Seth MacFarlane

Way to go Rebecca Rodriguez on a stellar first day directing #theorville!

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Atlanta Braves

RECAP: Toussaint's stellar debut spurs #Braves' Game 1 victory.

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Daniel Dale

It's so good the NYT is fact-checking Trump regularly now - @YLindaQiu has been a stellar addition.

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These 21 new games releasing soon are worth your attention

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Migration Schedule for Stellar Core 10.0.0 "We're about to release some big changes to the way the order book works in the upcoming upgrade to the Stellar Core protocol." Read the full schedule here: #stellar

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Phil Plait

The cluster Omega Centauri is mighty and gorgeous, but is an incredibly hostile place for planets. VERY close stellar encounters rip planets away from their stars and fling them out into space!

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Tiffany Cross

Don’t you love a real time fact check from a stellar reporter?

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#SFGiants rally in ninth after stellar Kershaw outing, steal win over Dodgers

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Aside from Litecoin, I believe $XLM and $DGB will be the 2 highest performing ALTS during the next bull cycle as well.

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Cheds Trading [Cancer Fighter]

$XLM seems to be shrugging off this bear push

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SportsNet LA

8 stellar innings from @ClaytonKersh22 isn’t enough as the #Dodgers drop the opener to the Giants 5-2.

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Think Music

Get ready for an Stellar Explosion 💥 !! #ImaikkaaNodigal Releasing BIG this Month End !! #Nayanthara @VijaySethuOffl @Atharvaamurali @anuragkashyap72 @RaashiKhanna @hiphoptamizha @DoneChannel1 @CameoFilmsIndia @AjayGnanamuthu

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The Crypto Dog📈

Another rough day for $XLM holders. Starting to feel the capitulation.

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Abigail Harrison | Aspiring Astronaut

My dad: 'hey kiddo, how was the launch?' Me: 'it was stellar!!' Dad: '😒' #SolarProbe #spacepuns #puns

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트칝소 중 ᴸ ᴵ ᵀ

#엑소엘_트친소 ☀️⭐️🌙모든흔적 무멘맞괄💗💫🌈

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Dunedin Softball

Very happy to announce Tiona Hill will be joining our coaching staff for the 2019 season. The 2014 DHS alumni just finished her stellar career at UWF. Welcome aboard!!!

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Lucy ⭐️ M. Bacani

Keep streaming on Spotify the Stellar Album by @MissMarisRacal !

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Western & Southern Open

Stan THE Man Former semifinalist @stanwawrinka puts on a stellar performance to oust No.12 seed Diego Schwartzman 6-2 4-6 6-3. He sets up a 🤩 2R clash with Kei Nishikori. 📹: @TennisTV

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Maris Racal Stellar Album Tour: August 18,2018 (5PM) CSI Mall Tayug Pangasinan August 21,2018 (5PM) Pacific Mall Lucena Sugod na MarNigos! Mgkikita kita tayo doon 💙...

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Daren Stoltzfus

Another stellar specialty uniform night for the @ChasRiverDogs! Throwing it back to the Charleston Rainbows days on Pride Night at The Joe. Game worn unis will be auctioned off with proceeds going to Charleston Pride @UniWatch @PhilHecken @UNISWAG #SAL #MiLB

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Cenk Babaeren

🔶 Facebook’un Stellar ağı üzerinden kendi kripto parasını çıkartmak istediğine dair haberler çıkmıştı ancak Facebook bu iddiaları yalanladı.

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Sona Charaipotra

Today @amyreedfiction’s stellar, smart, sometimes shattering & very necessary anthology #OurStoriesOurVoices, hits shelves, w 21 confessionals from some of my fave writers. I’m proud to have contributed & cried countless times while reading these essays. Do you get your copy yet?

