be sad not hearing the voice of Bob Cole after these last few games. What a stellar career, #HNIC won't be the same without you sir #nhl

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