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Gail Johnson

Yes the bullpen is in shambles, but the offense is mostly asleep, while the starting pitching has been absolutely stellar in trying to carry the team. They won’t win very many games when scoring 2 runs, and I think that’s the biggest issue right now. #Dodgers

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Catch MARIS RACAL on these ff. dates: Aug 18 | Ipaglaban Mo Aug 18 | Stellar Album Tour Aug 19 | All Star Game 2018 Halftime Performance Aug 21 | Stellar Album Tour Aug 25 | FUJI Family Day @MissMarisRacal @mor1019 #DyisIsItManila Ikaw Lang Sapat Na by Maris Racal

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MasterTrader777 #XLM

So is the #XRPARMY going to buy these #XRP $XRP when it hits $0.25 cents? I remember everyone claiming they couldn't wait for these prices. Did everyone buy $XLM #XLM instead? Is that why #Stellar volume is trumping #Ripple on @Poloniex and @binance?

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Matt Buchholtz

Trying to impress my coworkers with my stellar self-restraint and healthier eating.

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Lightning Signals

⬆ ⬆ ⬆ Spike in chatter for $XLM! Tweets: 15 (+128.16%), Reactions: 82 (+112.96%) Popular tweets:

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Prasanna Viswanathan

Why Bharat Needs To Know More About Bharathi. “Unlike the Bengali “bhadralok” intellectuals who have done a stellar job of celebrating Tagore and taking him to the larger world, the Tamil middle-class failed Bharathi”. via @swarajyamag

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Jason Hirschhorn

Investing in HBO is a great bet for AT&T. They have a proven track record. That money as CEO Richard Plepler says will allow them to "never want to say no again, to what we want to say yes to." They have the plan. And a stellar upcoming lineup.

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After watching @jackfrags most recent video about BF3's stellar marketing campaign, its makes me think. Why isn't BF5 being pushed nearly at all? I've barely heard about it other than what I search online. I mean, it had a shorter time in E3 than EA's crap mobile C&C game.

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#dailycryptoupdate #cryptonews #india #cryptotoken #jeju #ico #friendly #binance #facebook #cryptocurrency #stellar #saudiarabia #btc #trading #illegal #crypscrow visit

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With five wickets to his name in a cracker of a game, @RaymonReifer came out on top with a stellar performance when @BIMTridents played the @GYAmazonWarrior! Was he part of your #FantasyCricket team? . . . #Dream11 #CricketPlayedLouder #BiggestPartyInSport #GAWvBT #CPLT20

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$XLM / $BTC - Got an impulsive 3 move W to upside since then been correcting that move. Currently making the final leg down which can reach to around 2200-2400 before a bounce. #stellar #xlm

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MasterTrader777 #XLM

#XRP doesn't have any support here! $XRP is in serious trouble. Are you really gunna keep ignoring how well $XLM $XTR #STR #XLM is doing vs #Ripple right now? It just took # 5 spot on #Coinmarketcap @CoinMarketCap ! #StellarLumens #Stellar @IBM #XLMARMY #XLMGOD #XLMLAMBO

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@HolderStephen Stephen, while my first reaction is excitement for you because I’m sure your stellar work is being rewarded with a better gig, I’ll be absolutely bummed if this takes you out of the Indy market. Either way, congrats to you and your family and thank you!

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Lady Rainplease

I've said it before: #ArethaFranklin's You Make Me Feel Like Natural Woman makes me feel like a natural woman. It's a stellar song. 1/

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Mark Miller

Milwaukee Bradley Tech has two stellar 2022 prospects in its building as school started for MPS on Monday -- 2022 G/F Jeffery Brazziel (6-5) and 2022 F Leon Zollicofer-White (6-5).

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CoinDesk Markets

#Stellar $XLM just passed #EOS to become the world's 5th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Current value: $3,983,440,539 (data from CoinMarketCap)

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Bobby Martrich EPAWA

Oh look... more rain and thunderstorms. One severe-warned over parts of Montgomery and Bucks. Another stellar job by short range guidance picking up on this stuff 🤔 Upper level lows are notoriously difficult to forecast and almost always throws curve balls.

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Unraveling the stellar content of young clusters

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Mujeres con ciencia

Margaret Lindsay Huggins, junto a su marido, el astrónomo William Huggins (1824-1910), fue una pionera en espectroscopia, publicando el Atlas of Representative Stellar Spectra (1899).

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$VET SEPTEMBER 7–8 Slush Shanghai 2018 will attract 15,000 attendees, including 1,000 startups, 500 investors, as well as 500 domestic and foreign media all gathered in one of the most iconic cities in the world. $BTC $ETH $EOS $XLM

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Jess Smith

Really dig unexpected collabs that work. This @VANS_66 x @vangoghmuseum collection is stellar.

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Ryan: 0-0🦄

Stephen you have been nothing, but stellar since you moved to Indy. You excelled at your job and educating/battling for social justice on twitter. I have a hunch where you are heading to, but I will read your content wherever you end up. Thank You and Good Luck!

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Anjali Enjeti

#Georgia, we need auditable #handmarked #paperballotsnow. #BrianKemp, the current Voter-Supressor-In-Chief, i.e., Secretary of State AND the GOP nominee for gov - loves his hackable F-rated voting computers. Thank you @mcclatchy for your continued stellar reporting. #gapol #GAGov

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@SharmaNaveen633 @AlfassaManik @being_stellar @rosewoodian_r @G4Gautam1443 @Priyanshu1860 @SarikaJ5 @Dr_strange92 @guptatripti37 जय हिंद जय भारत 🙏 स्वतंत्रता दिवस की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ आप सभी को 🙏

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CryptoCurrency Wire 🚨

What are you doing with the #cryptocurrency market right now? $BTC $ETH $XRP $BCH $XLM $NEO $XMR $ZEC $BAT #CRYPTO #RETWEET

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Bally's AC

Early mornings are always easier when you get to witness a stellar sunrise like this. #MyBallys

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Jack Kogod

And he gave up the home run we all knew he would. Literally every Nats fan/writer I follow knew what was happening before it happened. Then it happened. Stellar.

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Charles Bell

Overnight Piotr Guzik reported 64P/Swift-Gehrels bright and almost stellar compared to a week ago when it was too faint to see. These are similar to many prior visual reports when 29P outbursts by several mags.

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Chicago BACP

TOMORROW, Wednesday, August 15th at 3PM the FREE biz ed workshop will discuss a very important part of a marketing strategy-the brand marketing story! Review all of the pieces for a stellar story. The presenter will answer 1-on-1 questions in English & Polish after the workshop.

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FOX Sports Midwest

John Gant -- he of the stellar .209 opponents batting average -- will be on the bump when the #STLCards host the #Nats tonight. Toyota Cardinals Live pregame starts at 6:30.

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Valinda Kimmel

A3 Love to lead with empathy and then exit with JOY. "Ohh,(and other apropriate, genuine empathetic noises). I'm off to learn to with my littles. Here's to a stellar day!" #tlap

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Beetcoin [10K BTC on LN]

#Stellar $STRUSD - ✨

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Houston Stellar VB

We’re proud of all our Stellar Athletes kicking off their school seasons! Keep Shining Ladies! 💙💛 #timetoshine✨ #everythingcounts🏐

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Earl Blumenauer

Our fight to win back the Majority is important for several reasons, & ending the failed prohibition on marijuana is one of them. It was enjoyable to be interviewed by @TheNVIndy, a stellar nonprofit, community-supported news organization.

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All the nodes together make up the Stellar network, like the servers that make up the network that is the Internet today.

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To all those crying and wailing about the #crypto market now. Grow up lol $BTC $ETH $TRX $OCN $XRP $DASH $XEM $ADA $LTC $BANCA $ECA $COLX $MAN $EVE $PAY $ZPT $CV $TEL $QLC $WAN $EOS $HOT $ETC $VEN $ZIL $EXRN $XP $BABB $DRG $BCH $XLM $IOTA $NEO $XMR $OMG $BNB $LSK $ZIL

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Mark McKenna

Cheryshev was one of the standouts for Russia at the World Cup, knows Marcelino’s system and is a fantastic option as a squad player. No complaints, a stellar summer window continues to get better.

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Jones Musara

Today the brilliance, diligence, vigilance, intelligence, elegance, valiance and efficiency of our ZDF was on display. With such stellar attributes of our ZDF, the evil machinations by the defeated Alliance to destablize & destroy Zimbabwe always fail. Salutations to our ZDF!

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#GeethaGovindam expected to have stellar premier numbers, should easily do $350K+ & with good reviews $1M should be possible in 6 days. #VijayDevarakonda

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All India Mahila Congress

Indra Nooyi is more than an inspiration. Under her dynamic leadership, PepsiCo had shown a stellar performance with the whooping rise in share prices by 78%. We wish her the very best for her next milestone​. #WomenPositive

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.@kapoorkkunal, @ItsVineetSingh, @TheAmitSadh and @sunnykaushal89 form the backbone of the film & do a stellar job as the hockey players who win the day! Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2 #GoldMovie #GoldReview #MovieReview #MovieTalkiesReview #gold @akshaykumar @Roymouni #GoldenStart

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azcentral sports

Remember Touki Toussaint? The former #Dbacks 1st round pick had a stellar #MLB debut for the #Braves today.

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Bill Fitzgerald

It's a good thing both Edmodo and Scholastic have such a stellar record with securing their tech, and that IBM doesn't have long roots in predictive policing. But hey - AI is the magic bullet we've all been waiting for. #edtech

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Crypto Analysis

Even on the 5-min chart the bounce for $XLM remains valid. Let's see if that can't work its way back up very soon. If it breaks below this support point though, you're screwed. #Hedge #BeCareful #StellarLumens

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DodgerDame ⚾

Shut it down Alexander! #Kershaw deserves a W after that stellar performance. #Dodgers 2-1 in 9th.

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MasterTrader777 #XLM

$XLM #XLM #STR $STR within 5 cents of $XRP #XRP #Ripple! It's the #Lumination upon us! The real flippening is going to happen!

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The Crypto Dog📈

@Crypto_Macro For the record I bought back in my $XLM an hour or two ago at 20 cents when I saw alt index hit the thicc 🤞That was the bottom Been a pretty rough day for $XLM holders as you can see

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logan and i have stellar conversations

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Tonight was a stellar episode of the podcast. I was very apprehensive doing a podcast on this topic, but I'm glad I did. @pirategrayson and @mat_weeny were perfect guests to have on the show, and I'm proud of the end product. Thanks for tuning in. See you guys tomorrow!

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Indian Olympians

After a stellar performance at BWF World Championships, bar a close final match, @pvsindhu1 will go all guns blazing to win the gold at the @asiangames2018. . #PlayersToLookOutFor #AsianGames #IndiaAtTheAsianGames

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ビットコインに対してどこまで楽観的でいられる?13日の主要な仮想通貨テクニカル分析⚡️ ◆ビットコイン「5,910.65ドルを上回っている限り、楽観的な見方」 ◆イーサリアム 「反発の最初のサインは20日間EMAを超えて3日間取引した時」

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Dev Meetup | Hey #crypto friends 👋👋! Join us on August 22nd in #SF to learn about building blockchain infrastructure with engineers from @SolanaLabs, @NervosNetwork, and Lightyear (the for-profit arm of @Stellar): Livestream available!

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Satoshi, MBA

$XLM #crypto #bitcoin #blockchain

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John Smith

$XRP #blockchain #consensus #XRP #XRPtheStandard #DLT #FINTECH #CRYPTOCURRENCY #forex #Commodities #asia #javascript #java #Bitcoin #payments #banking #IoT #trading #china $xrp.x $BTC #EUROPE #ETH $ETH #BTC $BTC $ETH.X $BTC.X #trading #XLM #BCH $XLM

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CassTech Alumni Asso

Kudos to Cass Tech Alumna niquechelle on her stellar performance last night in Detroit. You can catch her dancing with Beyonce & Jay Z in your city as a part of the On The Run Tour II.…

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Unwoke Duffy (Monogamy Enforcer) 📟

>making this point and not realizing it's a stellar argument against hasty canonization, just as your opponents have said.

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Should Lorenzo Cain's stellar season be getting more attention? #ThisIsMyCrew

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Missed out on their number 1 signing to a Championship club, pumped by us at Tynie and horsed out of @ChampionsLeague before the schools go back. Safe to say @CelticFC haven’t had the most stellar start to the new season! 😊 #Celtic

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@innovacoin $INN Innova (INN) - Innova Exchange Beta - 24/08/2018 (or earlier) $EVENTS $XVG $XRP $ADA $BTC $ETH $LEND $REQ $XLM $NEO

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I’ve always said eth is done for.. stellar will be king one day, bet on that.

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@piotr_stellar @jakubbialek Według mnie odstrasza, ja mam na to wywalone, bo kupiłem i tak na dobry środkowy, ale słabe takie nabijanie jeśli ktoś nie ma karty i kupuje w dniu meczu. Dla nowych i kobiet także nie ma żadnych promocji zachęcających. Żałosne to @Korona_Kielce.

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तृप्ति गुप्ता LS🎬👻🇮🇳

@SharmaNaveen633 @AlfassaManik @being_stellar @rosewoodian_r @G4Gautam1443 @Priyanshu1860 @SarikaJ5 @Dr_strange92 @pratikshachaub2 Jai hind 🇮🇳

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Cesare Augusto

@JonnyFearnley @puritythrufire @katttykitty72 Sucks that he never made it big outside of Italy. If he had gone to America, Merli would have been a stellar collaborator with Hollywood action director #WalterHill

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@SharmaNaveen633 @AlfassaManik @rosewoodian_r @G4Gautam1443 @Priyanshu1860 @SarikaJ5 @Dr_strange92 @guptatripti37 @pratikshachaub2 Jai Hind #IndependenceDayIndia

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Neeketa || Proud of u VG ❤

@SharmaNaveen633 @AlfassaManik @being_stellar @rosewoodian_r @G4Gautam1443 @Priyanshu1860 @SarikaJ5 @Dr_strange92 @guptatripti37 @pratikshachaub2 Jai Hind 🇮🇳 Jai Bharat 🇮🇳

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Naveen/ Love India

Jai Hind Bolo Jai Hind..... @AlfassaManik @being_stellar @rosewoodian_r @G4Gautam1443 @Priyanshu1860 @SarikaJ5 @Dr_strange92 @guptatripti37 @pratikshachaub2

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rm -rf /bin/INC

@jgopikrishnan70 @krishnakant_75 In 20 years, its more likely that there is a movie about you Gopi Chetta on your stellar investigative journalism & how you exposed 2G, NH & reported on Aircel Maxis. You don’t need to act. Actors will act your role.

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ale 🚀

stellar’s discography really was one of the best in the industry....mask, marionette, fool, vibrato, sting, insomnia, crying???? it was only their final comeback that was tragic

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Peter Rujgev

#CoinPM News — 13th August - EU draft bill suggests new rules for ICO’s - @nebulasio founders lock own $NAS distribution for a decade - @LUX_COIN appoint @officialmcafee as CEO - $ETH drops by 17% as top 20 slide 7% on average And more... $XLM, $XTZ

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@notestothemoon @simple_season @theinstachat You end up posting less than Stellar stuff that way I think. So no wonder you end up not enjoying it so much #theinstachat

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Is Stellar Superior to Ethereum in Terms of Scaling? Via: @CryptoCoinsNews

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Chris McNulty

The numbers that show the worth of @murphm95 He is @officialdonegal's leading scorer of all time. Piece here with a table, including some stellar Donegal names:

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San Diego Union-Tribune

Public open-air urinals in Paris are getting less than stellar reviews

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Achraf Nadhir Kraiem

We are currently at "the red box" #HODL #bitcoin #ethereum #ripple #blockchain #btc #eth #xrp #xlm #stellar #crypto #blockchain #CryptoNews #crypto #cryptocurrency #news #tradingview #forecast #prediction #cryptocurrencies

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The Crypto Dog📈

@Crypto_Macro To be perfectly honest I greatly reduced my position out here, if $BTC goes for fresh lows I don't imagine $XLM will be happy.

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❌Follow❌ 김길규

ㄹㅇ루다가 카오스임

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